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Proton Wira

Proton Wira

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About Proton Cars

Proton offers future models for the Filipino market

Proton Holdings Berhad, also known as Proton, is a Malaysian automobile giant. Its name, in Malay, stands for "Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sendirian Berhad" which means National Automobile Company Private Limited. This company operates in more than twenty six countries around the globe, but most of its business is restricted in Asia. This company was bought at 1.2 billion Malaysian ringgit by a local conglomerate called DRB-HICOM in January of 2012. This company is presently going through some internal and structural changes but is expected to make it big in the Filipino market very soon.

Brief History

Proton initially worked as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi but later started designing its own cars. Even though most of them were based on previous Mitsubishi designs, they did well in the market. Their first model was launched in 1985 known as the Proton Saga. Soon after they managed to sell 5000 units of those cars. Later 150,000 units of this car were sold in Britain. The new Proton Ishwara was launched in 1992 and followed by Wira in 1993, a replica of Mitsubishi Colt. It received mediocre moderate success with 220,000 units being sold over 2 years. This lineup was joined by a new model, Tiara. With thousands both domestic and international models being (in about 26 countries around the world), this company was rising in the automobile industry. Using its influence later, it bought Lotus technologies in 1996. This enabled its technological infusion.

In 2004, it was announced that Volkswagen would partner with this Malaysian giant, who in turn would mean Proton would gain access to German technology, and in return it would offer its facilities for foreign car manufacturing. However that particular venture did not work out, as that plan failed to execute and those two companies parted their ways. Soon after, this company suffered massive drop in sales (169 million approx.). Interestingly enough, just by announcing that Proton would try to get out of the crisis alone, this company's stock dropped overnight to an all-time low. However Proton had a good market in Philippines and is expected to gain it back once production is through.

Popular Products in Philippines

The only product available in Philippines is the Proton Wira series. These cars are very popular and are owned by a large part of the population. This car is also known as Proton Persona, Proton Natura or Proton 400 Series. It has been there since the year 1993. This vehicle has 4 doors, along with a sedan type body and its engine mounted in front, which powers its front wheels. Powering this Proton Wira is a single overhead camshaft. It is a 1.5 LITER naturally cooled 4 inline cylinder engines, with 3 valves per cylinder that develops good power. Its max power output is about 93 BHP (94 PS/69 kW) @ 6000 rpm and its max torque rating is 125 Nm (92 lbs. feet/12.7 KGM) @ 3000 rpm respectively. A 5 speed manual gear-box controls its front wheels. Its approximate weight is around 1080kg.

Marketing Strategy in Philippines

Proton has developed the successful cars like Proton Saga, Proton Wira and Proton Putra. Proton focuses on mainly achieving three things namely, ’efficiency’,’ sturdiness’, and ‘a good performance edge’. The prices of the cars are justified given the technology they use. To add to that its cars gives it customer’s option of more alternatively-fuelled variants. They are also planning to launch improved variants. They are expecting to compete with leading manufacturers like Ferrari and boost their sales. Few new variants are on their way. The company sure knows how to use its resources. Proton has lower rate of sales compared to its competitors probably because it serves to a very specific group of customers. Proton has focused on making them easier to drive. An efficient machine which comforts the driver and allows them to display their complete driving skills. Therefore Proton is expected to make an entry soon and also expand its sales in the Filipino Market.

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