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Best Car Air Fresheners in the Philippines 2021

Whether for personal travel or ridesharing purposes, a freshly-scented and fragrant car interior is preferred. So, here's our top 10 picks for the best car air fresheners.

A car air freshener is one of the cheapest yet essential car accessory. Nobody likes to ride a car that reeks of cigarette, musty fabric, smog, spilled food or beverage, and other forms of foul odor. And even if your car is clean, nothing can be more relaxing during both short ang long drives than a sweet, fresh scent in the cabin. Fortunately, there are a plethora of car air fresheners in the market, but not all air fresheners are created equal. Some scents may not smell nice to some people, and despite the elimination of bad odor, the occupants might end up having a miserable travel experience.

It is thus important to find the brand and scent that appeals to you. While a "pleasant scent" could be subjective, depending on every individual's preference, we, at, have gathered the best 10 car air fresheners in the market, which generally have pleasing and aromatic fragrance and they are pocket friendly as well. We have also gathered some quick facts about car air fresheners that we think might be useful to you.

Are Car Air Fresheners Safe to Use?

Like many other chemical compounds, not all car air fresheners are good for human health. This is because natural fragrance is rare in car air fresheners. Often the fragrance is synthetic. One good example of a synthetic-scent car perfume is one with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). VOC is a synthetic chemical that may give off a sweet-smelling or fragrant smell, but it is not health friendly. If used often for longer periods of time, VOC may cause negative health effects such as headaches, dizziness and allergies. It can even cause cancer or damage to the central nervous system damage in the long run. Petroleum derivatives make up approximately 95% of the chemicals used in many car air fresheners and could pose health risks. Aside from VOC, toxic chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, aldehydes, phthalates and benzene derivatives can also be found in some car fragrances.

As such, it is advisable to check the content of your car air freshener. Look for organic fresheners or those that are based on natural scents. If using synthetic scent, try to stay away or limit use of those that are based on hazardous compounds. If you really must use such air fresheners, make sure to limit your exposure, and alternate synthetic and organic.

What Are the Benefits of Car Air Fresheners?

Aside from the obvious purpose of getting rid of foul smell and allowing you to breathe in fragrant scent, most car air fresheners also serve to disinfect the interior of your vehicle. With people often going in and out of your car, and especially if you smoke, and eat or drink inside your car, your interior will be prone to germs. Unwanted pathogens can also be caused by pollution or vehicle emissions from outside. Since the car interior is airtight, the germs and bacteria can stay there and breed. Car air fresheners assist in cleaning these pathogens and decontaminating your car's interior. Aside from this, a nice scent serves to brighten up your mood, and allows you to maintain good vibes despite a very slow traffic or other possible issues you'll meet on the road. Plus, your passengers will feel relaxed, happy and definitely have a good impression of you, especially if you're using your car for ride sharing or carpooling.

Some Things to Consider When Using a Car Air Freshener

Find the source of bad odor before enabling the car air freshener.

While we've talked about car air fresheners removing stink from your car, the truth is air fresheners in general do not really "eliminate" the odor. They only cover it up. So, if you disable the car air freshener, the old odor will still be there. If your car has some serious stench and won't go away despite using car perfumes, it's best to check the root cause of the problem and address it. This way, you get to enjoy the pure fresh smell of a car air freshener than a mix of fragrance and an unpleasant smell.

Always keep your car interior clean.

A clean car boosts the freshness and fragrance of a car air freshener. Always make sure to wipe clean the panels and leather seats regularly to remove dust, dirt, and grime. Clean the carpet and floor mats making sure there are no spills or food bits and other dirt on them. If your car comes with fabric seats, make sure to wash the fabric to remove deep-seated dirt and stains.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Air Freshener

Consider the type of air freshener that works well for you.

Air fresheners come in various forms such as sprays or aerosol, electronic or manual diffuser, stationary (usually in cans or clip-on cartridges), hanging cardboard air freshener, essential oil, charcoal, or even small, scented soaps or wax/candles in bags, hanging jars, etc., which all tend to work differently. There's no highly recommended type of car air freshener, choose one that suits your lifestyle, your car and your requirements.

Remember, hanging cardboard air fresheners are usually low cost, can-style fresheners allow you to control the strength or intensity of the scent, oil-wick air fresheners (usually in the form of a bottle loaded with scented oil) are more suited to larger vehicles, aerosol sprays eliminate odor instantly, aromatic oil diffusers also serve to uplift your mood, charcoal bags fight off smell effectively and naturally, and electronic diffusers need to be replenished with water and oil every now and then.

Consider car air fresheners with mild scents.

Strong scent can be overwhelming to the senses. An overpowering scent can trigger migraines, allergies or asthma, especially if you or your occupants have these health conditions. Consider mild and calming scents such as lavender, fruity, chamomile, or minty.

Consider the health risk associated with your choice of car air freshener.

As discussed earlier, some deodorizers come with chemical compounds that are harmful to the health. Check the labels for the ingredients. Natural and organic air fresheners are the best alternatives to ensure good health and wellness.

Best Car Air Fresheners in the Philippines 2021

10. California Scents Organic Air Freshener

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If you prefer a practical, easy to use and best of all, organic, car air freshener, try the California Scents Organic Air Freshener. This can-type car air freshener is safe, health-friendly and eco-friendly as it is formulated with 100% pure natural fragrance oil. It comes with a biodegradable fiber pad and its canister is recyclable. It is spill proof and you can place it on nay flat surface in your car. One canister has a net weigth of 1.5oz (42g) and it can last for at least two months. The most popular scents are the Coronado Cherry and Tropical Coloda, which are fruity fragrances evoking summer and tropical fun.

9. Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip

(Image credit:

Ambi Pur is a well-known high-quality air freshener manufacturer, with products that are not only meant for home use but car use as well. On our top 9 car air fresheners list is the Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip. This is perfect for those who like to keep their car interior styling minimalistic. It comes in a 2ml value pack with a wide variety of scents, mostly similar to the home air freshener scents that many Filipinos have come to love. The most popular of these scents are the Lavender Comfort and Sky Breeze, which can truly make your driving and travel hours relaxing and stress free. Small as it may be, the Ambi Pur Car Vent Clip can last up to 30 days. It is easy to install. All you need to do is activate the scent and clip it firmly on the aircon vent. You can control the level of strength of the fragrance by adjusting the scent intensity dial.

8. Glade Sport Car Freshener

(Image credit:

On our top 8 car air freshener roster is considered to be one of the best car air fresheners in the Philippines by many users, and it comes from another renowned household air freshener manufacturer: Glade. The Glade Sport Car Freshener is among the quality air fresheners in the market that comes in a 7ml container with a neat modern design and cute color combinations. One ampule can emit fragrance that lasts up to 75 days, which is longer than most car perfumes. The Glade Sport Car Freshener is also in the form of a clip-on bottle, which is innovatively designed to blend with your car as a nice accessory. Simply pull the silver tab to activate the scent, then slide the clip (found on the back) until it snaps into place in the car's vent. The fragrance is released when the air flows through the vent. Scent intensity can be controlled to suit your needs and requirements.

7. Blue Water DU2 Dual USB Port Car Air Humidifier

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If you're into essential oils, then you'll be happy to know that our 7th best car air freshener is the Blue Water DU2 Dual USB Port Car Air Humidifier. It's a small diffuser that comes with USB charging ports. Since it is electronic, you need to connect it to your car's 12V DC port. It utilizes 130mA to 150mA of power. Its water tank capacity is good for two hours, after which power will automatically turn off and you need to add more water and turn it on again. The scent of strength will depend on the amount of essential oil that you will mix with the water. This type of air freshener works not only to freshen the air but also serves to moisturize and soothe the nerves. The downside, however, is that, since it is electronic, you need to take utmost care so as not to damage it, and you need to unplug and plug it whenever you start and turn off your engine.

6. Blade Organic Air Freshener

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Our top 6 choice is a car air freshener that's manufactured by a well-known car accessories chain store in the Philippines: Blade Auto Center. As its name implies, the Blade Organic Air Freshener is made from natural scent and quality fragrance oils. It comes in the form of a can-type air freshener, and one canister has a net weight of 36g, good enough for 60 days of lingering freshness. The most popular scent is Coffee, but Bubblegum and New Car are also preferred by many. The Blade Organic Air Freshener is also comparatively cheaper than other car perfumes out in the market.

5. Meguiar's Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist

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If spray air fresheners are your bet, our top 5 car air freshener, Meguiar's Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist, comes in the form of aerosol. Just a one-time spray and any bad odor goes away permanently, leaving your car interior with a a pleasant New Car or Black Chrome fragrance. The aerosol mist flows through the ventilation system of your car, and across the headliner and within hard-to-reach niches, thus effectively eliminating unwanted odor. It is very easy to use: just turn the AC on high cool level, hit the recirculate button, activate Meguiar's Whole Car Air Re-Fresher and close the doors and windows for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, open all doors and windows and let the air out for another 10-15 minutes.

4. Japanese-Style Car Bamboo Charcoal Package Air Freshener

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The Bamboo Charcoal Activated Carbon Car Air Freshener is on top of our list, at number 4. If you're very keen about health safety, you can never go wrong with this car air cleaner and deodorizer. Bamboo charcoal is totally natural, and is known to be rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, to name a few, which are known to purify water and air. The charcoal's fine porous makeup absorbs water especially if the car has an ambient humidity, removing odor that is usually associated with moisture from the air conditioner. The Japanese-Style Car Bamboo Charcoal Package Air Freshener weighs 60g per bag or sachet. Aside from getting rid of humidity-related odor, this car air freshener ca also eliminate mites and bacteria, thereby reducing the chances of occupants getting sick with asthma or allergies. It is easy to use: just hang or place anywhere convenient. With all its benefits, the Japanese-Style Car Bamboo Charcoal Package Air Freshener is pricier than most vehicle air deodorizers.

3. Little Trees Car Air Freshener

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There are probably very few people in the Philippines who have not seen or do not know about those pine tree-shaped solid fresheners that hang in front of buses, jeepneys and other forms of public transportation. The Little Trees car deodorizer sits on the top 3 spot of our best car air fresheners roundup and deserves to be so. Little as it may be, it can freshen a whole bus. Little Trees Car Air Fresheners have been around longer than any car perfumes and are almost iconic. These air purifiers go back as far as 1952, in Watertown, New York, and were considered the first air fresheners ever in the automotive industry. It is also the cheapest, but the downside is the scent is not long lasting. It will usually last for around five days, but there's a way to make the scent last for weeks: you should tear only a small triangle on the top of the packaging and pull out the tree but by bit.

2. Air Spencer Car Freshener Marine Squash

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Our top 2 car air freshener, Air Spencer Car Freshener Marine Squash, offers a fresh take at car fragrance. Aside from effectively fighting stench, the sweet unique blend of jasmine and vanilla brings to mind warm winds, summer breeze and sea breeze, which is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Air Spencer boasts of special materials for its absorbents that make them absorb water and oil effectively. This results in a long-lasting, lingering mild and fresh aroma that lasts up to 75 days. Being a can-type air freshener, it is easy to just put the 90g container under the seat or in the cupholder. The canister has two sides, which can be opened to optimize fragrance. If the aroma fades after 3-4 weeks, all you need to do is to open the other side of the cartridge.

1. Rivers Car Air Freshener / Hanging Diffuser

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And our top 1 choice is the Rivers Car Air Freshener, which comes in the form of a diffuser bottle that can be hung. This high-quality car deodorizer comes in a cute 10ml glass bottle with a lid, cap, string and essential oil. It is formulated with a blend of 100% essential oils, and a Marine Squash scent is also available, giving a calming scent of summer and seas. The bottle of the Rivers Car Air Freshener is pretty such that it looks more like a decorative accessory than an air freshener. It is easy to use, too. Just unscrew the lid (cork), remove the cap, then secure the lid and tilt slightly. Keep the diffuser bottle upright once uncapped. For stronger fragrance, tilt the bottle some more, but be careful not to overdo it, so as not to spill the oils. If the scent is fading, revive it by slightly tipping the bottle to replenish the cork with oils from the bottle.


As with many other products in the market, not all car air deodorizers are made equal. Preference for fragrance is highly individualized and personal, so there would be scents that may be delightful to some people, but which may be appalling to others. Some scents last longer than others, and despite what's indicated in the car air freshener's label, the length of time that the fragrance would last also depend on a lot of factors—the way you use it, the temperature, and other possible outside factors. The type of car air freshener you choose would also vary according to the driver's lifestyle, likes and requirements. Someone who values health and fitness would stick with organic and 100% natural scents or charcoal deodorizers; others who value convenience and certain fragrance preferences would go for synthetic. Green advocates would stay away from aerosol and fresheners with compounds harmful to the environment. For many Filipinos, too, price would be a factor, especially if driving daily. No matter what factors influence your choice of car perfume, we, at worked to present the best car air fresheners available in the market, and with different types to match your needs. Hope you find the one that works perfectly for you.

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