Best Car Brands in the Philippines

Several automotive brands have competed in the Philippine market. Below, we tackle which among are the best car brands in the country, who have sold the greatest number of units from 2018 to 2019.

There are a variety of car manufacturers that are servicing the country. Below, we discuss the car brands that have gained popularity and have become key players in the automotive industry. These are the top 10 car manufacturers who have the highest average of units sold annually for the past two years. You may want to watch out for their latest models in 2020.

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Below are the Top Car Brands in the Philippines

10. Chevrolet Philippines

Chevrolet carries the slogan "Find New Roads." Chevy cars are made to do great service. They are versatile enough in that they can easily traverse through any terrain. Whether it is a city drive or a steep countryside drive, Chevy has a model that can fit any condition. Chevrolet is mostly known for its pick-up trucks that are proven to be durable. The brand continuously provides a selection of vehicles that integrate innovative technology, powerful performance, and excellent safety.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • The brand is known for providing Trucks, SUVs and Performance cars
  • Chevy trucks are made for rough roads, carrying a refined and rugged design
  • The pick-up models are very reliable and tough
  • One of the few brands that issues high-performance sports cars like the Camaro and Corvette
  • Limited service centers in the country
  • Replacement parts may be slightly hard to find
  • 24/7 road assistance service could be improved

The Chevrolet brand has a lineup of cars that remains to have style, good performance, efficient fuel economy, and comprehensive safety features. Their powerful pickups, versatile small cars, and refined SUVs have established a place among the automotive industry which is respected today. With over 100 years of building experience, the Chevrolet brand remains to deliver good quality products rooted in its heritage.

List of Chevrolet models for sale in the Philippines

9. Hino Motors Philippines

Hino Motors carries the slogan "Trucks and buses that do more." By their motto alone, we can infer that the focus of the brand is on distributing trucks and buses. Their vehicles have greatly contributed to other industries in the country, establishing relationships in the Construction, Mining, and Start-up Businesses. Hino continues to become a leading provider of trucks. They have recently launched their world-class units, providing durable and safe trucks to transport logistic requirements.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • An expert manufacturer for trucks and buses
  • Dealership centers are a one-stop-shop for buses and trucks
  • Vehicles are reliable, fuel-efficient, and have low carbon emission
  • Highly durable and quality transportation
  • Distribution areas are limited across the region

Hino Motors continues to service small, medium and large-scale businesses. They have always considered their partner's needs which allows them to align their vehicles to meet the requirements. The brand ensures reliability among its products while providing maintenance services reachable. By further expanding their distribution sites, consumers could get a first-hand experience of discovering the brand.

8. Isuzu Philippines Corp.

Isuzu carries the slogan "Your Responsible Partner." The Isuzu brand ranges from light vehicles, commercial to public utilities such as PUVs and buses. They have proven to provide vehicles that are durable and have a good performance which hauling service businesses can vouch for. Isuzu vehicles have also proven to be reliable which can be passed on from generations. The brand is known for its innovation and diesel engine technology which has kept them 50 years in the industry.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Known for its pick-ups and truck vehicles
  • Launched new truck models that have heavy-duty features
  • Has good service maintenance
  • Highly durable and reliable vehicles
  • Most of its vehicles tend to have heavy steering
  • Diesel-powered engines are challenged with environmental demands

Isuzu has certainly moved the country to rise in the automotive industry. It is the nation's workhorse that has earned the Filipinos' trust. The brand has a proud legacy giving top priority on delivering high quality, efficient vehicles. They continue to boast a variety of vehicles that have undergone comprehensive testing that has proven its ability to perform day-to-day activities.

List of Isuzu models for sale in the Philippines

7. Honda Cars Philippines Inc.

Honda Cars carries the slogan "The power of dreams." This brand is one of the most well-known Japanese car brands in the local market today. Starting as a two-wheeled motorcycle manufacturer, the brand has further diversified and excelled in manufacturing four-wheeled vehicles and other power tools. The Honda brand is a highly regarded name which continues to provide high-quality cars. They are one of the first to introduce a luxury brand in the country.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Vehicles undergo rigorous testing and certification
  • Has outstanding quality maintenance
  • Known for great attention to detail
  • Pursues and promotes eco-friendliness
  • Has a huge nationwide presence
  • The standard warranty period for vehicles could be improved
  • Slightly more expensive than Toyota, but has more durable parts
  • Recently had a recall of production relating to safety issues

Honda car owners would often prefer the same model, waiting for its latest upgrade. This goes to show how customer loyalty is established with the brand. Honda holds several accolades and has now been defined as a multinational conglomerate. Despite company growth, the Honda brand keeps itself anchored to its mission to provide prestigious, reliable, safe and good engine quality vehicles around the world.

List of Honda models for sale in the Philippines

6. Suzuki Philippines, Inc.

Suzuki carries the slogan "Way of Life!" This highly reliable manufacturer plays in the domain of building motorcycles, automobiles, marine onboard motors, and other genuine parts. They take pride in their motorcycle line up for leisure, sports, and businesses as well as their four-wheeled vehicles. The Suzuki brand is admired for its capability to adapt to consumer needs.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Products range from light trucks, off-road sports, minicars, racing bikes, scooters, and marine outboard motors
  • Genuine parts are available to service centers for periodic maintenance
  • Keeps safety as a priority
  • Remains innovative and modernized
  • Boosted marketing promotions, offering low market costs
  • Cars for this brand are considered second compared to its motorcycles
  • Not often viewed in the high-class segment

Suzuki aims to be the customer brand of choice. It continues to innovate and setup trends for motorcycles and compact vehicles in the industry. The brand has no other focus but to provide a value-packed product with the highest quality, affordability, safety, and environmental friendliness. The vehicles that this brand offers do not just provide transportation but has also elevated the lifestyle of consumers.

List of Suzuki models for sale in the Philippines

5. Ford Motor Company Philippines, Inc.

Ford Motor carries the slogan "Go further." This brand has introduced iconic vehicles such as the Ford Mustang. Inspired by its American roots, Ford continues to provide elaborated engineering manufacturing techniques that are utilized in its assembly lines. The brand is notable for its automobiles and pick-up trucks. Their eco-boost engines have garnered achievements in maximizing fuel efficiency while keeping power and performance top-notch.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Vehicles are built with high-quality steel materials
  • Has a good structural integrity
  • Car models are highly durable and have good warranty coverage
  • Vehicles range from SUVs, Pick-up Trucks, Vans and Performance Cars
  • One of the high-class brands in the country
  • Slightly more expensive compared to its rivals
  • May sometimes feel bulky on Philippine roads

Ford has become one of the most important automotive brands in the country, famous for its trio line up. The Ford Ecosport, the Ford Ranger, and the Ford Everest. Beyond this lineup, the brand has also introduced a full-American muscle car giving Filipinos an exciting driving experience. As the brand grows, the service improves too, expanding a wider network and aligned for customer convenience.

List of Ford models for sale in the Philippines

4. Nissan Philippines, Inc.

Nissan carries the slogan "Innovation that excites." The Nissan brand is the second-largest automotive brand in Japan and is the fastest-growing automotive brand in the Philippines. It is notable for good quality vehicles which people have grown to love, even up to the modern day. Venturing into new partnerships, the brand looks forward to breathing new life into its latest models.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Known for vehicle reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Recently integrated advanced air-conditioning technology
  • Vehicles range from Cars, SUVs, Vans, and Trucks
  • The brand incorporates innovation while keeping it fun and practical
  • Interiors to most of its models could be enhanced
  • Dashboard gauge and displays to most of its models could be improved

Nissan is on its way to becoming one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. They have started exploring electric vehicles and have managed to introduce an all-electric car that can go through highways. The brand intends to reinforce its image by broadening its product line up with exciting vehicles. By strengthening its sales arm, Nissan has fortified its name across the nation.

List of Nissan models for sale in the Philippines

3. Hyundai Motors Philippines

Hyundai Motors carries the slogan "New Thinking, New Possibilities." The brand has certainly raised the bar and has become one of the most sought-after brands in the Philippines. With its commitment to providing quality vehicles and great services, it has earned loyalty in the Philippine market. Hyundai Motors continues to provide competitive vehicles from hatchback types to commercialized vehicles. This South Korean brand is noted for its reliable, economic models as well as its diesel engines.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Vehicles are built with safe, high-steel strength
  • Maintained vehicles are long-lasting
  • The make is dependable and durable
  • Engaged in the modernization of PUVs in the country
  • May sometimes have faulty electrical issues
  • Maintenance services and warranty coverage could be improved
  • Interiors and handling on most models could be improved
  • Most models would have limited interior space

Hyundai Motors is one of the very few brands that advocate an active loyalty program to engage its members to diverse and growing activities. By joining their programs, one can get 24/7 roadside assistance, exclusive discounts, perks and access to exclusive events.

List of Hyundai models for sale in the Philippines

2. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp.

Mitsubishi Motors carries the slogan "Drive your ambition." The brand is one of the longest-running automotive manufacturers and second-largest vehicle brands in the country. With its competitive models and pricing, Mitsubishi has excelled in generating huge figures in most of the selling categories. Mitsubishi has always been known for its heavy-duty make. Their lineup ranges from small hatchbacks to huge SUVs. They are one of the brands that have pushed the electric vehicle infrastructure in the country.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Has a nationwide presence in dealership and service centers
  • Known for reliability, providing good value for money
  • Mitsubishi vehicles have a high resale value
  • Pioneer for bringing EVs and PHEVs in the country
  • Pays great attention to detail in its car models
  • Implements continuous improvement in passenger and road safety
  • Loyalty programs could be improved

Mitsubishi Motors is one of the trusted brands in the country. It has proven its success in vehicles on the road and track. The brand incorporates a forward-thinking approach to ensure that their vehicles fit the current and future needs. The brand already has a seamless integration with our daily lives which makes it difficult to abandon. With a brand as trusted as Mitsubishi, there is nothing more to ask. Their continued value for excellence, sustainability, environmental concern and drive for innovation has brought them the respect that they deserve.

List of Mitsubishi models for sale in the Philippines

1. Toyota Motors Philippines Corp.

Toyota Motors carries the slogan "Moving Forward." Toyota is a household name and is the largest and most successful brand in the Philippines. They have several vehicles that have successfully penetrated the market. Toyota has introduced formidable vehicles that continue to dominate new segments such as the entry-level SUV category. One of the brand's edge is that it has leveraged financial support which allows Filipinos to afford their vehicles. Toyota continues to cover vehicle categories from Hatchbacks, Sedans, Crossovers, SUVs, MPVs, Vans, Pick-up Trucks, Hybrid cars and Specialized cars.

Key Highlights About the Brand

  • Highly affordable market price
  • Good nationwide presence across the country's regions
  • Vehicles have a high resale value
  • Sometimes viewed as a common car that does not standout
  • Most models carry a basic design style

Toyota Motors has reached where it is today thanks to a series of successful products that have developed into fan favorites. The brand will only continue to dominate the market with dynamic selling strategies and timely delivery of interesting products.

List of Toyota models for sale in the Philippines


Some vehicles fit different segments and categories. An important factor is to understand consumer needs in these areas. The brands have always tried to understand this market and have tried to evolve which makes them ready for what is to come. Whether we are watching out for the Mitsubishi-Nissan-Renault alliance, Honda's competitive Accord model, the Toyota Supra's launch or the Ford Everest Raptor – this proves that these brands are not one to trifle with.