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Fiat 500

Fiat 500

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About Fiat Cars

Fiat Cars are planning for re-entry in the Philippine automobile market

Fiat S.p.A. which stands for Fabbrica Italino Automobilo Turino (means Italian Automobile Factory of Turin) is a leading Italian carmaker in Italy. It was established in 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli who was one of the founding members of Fiat.

Fiat's Historical Foundation

Fiat's first model released was Fiat 4 HP. It became successful and the demand for the 4 HP was established quickly as it became popular among the affluent people in European countries. It then resulted in a higher production number by the late 1900s.

By the year 1910, Fiat was considered as the biggest automaker in Italy – a position it has maintained since. They entered the U.S. market the same year and built a manufacturing plant but when the US entered the war in 1917, it was closed due to difficulties on the US dispensations. It then released its first tractor, the 702 after the warfare. And by the early 1920s, the Fiat had a market share of 80 percent in Italy.

Fiat made successive types of machinery and vehicles the following years until the removal of the Agnelli family from the precedency roles in Fiat due to its affiliation with Mussolini's government. It was just returned in 1963 when Giovanno's grandson, Gianni, became the general manager until 1966, and as a chairman until 1996. In 2000, Fiat tied-up with General Motors and released the Fiat Stilo a year later. But in 2005, Fiat and General Motors have ended their partnership and in 2009, Fiat merged with Chrysler Corporation. This merger is continuing until now with the combined company as well as their names which referred to as FCA or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Marketing and Sales

After constantly falling market sales from 2009 through 2014, the Fiat has regained with 12% sales increase in 2015 and 2016. The North America and Europe are still considered to have the biggest market sales for the Fiat brand. However, South-East Asian car markets have been continuously booming that's why Fiat has made its way to market its automobile products to the Asian countries which include China, India, Japan, etc.


Fiat is considered one of the first and majestic brands of an automobile before and its racing cars were the company's pride that other countries are envied of. Its list of racing cars are Fiat 124 Sport Spider in 1971 and Fiat 131 Abarth which replaced the 124 and has won 18 times in World Rally Championship events in 1976 and 1981 and has 3 winnings on the WRC in 1977, 1978, and 1980. In 1980, Fiat Lancia entered the motorsport for the Fiat Group, and in 2003, a Fiat Punto S1600 joined the Italian Rally Championship and won. It is followed by the Fiat Grande Punto S2000 three consecutive winnings in the FIA European Rally Championship in 2000, 2010, and 2011.

The Fiat Brand

Fiat has established a long tradition of manufacturing and designing automobiles for over 100 years now and most of it has represented the whole generations and co-existed great financial and societal reconstruction of Italy. With an estimated 1.3 million cars sold globally every year, the brand is mainly concentrated on developing useful, easy to drive, energy-saving, and affordable cars while offering classic Italian sophistication and comfort. The Fiat 500 is one of its famous models which gave the company positive sales figures. The brand has become Italy's aesthetic phenomenon of automation and innovation.

Fiat Philippines & Sales

Fiat car, particularly the Fiat Uno has emerged in the Philippines from 1992 until 2000 under the People's Car Program of the late President Corazon Aquino to revive the car production in the Philippines. The home-grown brand Francisco Motors collaborated with Fiat to assemble Fiat Uno. It hopes to compete with car's famous brands like the Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra. Unfortunately, the Uno has not been popular among Filipinos which led to the termination of their venture.

Currently, there is not existing dealer in the Philippines yet and the Fiat Chrysler Automobile is still checking out the marketability of the Fiat cars in the country and promised to support the local dealers. The company is planning to enter the Philippine automobile market this year 2018.

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