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Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

  • 5 Used cars
  • 2007-2016
  • Automatic,Manual
  • Gasoline,Diesel
  • Latest Post: 1 Aug, 2018

Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental

  • 4 Used cars
  • 2007-2017
  • Automatic
  • Gasoline,Diesel
  • Latest Post: 19 Sep, 2018

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About Bentley Cars

Bentley Cars, The wings are made to fly

Trifles make perfection but perfection is not a trifle. This quote perfectly sums up the concept of manufacturing of luxury cars. It is very difficult to develop a luxury car and selling it is also very challenging commercially. So, a very few companies in world can pride themselves of being a luxury car manufacturer. Bentley Motors Limited is one of the most prestigious and admired among them. It is based at Crewe in England and is now under Volkswagen AG as its fully owned subsidiary. It has a worldwide presence and Philippines became its fifty second venture. But Bentley never entered in the Philippines market officially, until 2013. It was distributed by PGA automobiles and had its showroom at one of the PGA showrooms in Greenhills. It was founded by W. O Bentley on 18th January 1919 at a small town Cricklewood near London.

Founding History:

Before Bentley Motors, WO Bentley with his brother HM Bentley was dealer of DFP cars. But Mr WO Bentley has higher aspirations and he wanted to have an automobile company of his own. So, in 1913 during a regular visit to DFP factory he came up with an idea of using aluminium instead of cast iron for engine purposes. Aluminium was much lighter than cast iron and was also durable and ductile. They used this concept in developing special aluminium pistons which were very successful and were also used in aeroplane engines during World War 2. They were also put on show at London Motor Show of 1919. After much more developments, the first car with Bentley name on it was ready by late 1921. It became very popular for its durability and toughness and slowly had its own set of loyal customers. Bentley cars also started taking part in various hill climb events and other car events. Their good performance also attracted more customers towards it.

Early models:

The first Bentley car had a 3 litre engine and it was followed by 4.5 litres for cars with heavier chassis. Another version of this model was having a protruding supercharge from its front grille. It looked totally unique and was named as Blower Bentley. Further changes were made in volume with a 6 litre Bentley which was designed specifically for sports and racing purposes. It also finished second in French grand prix of 1930 which further enhanced its popularity.

Downturn in 1929:

Bentley was deeply affected by the economic downturn in 1929. With sharp decrease in people’s income, demand for luxury cars was almost gone. When the debts became too massive to pay in 1931, there was an offer to sell from another company. Napier and sons and Rolls Royce (under a different name) were fighting for takeover of this company. Rolls Royce outbid Napier and sons and bought Bentley Motor Corporation for the sum of 125000 pounds.

After takeover, the manufacturing plant at Cricklewood was closed and production moved to Derby. Rolls Royce modified various earlier versions of Bentley cars. In 1933, the new Bentley 3.5 litre was launched which was much different in design than its earlier version. It had sportier looks which drew criticism from various old customers. Later other models such as 4.5 litre, Mark V were also rolled off from Derby plant.

Ownership rights and acquisitions:

In 1970s, the economic condition of company was not good. It was very near to a total financial collapse. Then it was bought by Vickers plc in 1980. It helped it to get fund to restore its business and pride. Many new models of cars were conceptualised and some of them also hit the road very soon. Models like Continental, Mulsanne and Brooklands etc. were produced under Vickers. Also, other models were also produced under these series. After nearly two decades of ownership Vickers decided to sell Rolls Royce Motors. BMW AG and Volkswagen Ag were two leading competitors for it. BMW has an upper hand as it had an earlier relationship of supplying engines and parts to Rolls Royce cars. But it lost to Volkswagen due to its much higher bid of 430 million pounds. Later an extra forty million pounds were also paid to get the license of Rolls Royce logo and name.

Modern era of Bentley:

The acquiring of Rolls Royce started a new era for Bentley cars. Around five hundred million pounds were invested in manufacturing plants and research and development. Various new models of Bentley cars were introduced. These models became very popular and demand simply outnumbered supply by huge margins. Cars like New Flying Spur, Continental Convertible and GT were ruling the luxury sedan market.

Popularity in Philippines:

People in Philippines always admired Bentley for its features and luxury. It is a bit late than its rivals such as Audi and Porsche in arriving in Philippines. But it has got an encouraging start and has already sold more than ten units of its cars. Continental GT is priced at P18 million and Mulsanne at P32 million. According to company officials, it targets a sale of around twenty units in a year in Philippines.

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