Lincoln Cars Price List in the Philippines November 2018

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Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator

  • 4 Used cars
  • 1999-2014
  • Automatic
  • Gasoline
  • Latest Post: 16 Aug, 2018

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car

  • 8 Used cars
  • 1996-2006
  • Automatic
  • Gasoline
  • Latest Post: 6 Nov, 2018

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About Lincoln Cars

Lincoln Cars, A sign of luxury and style

Lincoln Motors is a division of automobile giant Ford Motors which deals in luxury vehicles. The company is currently headquarters at Dearborn in Michigan in US. The company specialises in production of high end vehicles mainly cars and limousines. The company has a worldwide presence and its cars are sold in various parts of world like North America and various parts of Asia.

Founders and the modest start:

It was founded by HM Leland in 1917. He was associated with automobiles much before founding Lincoln. He also worked as a manager in General Motors in its Cadillac division and it was then he decided to start his own company. In august of 1917, he along with his son W Leland founded Lincoln motors. During its early years, it only assembled aircraft engines which were designed for World War 1.

Post war period:

After the end of the First World War, it started to manufacture automobile with special high end features. These luxury cars were branded under Lincoln name and got good reviews from consumers and experts. But it ran into some serious financial troubles within two years. The car’s sales went down and it was declared bankrupt in 1922. Later, it was bought by Ford Motor in 1922 for a sum of eight million dollars.

Takeover by Ford:

Fortunes of the company improved after its takeover by Ford and sales improved. It also started counted among the top luxury brands of America. At the end of year 1923, the company produced around 7500 cars and it covered all its initial losses and started generating profits.

In 1940, Ford decided to reduce the autonomy of Lincoln and made it a part of Ford Motor Company. It was renamed as a Lincoln division of Ford Motors. The factories and production lines were modernized and more control of Ford was applied to improve its market position. Lincoln Continental, a luxury car was produced in 1940 and it became hugely popular. In 1949, EL series of cars were launched. The continental cars have been one of the most popular and longest serving models in the company’s history. It has a huge number of fans all around the world. Like other countries, people in Philippines also love the continental cars. The used continental cars are available at some local dealers at a varied price range depending on their condition.

The name of company was again changed to Lincoln Motor Company in December, 2012 to differentiate it from Ford’s original vehicles. New ideas and features were added to Lincoln cars. It was all done to establish a unique identity of Lincoln cars which were sold under Ford’s banner.

Models and Products:

The MK series vehicles were introduced in 2007. Many models of these cars have been produced under this series. Cars were also later classified under new series such as MKS, MKZ, MKT and MKC. MKX is a crossover vehicle with seating capacity for five people. It is a mid size vehicle which is available with a four wheel and an all wheel drive system. MKC is also a midsize car with five people seating capacity. It is fitted with a 2.0 litre engine with EcoBoost technology. The MKC is available in American markets at around 33000 dollars. In Philippines, you can get a used MKC from local dealers.

Lincoln navigator:

Lincoln navigator is a luxury SUV which was first produced in 1998. It has been going strong in sales since then. This vehicle is priced at around 60,000 dollars. It is one of the most popular Lincoln cars in Philippines. The Lincoln Navigator is priced at P550000.

Future Models:

The latest car from Lincoln, 2016 Lincoln MKS is going to be launched soon. It is going to be the second generation of MKS cars. It is fitted with a 3.7 litre V6 engine which will be able to produce power up to 304 hp at 6500 rpm. The torque which can be developed from this engine is of range of 279 N-m when run at 4000 rpm. The Eco Boost version of this car is fitted with a 3.5 litre V6 engine which is turbocharged and has a direct injection fuel injection system. The vehicle is expected to hit roads in America in early 2016. But the dates for release in Philippines have not been revealed yet. It will be up to local dealers to bring this model as soon as possible.

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