Sep 23, 2016

BMW offers cheaper electric charging for its hybrids

BMW, in collaboration with EVgo, is offering cheaper charging rates for BMW EV owners. This will help owners save on charging expenses, giving them more places to go for lesser money.

When I started out driving, the price of gasoline was around 20 pesos per liter, and now, thanks to inflation and price manipulation care of the oligarchs, the price of gas is now almost double that, pegged at 38 pesos per liter, and depending on your location, it could be more or it could be less. Hence, we have seen the rise of the hybrid cars that run on both gasoline and on electricity, giving you more mileage on less fuel.

Again depending on where you are, charging is a cheaper option than filling up your tank with liquid fuel, but with the rising costs of electricity, it can still be a pricey proposition regardless. Munich-based luxury vehicle maker, BMW, in collaboration with EVgo (a global electric vehicle charging network), is working on an endeavor that will hopefully defray some of the cost of charging, thereby giving you more power for less money. They call this program ChargeNow.

The concept behind ChargeNow is that BMW EV (electric vehicle) owners will be able to save on charging expenses by purchasing prepaid annual passes, giving owners access to various charging package options. If you own the i3, the USD 99 annual pass will get you 30 minutes of DC fast charging and an hour of Level 2 charging. If you own the i8, USD 39 will get you unlimited Level 2 access.

In case you don't want to cash out all at once, there's also the Pay-as-you-go option which offers DC fast charging at USD 2.95 plus 15 cents per minute, which is 30 percent cheaper than the normal rate. If you prefer the safer level 2 option, it's going to be more costly at USD 1.20 per minute, which is 20 percent cheaper than the normal rate.

Just to give you an idea, a fully charged hybrid car can get you 22.5 kilometers just on electricity alone before hybrid mode (mixed electricity and gas) kicks in, so this can save you a lot of money for gas. Do you think that you'll get one of these cars for yourself if it comes out here in the Philippines? Let us know on our official Facebook page!