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Scion FR-S

Scion FR-S

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About Scion Cars

Scion cars, Full value for your money

Toyota motors are owner of various types of vehicles with various different brands. Starting from conventional sedans to tough SUVs and smaller trendy vehicles, they have everything which an automobile loving person can dream of. In the smaller cars segment, Scion is the brand under which it produces these vehicles. Toyota cars have been popular among people for many years. It entered Philippines in 1988. By 1995, it had developed a plant in Laguna which was used for manufacturing most of its models.

Brand History:

Toyota was traditionally a brand more popular among people in late twenties and above. Its executive cars and sedans were very popular but it was not so liked by younger generational people. To change this perception that it is brand for older people, it launched a project named Genesis in 1999. It was first launched in USA aiming at American teenagers. After few years of brand development and extensive marketing, Scion was launched in 2002 at New York auto show. Initially, two concept vehicles were launched named as bbX and ccX. These two vehicles were launched as Xb and tC. Later that year, Toyota spread this brand all over the United States. It also started gaining popularity due to its trendy looks and economic reasons. Later in 2008 and 2010, Toyota marketed the brand in other countries such as Canada and Japan. It received an encouraging start and these vehicles have become quite popular among the younger generations.

Cars for younger people:

Scion has launched various models of trendy cars since its inception. Many of them achieved success and some also received a lukewarm response. Also, many successful models have been revised and have been launched again. Just like people of younger generations all over world, generation Y in Philippines also loves Scion cars. If the brand new models of these cars are not available easily, they go for used cars. These used cars are sold by various local dealers in the country.

Currently, five models of Scion vehicles are available for sale for customers. These models are FR-S, iQ, tC, xB, xD.

Current models, Scion iQ

Scion iQ is one of the smallest cars in world which can carry at least four passengers. It is fitted with a 1.3 litre engine with four cylinder units which can produce power up to 94 hp. Also, the torque developed by this engine is around 89 ft-lbs which is more than enough for daily purposes. The company has also launched an electric version of this car which is named as Scion iQ EV.

The safety features of this car are also excellent. It has also won various awards in many countries for its efficiency and safety. Currently it is available at a price of $ 16435.

tC, xb and xC series cars:

One of the best selling cars in Scion’s history, tC is a coupe with two door entry. It can accommodate p to five passengers. It has a 2.5 litre engine which develops 179 hp and 162 foot pound torque. It can also be used in some tougher road conditions and it has an impressive 18 inch alloy wheels. The 2014 tC was sold at a price of $ 19980.

The xB and xC are two other members of the Sion’s series of five passenger capacity wagons. The xB is more powerful with 158 hp engine while xC develops only 128 hp. Other features of these cars are similar. Both of them have Pioneer touchscreen display with integrated audio system. There is also an option for Bluetooth connectivity. xB is priced higher than xD. While the market price of xB is around 17000 dollars, the xC is sold at around 16000 dollars.

Scion FR-S:

Scion also prides itself in developing one of the most economic sports cars, Scion FR-S in the market. There is a 200hp boxer engine fitted inside its hood. It has asix speed transmission system with rear wheel drive. Also its fuel economy is far better than its competitors. All these features are available at a very competitive price of 25000 dollars.

The prices of the used Scion cars differ from dealer to dealer. They depend upon the condition of vehicle and also demand in market.

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