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Opel Astra

Opel Astra

  • 63 Used cars
  • 1999-2003
  • Automatic,Manual
  • Gasoline,Other
  • Latest Post: 10 Sep, 2018

  • Opel
  • wagon/hatchback,sedan
Opel Vectra

Opel Vectra

  • 22 Used cars
  • 1997-2002
  • Automatic,Manual
  • Gasoline,Diesel,Other
  • Latest Post: 17 Jul, 2018

  • Opel
  • wagon/hatchback
Opel Omega

Opel Omega

  • 5 Used cars
  • 1997-2001
  • Automatic
  • Gasoline
  • Latest Post: 17 May, 2009

  • Opel
  • wagon/hatchback,sedan
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About Opel Cars

Opel - German Car Brand Takes Over Philippines

Adam Opel Ag, also known as Opel, is one of the big names in the German automobiles industry. Opel originates from a sewing machine manufacturer who made their first vehicle in 1899. This was a share limited company, and majority of its stake belonged to the American automobile manufacture, General Motors Company. Headquarters of this company is in Russelsheim district in Hesse, Germany.

Opel specialises in production of light commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and their accessories. It is distributed in various parts of the world especially in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. It also sold to people in China, Mexico, United States and Canada under the name of Buck. It is also sold in United Kingdom under the name of Vauxhall and in New Zealand and Australia under the name of Holden. It is also popular among people living in Philippines.

Historical Foundation and Partnership

Adam Opel founded this company in 21st January in the year 1862 in Russelsheim, Hesse, Germany. This company started off as a manufacturer of sewing machine and made its first bicycle in the year 1886. Opel started its automobile manufacturing journey in the year 1899 with a partnership with Friedrich Lutz man for two years. The company in 1901 entered a partnership with a French Automobile company named Dirac S A. This partnership was discontinued in 1907. The company was practically destroyed by fire in 1911 but by 1914 they rebuilt the company to become the largest manufacturer in the German automobile industry.


General Motors in the year 1929 bought 80% of the stock of the company and became its largest stake holders. In 1931, General Motors acquired the full 100% share of the company and made it its subsidiary. General Motors built a second factory for Opel at Brandenburg in 1935.

In 10th of September 2009, General Motors were linked with Magna group of industries to sell a major share of about 55% of Opel’s share. This move was due to global financial crisis but somehow the deal didn’t take place. On 29th of February in the year 2012, General Motors announced that their subsidiary division Opel would go into a partnership with PSA. General Motors became PSA’s 2nd largest share holder. The Peugeot family being the number one share holder in General Motors. Alliance between PSA and General Motors is supposed to save them around Two Billion dollar per year.


Opel’s management head is Dr. Karl Thomas Neumann who is the President and chairman of the management board of Opel, Europe. He is also a member and Vice President of GM executive committee. Along with him, another GM Vice president happens to be Michel F. Abelson, who is also a member of Management Board. The GME Vice president of Sales and after sales happens to be Peter Christian Kuspert. He is also in the management Board for sales. The Chief Financial Officer and a member of the management board of Opel is Michael Lohscheller.

Tina Muller is a member of the Opel board and is also its chief marketing officer. Ulrich Schumacher holds a number of posts in Opel. He is the vice president as well as the member of the management board manufacturing in Europe. He is also the director of labour relation as well as member and Vice President of Human Resources in Opel, Europe. Susanna Webber is a member and the Vice President of the management board responsible for purchasing and supply chain. Johan Willems is a board member of Opel responsible for the communication department. Peter Thom is the Vice President of Europe’s manufacturing department as well as an important member of the management board.

Opel Showroom models

Opel has mainly emphasis on the production of passenger cars in Europe. In the present day, Opel has all total of seventeen car models available in the market. The car models available in the market are as follows.

  • Adam Opel is a small compact hatchback car.
  • Adam Rocks is a more urban hatchback.
  • Corsa is a crossover between a hatchback and a coupe.
  • Astra is one of the most popular models of Opel. It is available in both hatchback and sedan version.
  • Astra GTC is a sporty hatchback.
  • Cascada is a small sporty convertible.
  • Insignia is available in two versions, sedan and a hatchback.
  • Insignia Country Tourer is a crossover between an SUV and hatchback.
  • Insignia OPC is a more elegant crossover of hatchback and SUV.
  • Ampera it is a sporty coupe which is electrical.
  • Meriva is a crossover between a minivan and SUV.
  • Zafira tourer is an urban minivan.
  • Zafira is an original crossover of minivan and SUV.
  • Mokka is a modern day SUV.
  • Antara is a crossover of elegance and performance SUV.
  • Agila is a very popular compact car.
  • Combo Tour is a powerful minivan.


Although Opel is mainly targeted towards the European market, it is also quite popular in Africa, Latin America and Asia. It is also quite popular in countries like Egypt, Chile, Singapore and Philippines.

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