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Mar 3, 2020 (updated : Mar 1, 2021)

Best Dashcams in the Philippines 2021

Dashcams automatically record footage when they detect a collision, but some of them have a few additional functionalities onboard. We have selected the top 10 best dashcams in the Philippines for your car, taking every relevant thing into account. Let's check them out.

Dashcams are becoming increasingly important for Filipino drivers due to their superb utility and great capability to capture and store videos. Putting a dashcam on your car allows you the comfort to enjoy your journey and record your memorable moments along the way.

But most importantly, if you ever encounter an accident or any unprecedented circumstance on the road, a dashcam records those moments as a piece of proof to establish whose fault it really was. In addition to that, if the damage from the accident is severe, you can always put up the recorded video before the insurance guys who will find it difficult to deny such strong admissible evidence.

However, purchasing a dashcam could be a tricky affair. Here is what you should look for when buying a dashcam for your car.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Dashcam

Below is a quick guide of features you should keep in mind when buying a dashcam for your vehicle.

Loop recording

Your dashcam needs to have a looping feature. That way, the dashcam will automatically record new footage by overwriting an older one that you no longer need. This will save you from deleting footage manually to free up space.


Look for a dashcam equipped with G-Force sensors that can detect if your car is involved in an accident. It automatically saves such footage creating a new folder instead of looping over it.

Clear nighttime recording

Make sure your dashcam can record nighttime footage efficiently. If it can't record footage clearly, it won't be of much use.

Image quality is also important. Don't settle for a dashcam that records in less than 1080p. Alongside, look for a dashcam that comes with a wider field of view, capturing what's happening around your car, not just what is immediately in front of it.

Other additional features

Other things you might want in your dashcam include lane departure warnings to help you keep the focus on the road, motion sensors to detect and record break-ins, and good battery backup so that it doesn't fail when you need it most.

Dashcams with a screen are easy to set up and view footage on them, but ones without a screen are also useful. So, decide as per your liking. Also, look out for Wi-Fi-smartphone connection features that make it easier to view, download, and share footage.

One more worthy feature is GPS, which is essential to record your speed and direction of travel as additional evidence in an insurance case.

So here are the top 10 dashcam options in the Philippines with several advanced features. Let's dive right into it.

Best Dashcams in the Philippines 2021

1. YI Compact Dash Cam 1080p Full HD

(Image credit:


  • Affordable
  • Compact and neat
  • Good video quality
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Easy to mount


  • No GPS
  • No touchscreen

The YI Compact Dash Cam is one of the best affordable options delivering more than what you would expect. The important features include a microphone, cyclic recording, and a G-sensor that can detect changes leading to an accident.

It comes with a 2.7-inch LCD screen that records 1920 x 1080p resolution footage at 30fps while accommodating a wider 130-degree field of view. The Sony sensor with f/2.0 aperture has the NightShot function, which means it is reliable for capturing nighttime footage. Still images are decent, rated at 2MP. You get card storage support of up to 128GB, which is quite a volume.

The YI Compact Dash Cam is compact, barely more than the size of a matchbox, making it relatively easy to use, plus it has Wi-Fi support. With the combination of top functionality and premium design, this dashcam is a well-rewarding investment.

2. QCY 4" 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dash Cam

(Image credit:


  • Three lenses
  • Picture in picture mode
  • High resolution
  • Wide-angle recording
  • Advanced features
  • Affordable


  • TF card not included
  • MIC quality could be improved

The QCY 4" 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dash Cam is one of the cheapest three-lens dashcams on the market. The triple-lens system includes a 170-degree front camera, 140-degree rear camera, and a 120-degree back camera, ensuring all-round coverage.

Out of three lenses, any two can record footage simultaneously and can display them on a 4-inch screen in real-time with the help of picture in picture mode. The front shooter shoots in 1296p resolution. The videos are as clear as possible, thanks to the night vision feature that brightens up footage in dark conditions.

In case you are caught up in an on-road brawl, you can instantly prove your innocence by summoning the instant video playback feature. Apart from that, the dashcam is equipped with all prominent features like G-sensor, loop recording, motion detection, and a 24-hour parking monitor to protect your wellbeing on the road.

3. Lenovo 4.39 inch Dual Lens FHD 1080P Dash Cam

(Image credit:


  • Touchscreen display
  • Dual cameras
  • Waterproof rear camera
  • LED vision technology
  • Ample features


  • Up to only 32GB TF card support
  • High power requirement

The Lenovo 4.39 inch Dual Lens FHD 1080p Dash Cam offers a great screen experience with a large viewing angle and accurate color.

The 170-degree lens captures 1080p high-resolution videos and projects them on a fairly large 4.39-inch display that is also a touchscreen. There is also a rear camera with IP68 waterproofing to keep it safe in snowfall, rain, or fog.

The dual-lens dashcam keeps you safe with LED night vision technology enabling you to watch movements both at the rear and the front of the car in dimly lit conditions. At the same time, the unique wide dynamic range technology helps improve the quality of images by resolving light source issues in too dark and too bright lighting conditions.

The video recording is seamless due to the loop recording feature, while the emergency footage is extra protected thanks to an onboard G-sensor. Motion sensing, 24-hour monitoring, and simultaneous recording are some of the other essential features that make this dashcam an outstanding choice.

4. DDPai Dash Cam Mola N3 1600P HD

(Image credit:


  • Small and lightweight
  • 1600p high resolution
  • GPS and Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Excellent footage
  • Includes several advanced features


  • microSD card not included in the package
  • Slightly expensive for a screenless dashcam

The DDPai Dash Cam Mola N3 1600P HD is light and tiny, sleekly designed, and looks quite striking. This car dashcam has a two-fold rotationally symmetrical Type-C connector, which can record both outside and inside the car.

The lens the device uses is 140-degrees and of 1600p resolution, which can capture immaculate footage irrespective of lighting conditions. The dashcam doesn't have a display; however, you can view it and change settings from your smartphone's display after an easy pairing.

The device has Wi-Fi support and is also Driving Data Analytics (N3 GPS)-enabled. The capacitor inside has better heat endurance, meaning no worries for battery explosion in extreme heat conditions. Other notable features include a motion sensor, loop recording, 24-hour parking mode, and up to 128GB microSD card support.

5. EKLEVA Dash Cam HD 1080P 170 Wide Angle Dash Cam

(Image credit:


  • Great display quality
  • Wide-angle sensor
  • Seamless recording
  • Equipped with emergency features
  • Affordable


  • Small-size screen
  • Not robustly built

The EKLEVA Dash Cam HD 1080P 170 Wide Angle Dash Cam is an affordable way to experience a secure journey in all conditions.

The dashcam is equipped with 1080p video resolution and a 170-degree wide-angle lens to achieve the best video quality and nighttime performance with a flawless recording wherein older and undesirable footage are overwritten with the new ones.

The 2.7-inch TFT screen with 6 IR LED lights manages to display excellent videos and images without distortion. The device comes in a compact form, is easy to install, and hardly blocks the driver's view. Moreover, features like G-sensor, motion detection, and car parking mode make this dashcam an ideal purchase.

6. Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Plus

(Image credit:


  • Compact and beautiful
  • Fantastic display
  • GPS-equipped
  • High-tech features
  • Easy to mount and pair with the app


  • Only 140-degree FoV for a premium price
  • No voice control feature

The Xiaomi 70mai Smart Cam Pro Plus dashcam is an updated version of the popular camera from 70mai, a partner brand of Xiaomi. It has integrated GPS technology that helps store crucial data in the event of an accident, and better display resolution going up to 1944p for better quality image and videos even in the night and foggy conditions.

The most prominent feature is that it automatically saves the footage of any collision detected by a built-in G-sensor. For its importance, this footage remains in the folder until you manually delete it, while the other footage gets overwritten over the older ones as usual.

The 24x7 advanced driving assistant system helps you avoid accidents with lane-departure and forward-collision warnings. Besides great features, the dashcam is beautifully designed and exudes a premium feel in quality. Not to mention due to its compact size, it is also lightweight and can be easily mounted.

7. DDPai Dash Cam Mini 1080P HD

(Image credit:


  • Small and discreet
  • Good video quality
  • Has a supercapacitor
  • Wi-Fi and mobile app control
  • G sensor-equipped


  • Pairing with the app takes some time
  • For some, pricing could be an issue

If you want a tiny dashcam to install in a hidden way and forget about it, then the DDPai Dash Cam Min 1080p HD is worth considering. It comes in a small size but is beautifully designed and looks premium.

The stable and clear recording at 1080p resolution ensures your ability to read even the number plates of the vehicles moving ahead in the lane. While it can be rotated by 330 degrees, the camera accommodates a 140-degree field of view to capture.

The supercapacitor makes it ideal for hot conditions, and at the same time, the super night vision feature results in legible footage. It is also armed with a G-sensor to record footage in emergency situations.

In terms of other notable features, the dashcam is well-rounded with loop recording, 24 hour parking mode, motion sensor, and up to 128GB microSD card support.

8. EKLEVA Dual Lens Dash Cam Full HD 1080P

(Image credit:


  • Dual lens
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to mount
  • Bigger 4-inch display
  • Armed with advanced features
  • Attractively priced


  • Rear lens records in 720p
  • Lacks premium fit and finish
  • Supports only up to 32GB microSD card

The EKLEVA Dual Lens Dash Cam represents phenomenal value for money. Not as sleek as some of the more premium rivals, but this model comes with both front and rear cameras. It also comes covered with advanced features.

There is an option of 1080p video recording with a 170-degree FoV capturing clear and well-detailed footage even during the dark conditions thanks to the Night Mode. Its rear 140-degree lens, however, records at 720p. The camera stops recording if the target doesn't move for 5 seconds. We can say it is an intelligent way of recording.

There is a loop recording feature as well, meaning the dashcam records everything that comes its way with its overwriting ability. The G-sensor further ensures that any action leading to a collision is automatically captured and saved for future reference. The dashcam is lightweight and durable, while the mounting is easy and quick.

All in all, if you want total camera coverage with lots of features, the EKLEVA Dual Lens Dash Cam is a package worth considering.

9. EKLEVA Car DVR Dual Lens FHD 3.0 Inch Dash Cam

(Image credit:


  • Compact design
  • Robust screen
  • Dual wide-angle lenses
  • Decent footage in all conditions
  • Comes with emergency features
  • Cheap for what it offers


  • Fiddly app
  • Build quality not sturdy

The EKLEVA Car DVR Dual Lens FHD 3.0-inch Dash Cam is another affordably priced dashcam from EKLEVA, coming with a 3-inch display and two lenses. The screen is LCD, layered with 2.5D curved glass, and is anti-glare and scratch-resistant.

This EKLEVA dashcam also records perfect videos in terms of clarity in all lighting conditions. The front camera churns out 1080p footage capturing a 170-degree field of view, while the other camera simultaneously records a 120-degree inside view of the car. However, for the best output, make sure to use the best quality TF card.

The other salient features that make this dashcam a great buy include motion detection, parking monitoring, seamless looping video recording, and G-sensor for collision detention and emergency footage locking in a secure folder.

Moreover, the subtle and compact design makes sure that it is somewhat unnoticeable and doesn't interfere with your vision through the windscreen.

10. Cooldin 4 Inch Three Lens Car DVR HD 1080P Dash Cam

(Image credit:


  • Neat design
  • Thee cameras
  • 170-degree wide-angle front lens
  • Feature-rich
  • Equipped with G-sensor


  • Memory not specified
  • Driver alerts can be annoying

At a modest cost, the Cooldin 4 Inch Three Lens DVR HD 1080p dashcam brings three cameras; the front camera is 1080p, the rear camera is 720p, and the inside camera is 480p, which means everywhere in and around the car can be recorded. That's why it is also designed with cyclic recording features.

The front camera is capable of recording 170-degree expansive footage. A 4-inch display with 1080p resolution beams great quality images and videos. Besides, the dashcam boasts an array of high-tech features such as loop recording, motion detection, and an efficient night mode. The device also has a parking monitor to help you park your car safely.

However, most notably, the dashcam is equipped with a G-sensor, which records emergency footage without loop recording over the previous videos and thus, gives you peace of mind, even if your SD card is full.


A dashcam for a car has become more valuable than ever before. Having real recordings can save the day, especially with so many accidents happening on the roads. Besides security purposes, a dashcam has plenty of added features that make your life easier on the road.

Having said that, driver assistance and safety functions are no substitute for your responsibility to operate your vehicle safely. You are required to be attentive to traffic, road conditions, and surroundings at all times.

If you wish to buy a dashcam with all the latest features, our list has some of the best options covered. You can choose one of them in keeping with your needs and requirements.

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