Aug 23, 2016

BMW takes on Tesla with new ad campaign called "Wait or Drive"

BMW is going on the offensive by taking aim on Tesla with their recent ad campaigns and even going as far as airing it in the 2016 Brazil Olympics. The message BMW is delivering is very clear with the "Wait or Drive" campaign, which is you don't have to wait for something that is available now. A lot can happen in two years and idea of endlessly waiting for something that may not even materialize is what BMW is trying to tell sell.

The ad campaign is directed at the Tesla Model 3 which received a very positive feedback since its launch of its pre-production prototype. People have been so receptive that a number close to 400,000 have gone ahead and put a USD 1,000 refundable deposit just to get in line for the first mass production Tesla model. What is more surprising is that the Tesla Model 3 is a year away from production and it won't likely be until 2018 that interested consumers will actually get their car. Tesla recognizing the great demand and large following of their Model 3, went ahead and doubled their production facility and ramped up production. BMW saw this opportunity to get a piece of the pie and try to lure Tesla future consumers by selling the BMW 330e as an alternative.

This was the focus of their ad campaign, to give you what you are looking for today instead of waiting for it to come along in the next two years. Although this has led some people to ask why BMW would compare the BMW 330e to the Tesla Model 3 since they are different in terms of starting price and promised range. How other people will see BMW's appeal with their ad campaign will only be determined if we see Tesla consumers going for what BMW is offering.

Tesla could not have asked for a better response to their Model 3. It certainly turned heads in the automobile industry enough so it made them a target. The only question now is if Tesla will be able to deliver on time, a recent history of long delays and setbacks on their older models are not on their side. Only time will tell if Tesla will be able to take advantage of the recent shift in market preference or if other bigger automobile makers will use this insight to create something of their own.

BMW "Wait or Drive" / BMW 330e Commercial