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Eincar Universal Double Headrest DVD Player Digital Screen Artificial Leather Multimedia ...

P14,888 49% OFF P29,317 Lazada

Free 2 IR Infrared Headphones include Dual Car Headrest CD DVD Player Monitor 7 Inch 800*4...

P13,999 52% OFF P29,711 Lazada

\9\"\" Backseat Monitor HD Digital LCD Screen Car Pillow Headrest Monitor DVD/USB\""

P4,673 33% OFF P6,975 Lazada

Rocbco Android 5.1 Car Radio Stereo 9 inch Capacitive Touch Screen High Definition ...

P7,105 45% OFF P12,952 Lazada

10 Inch Car Headrest DVD Player with Backseat Monitor 1024*600 LCD Screen HDMI - intl

P4,532 59% OFF P11,054 Lazada

OEM 3.6M Universal Racing Front Safety Retractable Van Car Seat Lap Belt Red - intl

P554 55% OFF P1,232 Lazada

Not Specified Brown Leather SOLO Seat Pan Frame Cover Barrel Spring For Harley Bobber ...

P4,027 50% OFF P8,054 Lazada

2pcs 2 point Seat Safety Belt Harnesses Kit fit Go Kart UTV Buggie - intl

P603 47% OFF P1,146 Lazada

OEM ISOFIX LATCH Belt Connector Soft Interface Latch Connection For Baby Car Seat Hook ...

P1,100 48% OFF P2,144 Lazada

OEM Shark Fin Shape Car Roof AM FM Radio Antenna Sport Style Aerial for VW Audi Seat ...

P600 60% OFF P1,500 Lazada

Bluetooth Car Stereo Mp3 Player USB/SD AUX Audio Player 1 DIN In-Dash Radio With Car ...

P799 33% OFF P1,200 Lazada

Not Specified 2pcs 2 point Seat Safety Belt Harnesses Kit fit Go Kart UTV Buggie - intl

P736 55% OFF P1,640 Lazada

OEM Universal Car Seat Drink Cup Holder Valet Travel Coffee Bottle Food Mount Stan - intl

P538 28% OFF P751 Lazada

OEM Manual Transmission Models Gear Shift Lever Repair Kit for VW Golf Jetta Seat Toleto ...

P561 50% OFF P1,122 Lazada

Hansen Foldable Auto Car Back Seat Table Drink Food Cup TrayHolder(Black)

P539 10% OFF P600 Lazada

Universal Car Seat Headrest Hook Hanger Organizer for Suit CoatShopping Bag Beverage ...

P469 26% OFF P634 Lazada

3.6M Universal Racing Front Safety Retractable Van Car Seat LapBelt Orange - intl

P808 49% OFF P1,615 Lazada

2Pcs Universal 14\ Car Truck Seat Seatbelt Safety Belt Extender Extension w/Buckle - intl"

P662 50% OFF P1,325 Lazada

Paired XD783 7 Inch Universal Car Headrest DVD Player 800 x 480 LCDScreen Backseat ...

P7,993 21% OFF P10,118 Lazada

XD9901 9 Inch Universal Car Headrest DVD Player with HDMI 800 x 480 LCD Screen Backseat ...

P5,269 41% OFF P8,931 Lazada

Car Trunk Organizer Auto Interior Removable Storage Mesh LargeCapacity Debris Storage Bag ...

P399 33% OFF P600 Lazada

Colorful Silicone Car Key Case Shell for VW Golf / Bora Jetta / POLO GOLF Passat / SEAT ...

P509 43% OFF P904 Lazada

1pcs 14\ Car Seat Seatbelt Safety Extender Belt 7/8\" Buckle Fitting Black - intl"

P591 50% OFF P1,182 Lazada

1pcs 14\ Car Seat Seatbelt Safety Extender Belt 7/8\" Buckle Fitting Black - intl"

P601 50% OFF P1,202 Lazada

Black Car Vehicle Auto Seat Safety Belt Seatbelt Harness Buckle for Dog Pet Cat - intl

P311.40 55% OFF P692 Lazada

2Pcs Car Seat Back Storage Bag Leather Solid Color Tidy CaseHanging Bags For Mobile Phone ...

P399 52% OFF P840 Lazada

Hover H2S seat storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Buick car seat leak-proof glove box

P2,067 Lazada

Car storage box seat

P2,067 Lazada

BMW car seat storage box cup holder

P2,067 Lazada

Mercedes-Benz four seasons car seat cushion car headrest

P789 52% OFF P1,678 Lazada

Hover h1h2h5h6h6coupeh8h9 car seat storage box

P2,067 Lazada

BMW m240i seat box car storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Cadillac car seat storage bag storage box

P2,072 Lazada

Cadillac car seat storage bag storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Safety Children's Safety Seat elevator pad cushion Cushion

P1,220 42% OFF P2,117 Lazada

Safety Children's Safety Seat elevator pad cushion Cushion

P2,117 Lazada

Car seat back hanging napkin paper pumping paper box tissue bag

P357 7% OFF P384 Lazada

BMW 440i seat box car storage box

P2,768 Lazada

Teana Nissan new car multifunction seat

P2,768 Lazada

TOYOTA Corolla car storage box seat

P2,067 Lazada

Paladin Nissan bilian seat clip storage bag storage box

P2,768 Lazada

Audi A3/A3 cup rack seat box storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Nanometer no magnetic car mounted mobile phone support navigation seat

P724 45% OFF P1,333 Lazada

Imperial car seat aisle armrest phone debris File

P1,875 Lazada

Buick seat cup holder debris phone storage box car storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Car in the car mounted seat storage box glove bag

P2,067 Lazada

Backrest square pad seat cushion Four Seasons buckwheat shell bitter car cushion

P763 35% OFF P1,192 Lazada

Car in the car mounted seat storage box glove bag

P2,768 Lazada

Volkswagen car mounted purse mobile phone key storage box seat

P2,768 Lazada

Mercedes-Benz glc260/glk300 car seat plug storage box

P2,117 Lazada

Travel bed car after row seat mattress inflatable mattress

P2,505 46% OFF P4,676 Lazada

Skoda Octavia cup holder car seat car mounted glove box storage box

P2,773 Lazada

Jianyue leather seat-car napkin cardboard box car with a tissue box

P1,280 Lazada

Q K5/K5 car storage box seat storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Hover H2S seat storage box

P2,768 Lazada

Wuling Bread car seat cushion Four Seasons seat

P2,842 Lazada

Honda seat car mounted storage box

P2,067 Lazada

Seat glove box storage box car mounted cup holder storage box

P2,768 Lazada

Maverick seat plug car storage box glove box

P2,067 Lazada

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About Car Seats

Car Seats: An Important Car Accessory

One of the things that are taken for granted are the car seats. Car seats are made in different size and design, but its main purpose is to give comfort and safety to all. The first car seat appeared in the 1930s. It was mainly to keep children contained when the car was moving. There was no safety consideration but just for convenience. Another car seat was introduced in the 1940s. This actually stays on the car seat which is the same as the ones we see today. It was designed to be more of a booster seat will allow children to look through the window. But it wasn't designed for safety and was again built for convenience. In 1968, Ford jumped on the car seat bandwagon and produced the "Tot-Guard". It is a plastic chair, that is padded on the area in front of the child's face. It almost looked like an upright massage table that acted as a cushion upon impact. Car seats don't need to be too expensive. A cheaper car seat has passed the same crash tests as the priciest seat on the market. It will all boil down to name and design in choosing the right kind of car seats. No matter what kind of car seat, it should just be the right one to use for every passenger.

The Right Choice Of Seat

Infant seats- It has a handle to carry the seat around. It is usually then put into a base which remains installed in the car. Some consumers will call it as bucket seats, carriers, capsules, or rear-facing only seats, knowing that it can only be used face at the rear of the vehicle. It can also be used from birth until outgrown, often around the baby's first birthday.

Convertible seats- This usually does not have a handle or a separate base. It is intended to remain only in the car. The name is from the fact that they can be used rear-facing until outgrown, and then be "converted" to forward-facing seats. When choosing this, remember that children must be a minimum of two years old to forward-face.

Combination seats- Another forward-facing seat. It started with a five-point harness, which is best used for children ages 2 to 6. Children that are 6 years of age are readier for a high-back booster using an adult seat belt. The harness can then be removed to make the seat as a good booster. There are many combination seats that can be converted to a backless booster. This is more appropriate for children from ages 8 to 12. The Combination seats are also called or known as harnessed boosters, toddler seats, or 3-in-1 seats.

High-back boosters- These are seats without a harness. These are used by children age 6 or older. It has a high back and also has a belt guide which is placed on the shoulder belt to the proper height. Most of the high-back boosters can be turned into backless boosters once the child is of the appropriate age, height, and weight.

Backless boosters- It looks like more of a cushion which is usually with armrests attached to it. It simply raises a smaller child up a couple of inches to allow the adult seat belt to fit properly. Children ages 8 to 12 needs to have a backless booster. The Backless boosters are also called as no-back boosters or low-back boosters.

All-in-one seats- This is the only seat your child will ever need. It can never be used as rear-facing, forward-facing, and as boosters. With a few exceptions, the all-in-one seats generally do not perform all of these functions well. It will not turn out to be the bargain originally advertised.

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