Best Dashcams in the Philippines 2020

If you are thinking about purchasing a dashcam for your car in the Philippines, this guide will help you choose the best one. Compare our top 10 models side by side to know which ones have the required features you are looking for and then, choose the best one from those.

Many car owners in the Philippines search for different car accessories mostly for functional purposes. If you are a fancy user, you may want to add another purposeful and well-designed car tool, which is a dashcam.

Dashcam stands for "dashboard camera". It is a little camera, which is connected to your car's dashboard. The original function of a dashcam is to record audio and video while you're driving. Nowadays, dashcams are a popular gadget for car owners. Not only in private cars, setting up a dashcam in almost all types of motor transports is becoming essential day by day.

Benefits of Having a Dashcam

1. Records proof of an accident.

2. Records various crimes in traffic.
For example, if there are vehicles that violate traffic rules or there are people who deliberately crashed into your car.

3. Prevents insurance fraud.
Someone may intentionally want to make an insurance claim by crashing a vehicle into another vehicle.

4. Prevents illegal collection.
Some police may abuse their authority.

5. Prevents blackmail by reason of an accident.
You can play back recorded events that happened with the dashcam. Thus, the tape can protect you from people who want to extort under the guise of an accident.

6. Protects your car when parked.

7. Tracks the distance of the car when borrowed by someone else.
This provides benefits for car rental service owners. Also, it can prevent other cars from being taken away.

8. For personal activity.
Let's say you want to record a tour for documentation. This is very useful for those of you who like to use vlogs.

Best Dashcams in the Philippines 2020

10. Blaupunkt 8.0 UHD 2-CH

Let us start with the most expensive one. Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP 8.0 2-channel holds two cameras. The frontal view dash cam assists you to watch over the road ahead of you and the rearview video recorder does the other recording for you when you are driving.

A dashcam has many features that take care of the passenger's safety while he/she drives. The G-sensor or accelerometer starts the recording and saves it when there is a possibility of collision, any sudden change in the speed of breaks or the speed outside the car. A built-in alarm monitors driver fatigue and detects motion. The SOS function enables the feature of video recording in such a way that the videos that are saved during the SOS will never be deleted under any circumstances. It has also the automatic back – up facility. The video format is usually in the MP4 version. Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP8.0 supports parking monitoring device so no additional device is needed for this purpose.

For this device, the LCD screen size is 2.7". The frontal camera has a viewing angle of 170°, and for the rear-view camera, it is around 120°. Both the front-view camera and the rear-view camera are in full HD with about 4 Megapixels and 2 Megapixels respectively. The resolution for the frontal view camera is 1440P and for a rear-view camera, it is 1080P with a memory of 128GB SDHC. That means you do not have to worry about memory limits anymore. This device allows you to record anything and to take pictures with the BP 8.0 in JPG format. It has Lithium-Ion Battery capacity and supports up to 128GB class 10 SDHC. In a word, this dashcam is easy to install and covers most of the requirements.


  • Long-lasting and rechargeable battery support
  • Unique SOS Function, G Sensor support, and park monitoring support
  • Great display
  • Massive memory support


  • Quite expensive but still affordable

The price for this dash cam is PHP 12,550 in the Philippines. Does that sound much? Well, after going through the incredible features, I hope you can think differently. This dashcam has some advanced features, which you should like if you are a fan of the latest gadgets. However, if you like something simple within your budget, then this product can be a bit over the top.

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9. Garmin Dash Cam™ 55

Here comes another dash cam with superb quality functions. Garmin Dash Cam 55 comes with a 2.0" LCD. It includes GPS for more detailed data on time and location. It has the feature of capturing videos in a bright and low light atmosphere.

Another amazing thing is that you can control it with your voice. Yes, Garmin Dash Cam 55 has voice control support. It records high-quality 1440p HD videos. The Class 10 microSD card slot supports memory up to 64 GB and includes a replaceable microSD card.

Automatic incident detection (G-sensor) stores the entire record of an incident. That means after detecting an incident the camera save the present, last and next recordings. You can also capture snapshots by removing the cam from your transport.

A different fun feature is Travelapse. Easily record and share your travel experiences by making a small highlight of your long driving hours. Built-in Wi-Fi in Dash Cam 55 enables you to synchronize your videos wirelessly to your smartphone. You can do it after installing the VIRB® Mobile app to your smartphone. Now, video sharing is easy than ever.


  • High-definition driving recorder
  • High-resolution video
  • Voice control support for easy use
  • Automatic start and save option


  • Less built-in memory

The security features of this device are quite useful to create driver awareness warnings. It comes with an approximate price of more or less PHP 9,000. If you like to ensure more security of your journey, it can be a great choice.

8. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam

For stylish users and those who are looking for a wide range display in their dashcam, the WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam can be a great choice. Its Super HD 1296P (2304x1296) resolution, WDR and 170° extra-wide-angle lens makes it a pro among the all other dash cams. It has an easy installation procedure. The processor includes features like cycling recording, motion detector and many more. This power pack inventive processor ensures the highest scale of performance for your security. The 3.0" LCD screen ensures a sharp and clear view.


  • Widescreen display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Power saving enabled


  • No GPS tracker

For persistent quality, inventive design, and outstanding video resolution you can easily choose WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam without getting confused. A more specified description will be found on the official website of WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam.

7. Mio MiVue™ 766 WIFI

The MiVue™ 766 WIFI dashcam comes with extremely handy and simple features. After you connect the camera with the power source of your car, it is ready to go. It starts recording along with the starting of the car engine.

Well, there is good news for you. Now, not a single capture of your eyes will be missed. Sony optic sensor and 140◦ wide-angle lenses record everything even if there is a low light road.

A wide connection source keeps you safe during sudden unpleasant incidents. It allows Facebook live-stream to share your journey with your friends. Built-in GPS tracker monitors and records the driving history and stores the necessary data for further use.

It can be placed on your dashboard and also can be stored in the car's glove compartment. It is manufactured with the technology of some inventive alerts. These alerts reduce the chance of accidents. It alerts you in case you are absent-minded when the car in front of you starts moving.


  • Important and innovative safety alerts
  • Easy to handle
  • Unquestionable picture quality


  • No specific disadvantage

It is such a well- built dash cam that every car owner wishes to buy. So, if you have a budget of almost PHP 8,000, think over it and see if that dashcam can fulfill your necessities.

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6. Transcend DrivePro 550

If you are looking for the most favorable protection for both drivers and passengers, try Transcend's DrivePro 550. It is a dual-lens dash camera, which provides Full HD 1080P for front lens (30fps) and 720P HD recordings at 30fps for the rear lens. The 180° rotatable rear lens is set with four Infrared LEDs. In this cam, an Exmor™ sensor allows sharp in-car video recordings in low light conditions. It has Transcend microSD memory card. The DrivePro 550 is mainly appropriate for professional use.

It enables Wi-Fi connectivity through DrivePro App. Through the real-time footage playback, it gives easy access to video evidence that is needed in times of emergency. It also does not require the removal of the memory card. A built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver helps to track and find location. The built-in Li-polymer battery ensures a nonstop power supply. In case of emergency, video recording and data storing will continue.


  • Wide dynamic range
  • Handy snapshot button
  • Speed alert and driver fatigue alert enabled


  • No automatic power off option

For large range use, this dash cam can cover most of your requirements. Along with the above features, it also includes some other additional features. For your help, we can say that with a budget of around PHP 8,000, you can consider buying the model. Moreover, it is more suitable for professional use.


The THINKWARE X700 dashcam from Blackbox has a combination of inventive camera quality with highly developed driver assistance software. It ensures a safer drive by recording the daily travels in Full HD 1080p. Its 2.7″ LCD touch screen permits you to adjust settings, playback videos instantly.

It also notifies you about the driver assistance safety alerts. The live view feature lets you adjust the camera according to your preference. It has visual and audio warnings to give you road safety alerts.

THINKWARE dash cam gives a smart coverage of the outside with the help of a wide viewing angle. Along with the regular functions, from the ownership of THINKWARE, comes anti-file corruption technology for better protection of your memory card.

It easily allows you to download the recordings for your use. Moreover, necessary GPS information is set automatically in your video.


  • Precise exposure and contrast of videos
  • Outstanding LCD touch screen


  • No built-in GPS tracker

It may cost you more or less PHP 7,000. Other than a built-in GPS tracker, this model can do a good job overall.

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4. Qube XCAM X2 V2

The Qube XCAM X2 V2 ensures clear visual recording with FHD 1080P 30 FPS mode even in case of high speed moving objects. If you enable power saving mode, it will still start recording even in case of a slight movement in front of your car.

The parking collision detection feature starts automatically whenever a collision is sensed. It begins urgent recording which is auto-saved in the device later. In the mixed condition of weather, a large aperture of f/1.8 and Sony Starvis CMOS sensor provide perfect video quality.


  • Ideal auto save feature
  • Long time monitoring enabled
  • Extraordinary processor


  • No microSD card included

As an affordable dashcam in the Philippines, Qube XCAM X2 V2 will completely support your budget but you do not have to compromise much. The starting price is a little bit more than PHP 5,000. However, the price goes up and down for gadgets. In comparison to the previous models of the dashcam, Qube has inaugurated some new and improved features in it.

3. PAPAGO! GoSafe 268

1080HD video quality and 2.7″ Color LCD panel make the purpose of video recording smoother. Besides, the recording device supports multiple formats. Long-lasting battery support enables motion detection and monitor mode.

New addition parking guard feature records 10-second videos whenever there is a chance of collision. This works without even power supply when the battery is charged fully.

The mirror in it is made of custom anti-glare material and holds a built-in battery in case of the emergency power off in the car.

PAPAGO! GoSafe 268 with Sony Exmor sensor brings upon a combination of most perfect and high-resolution picture quality.

It fit easily with the current rearview mirror because of its slim design. Vertically and horizontally adjusted lens angle helps you to take the best view of the outside.


  • Outstanding video quality
  • Innovative safety monitoring
  • Amazing camera sensor


  • Slightly heavy and not handy

The GoSafe 268 provides its users with a lifetime free upgrade facility. It is hard to find many models of dashcam with so many features for around PHP 5,000. You will also find reviews for the PAPAGO! GoSafe 268 on the website, which can be a bit of help to you.

2. Mio MiVue™ C320

Mio MiVue™ C320 starts recording as soon as you start your car and ensures to trace every tiny detail for your service. Full HD 1080 pixel camera and F2.0 lens can capture fine quality pictures and videos despite the low light atmosphere. It also captures the footage of collision and thus provides you with an extra layer of protection in case of accidents.

When the built-in 3-axis G sensor identifies an unexpected moving object, footage of it is automatically taken and stored to the SD card. Moreover, this sensor prohibits any over right occurrence.


  • Auto power on enabled
  • Convenient video sharing mode


  • Comparatively small display size

Finally, you do not have to worry about your budget while buying a dashcam. This model comes with an price of around PHP 3,500. To enjoy the full impact of having a well-featured dashcam, you can go for this model.

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1. YI Smart Dash Camera

Let's know why this YI smart dash camera is our top pick. YI smart dash cam comes with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology which controls the human mistakes in times of driving.

It supports full 3-lane monitoring with 165° wide-angle Lens which is unique.

It provides Full HD high-intense and clear quality of pictures for moving objects. 6G all-glass professional lens contains an infrared filter for a sharper image.


  • Affordable price
  • High-quality video processor
  • Multiple traffic lane monitoring enabled


  • No GPS support

When it comes to affordable dashcams, YI smart dash cam is the best option. It's priced around PHP 3,000, so almost every car owner should be able to afford it. What makes it special is, when compared to other expensive dash cams, this model offers a unique combination of top functionality and premium design. That is the reason it grabbed our top spot.


When it comes to making a car secure, a car without a dashcam and with a dashcam differs a lot.

In the Philippines, the increased popularity of dashcams must have some reason. You do not know when an unpleasant event will occur. On top of that, a dashcam is not used for security purposes only. Its built-in advanced functions will make your car driving easier.

If you want to buy an affordable dashcam with all the latest features, then our top pick YI smart dash camera is the best option for you.

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