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Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost

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About Rolls-Royce Cars

Rolls Royce Motor has opened a dealership in the Philippines

English automaker company, Rolls Royce was founded a long time ago in 1906 by Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls. In 1971 the company was nationalized and after a few years in 1973 the Rolls Royce motor company was separated from its parent company and expanded their business worldwide. Recently they introduced their business in Philippines.

History of Rolls Royce:

Henry Royce built his first car in 1904 named Royce 10 in Manchester. Shortly after that he met Charles Ross at a hotel in Manchester and they made an agreement to build four models:

  • Two cylinder 10 horsepower
  • Three cylinder 15 horsepower
  • Four cylinder 20 horsepower
  • Six cylinder 30 horsepower

All these cars were named as Rolls Royce cars and among these models 10 horsepower model was first launched in December in the year of 1904 in Paris Salon. In 1906, they had launched a six cylinder powerful 30 horsepower model. Then they tried to develop 40-50 horsepower cars and finally in the year of 1925 they launch a phantom model named Silver Ghost.

Rolls Royce in Philippines:

Though Rolls Royce started to expand their business many years ago, in the Philippines they did not have any dealership until 2013. In 2013, they opened their first dealership in Manila, Philippines. It was inaugurated by the CEO of Rolls Royce, Torsten Muller Otvos. The vehicles of Rolls Royce are well known for their styling, luxury as well as comfort. By introducing the new dealership Rolls Royce will be able to attract more people in this country to buy its products. The company will be able to give high quality service to its customers in the Philippines. Customers can also customize their own Rolls Royce cars in this operational space center. There are many Rolls Royce models which you can buy and have great experiences with them. Latest vehicles of Rolls Royce which are available in the Philippines are: Ghost V 12 AT, Ghost extended wheelbase V 12 AT etc.


The expression of new latest Phantom is consisted of contemporary design with state of the art technology and this will help to redefine the car market of luxury models. Now-a-days the market is very competitive and that’s why every company wants to upgrade their various models in every year and deliver their best so that more people will get interested in those models and buy those. They produce motor cars which are timeless and exceptionally tuned. Each and every model has its own characteristics and unique identity, but all have powerful engine configuration and specification.

Phantom Family:

Phantom model was first released in 1925. Since then it has been developed and upgraded in a regular interval. There are ghost as well as ghost extended version in which every part is designed very nicely and these have simple but elegant look. This car is appropriate for long journeys as these are comfortable and spacious. Phantom V 12, Phantom extended wheelbase V 12 AT, Phantom coupe V12 AT, Phantom Drophead coupe V 12 AT are available in the Philippines.


It is the most advanced cars in the history of Rolls Royce. Very high technology and awesome features are added to this item. The car is sport, bolt and bold. The tag line or, punch line of the company states that, you should take the best which exists so that you can feel better and if that does not exist, you should deign that. So, they have designed and launched such cars which knows no boundary in terms of design and technology.

Aircraft & Aero engine:

Rolls Royce also produces aircrafts as well as aero engines. Thrust measuring rig and Mustang Mk.X are two main aircraft manufactured by Rolls Royce. During the first world war, the board of directors decided to manufacture V8 engines and in 1915 they built their first aero engine, which was a twelve cylinder engine named Eagle.

Diesel engine:

Rolls Royce started to manufacture diesel engine from 1951 as they want to use those engines in heavy vehicles like tractors, earth movers, etc. Later they installed those diesel engines in lorries too.


The company wants to give highest standard service to its customers. Anyone can go to their showroom and will be served exceptionally. 24 hour roadside service is available in the Philippines.

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