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Blade Large Car Cover (Gray)

P999 Lazada

Water Proof Car Body Cover for SUV's

P1,200 70% OFF P4,000 Lazada

Sedan Car Cover (Grey) with FREE Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable (Blue)

P546 65% OFF P1,599 Lazada

Rong Wei W5 car modified window cover the rain board rain gear

P1,375 Lazada

Car Auto Universal Leather Waterproof Dustproof Hand Brake ShiftKnob Cover - intl

P607.86 29% OFF P863.80 Lazada

100cm*147cm Thick Car Window Sunshade Foldable Cover Shield CurtainSun Shade Protector ...

P1,123 38% OFF P1,823 Lazada

Deflector DCCB-VAN1-SB Car Cover for Van (Silver/Blue)

P3,929 Lazada

Not Specified Black 2 Pin On/Off Waterproof Rocker Switch+Cover Fit Car Dashboard Dash ...

P347 50% OFF P694 Lazada

Universal Nylon Water Repellent, Sun UV Snow Resistant Car Cover(SUV Size: M- ...

P1,360 49% OFF P2,668 Lazada

Car Rear View Monitor with Night Vision Reverse Video Camera WithWaterproof Lightweight ...

P1,369 77% OFF P5,999 Lazada

Miyazaki cute plush Totoro home hanging tissue box cover

P663 Lazada

Car mounted hanging car tissue box cover

P338 34% OFF P518 Lazada

Unbranded High-Pressure Portable Car Washing Device Manually With WaterproofLightweight ...

P1,359 54% OFF P2,999 Lazada

One Pair Waterproof CCFL Clear Plastic Projector Lens Cover For70mm COB LED Angel Eyes ...

P422 46% OFF P793 Lazada

Deflector DCCB-S2-YS Car Cover for Sedan (Blue/Silver)

P2,520 Lazada

Elevo Silver Car cover Pick-up-Medium for Toyota Hi-lux 2015 Below model, Mitsubishi ...

P2,969.75 Lazada

Waterproof Car Cover (Gray)

P579 70% OFF P1,930 Lazada

Deflector DCCB-S4-SB Sedan Car Cover (Silver/Blue)

P3,349.75 Lazada

Not Specified Wholesale Safety Flip Cover Cap For Toggle Switch Waterproof Boot Plastic (D...

P365 50% OFF P730 Lazada

Not Specified \2\"\" Red 12 LED 4-Pin Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover SUV Truck Brake Stop ...

P1,148 50% OFF P2,296 Lazada

Unbranded Mini DC 12V Electric Car Inflatable Pumping Air Pumps Compressor 300 PSI With ...

P679 59% OFF P1,688 Lazada

OEM 2pcs Car Headlight Rubber Waterproof Dustproof Sealing Cover Cap for H4 H7 H8 H11 ...

P399 66% OFF P1,197 Lazada

Hand Sewing Genuine Leather Car Key Case Handmade Key Cover 110Bfit for chevrolet new ...

P649.80 Lazada

Car Key Case Cover For LADA Priora Sedan Sport Kalina Granta VestaX-Ray XRay Remote Key ...

P417 50% OFF P834 Lazada

Car SUV Front Window Windshield Sunshade Cover Sun Reflective Shade Visor Shield - intl

P882 55% OFF P1,960 Lazada

Jetting Air Stem Valve Caps Covers for Cars-Trucks-SUV 4 Pcs(Black) - intl

P360 50% OFF P720 Lazada

Elevo Silver car cover Suv-Medium for Montero, Fortuner, mu-x, Santa fe, Everest, CRV, ...

P2,679.75 Lazada

2pcs Solar Cup Holder Bottom Pad LED Light Cover Atmosphere LampFor All Car SUV Red Light ...

P942 46% OFF P1,756 Lazada

Kuhong 1PC Eagle Reflective Decal Vinyl Car SUV Stickers Door HoodCover Sticker - intl

P420 33% OFF P630 Lazada

Jinzhinalan Nylon Waterproof Sun Uv Snow Resistant Car Cover ForSuv With Free 4Pcs. 3M ...

P1,888 Lazada

Jinzhinalan Nylon Waterproof Sun Uv Snow Resistant Car Cover ForSuv Honda Crv, Toyota ...

P1,200 Lazada

5pcs Sun Shade SUV rear/right/left Window Car Visor WindshieldBlock Cover New - intl

P477 70% OFF P1,590 Lazada

Silver XXL 190T PU Waterproof Cover Quad ATV Vehicle Universal For Polaris Honda Yamaha ...

P1,384 50% OFF P2,768 Lazada

New Chrome Door Handle Cover Trim for Honda Civic 4 Door SedanModel2006-2011 - intl

P1,727.50 4% OFF P1,813.87 Lazada

New Chrome Door Handle Cover Trim for KIA K2 RIO Sedan 201120122013 2014 - intl

P1,727.86 4% OFF P1,814.25 Lazada

Universal Total Wide Curve View Car Rear Mirror With Free Car Coverfor SUV

P799 26% OFF P1,085 Lazada

Empire Quality Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner (Red) with FREE Waterproof Lightweight Nylon ...

P889 70% OFF P2,999 Lazada

Waterproof Lightweight Nylon Car Cover for Sedan Cars

P580 47% OFF P1,100 Lazada

4 Parking Sensors LED Car Backup Reverse Radar Kit with DigitalColored LED Display With ...

P845 57% OFF P1,999 Lazada

New High Performance Portable Electric High Pressure Car WasherWith Waterproof ...

P2,899 51% OFF P5,999 Lazada

Customized Dashboard Cover Mat for Kia Pride LX Sedan

P1,550 20% OFF P1,950 Lazada

Adventurers Waterproof Lightweight Nylon Car Cover for Sedan Cars

P588 41% OFF P1,000 Lazada

With text fuel tank cover stickers waterproof adhesive paper car adhesive paper

P388 13% OFF P449 Lazada

Manjaz 5suv Fangxiang plate sets leather car to cover

P444 55% OFF P987 Lazada

Na Zhi Jie 7u7suv/5u5s5 large shell cover buckle leather key cases

P339 61% OFF P882 Lazada

Na Zhi Jie 7u7suv/5u5s5 large shell cover buckle leather key cases

P357 59% OFF P882 Lazada

Citroen C5/c3-xr Leather New Sedan to cover Fangxiang plate Sets

P602 Lazada

Rukia Nylon Car Cover with FREE Men and Women's Disposable RaincoatBall With Keyring

P1,179 60% OFF P2,999 Lazada

2 x 110mm Blue 126 LED COB Car Angel Eyes Headlight Halo RingWaterproof DRL Lamp With ...

P1,847 46% OFF P3,472 Lazada

A window hanging car pumping tray cover tissue box

P392 45% OFF P724 Lazada

Car mounted hanging car tissue box cover

P338 34% OFF P518 Lazada

A window hanging car pumping tray cover tissue box

P392 45% OFF P724 Lazada

A window hanging car pumping tray cover tissue box

P364 42% OFF P633 Lazada

Cartoon BENSE.O driving piece Leather cover clip driver's license BENSE.O

P373 Lazada

Seiwa Oxford Cloth car sun visor tissue box cover pumping tray box

P479 Lazada

Brand new door armrest Leather cover

P943 53% OFF P2,020 Lazada

Rong Wei W5 car modified window cover the rain board rain gear

P1,025 Lazada

Rong Wei W5 car modified window cover the rain board rain gear

P1,113 Lazada

Volkswagen brand new central armrest Leather cover armrest interior

P1,092 Lazada

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Why are Car Covers Essential?

Vehicles are usually just in a garage or it may just be staying in front of our house. Either it may be just sitting inside the garage or under the blazing sun for more than eight hours without car covers it can ruin the exteriors and interiors of all vehicles. Car covers are an effortless way to keep your ride clean and in pristine condition. Even if vehicles are kept under a carport it may still be exposed to danger. Car covers are used to resist mildew and dust, this ensures even your stowed vehicles are free from damage. Without a car cover, your vehicle is exposed to a number and even countless threats, but when there's a protective barrier between your four-wheeled companion and the elements, your ride is less likely to suffer from deterioration, dings, and stains. To avoid regular trips to the car wash, a car cover is a perfect solution.

Choosing The Right One

There are different kinds of car covers. It can be used Indoor and outdoor covers which are designed to achieve one goal which is to protect all vehicles. What they're protecting it from, however, will vary. This is according to its most frequent parking spot, the weather around it and the fabric that best suits its paint job. Indoor car covers fabrics are known to be softer and more breathable than the counterpart. Since places like garages are usually dark and carry moisture in the air, this kind of fabric allows trapped dampness to evaporate a lot quicker, while the soft fabric is gentle on your paint and easier to store. When choosing what kind of car cover, the first thing to consider should make when purchasing a car cover is whether you'll be using it mainly for indoor or outdoor use.

Using a great universal cover which is made with double-stitching help keeps the truck, sedan, SUV or van protected. Universal car covers offer various generic sizes to accommodate your vehicle's length but may not provide all the nooks and crannies your car needs. If you just need quick and simple coverage, universal covers provide a great solution. If your vehicle has an antenna or a rare or unusually-shaped vehicle, custom car covers provide an opening for your cables and antenna and align with every one of your vehicle's curves. If you want complete, snug-fitting protection, a custom cover is a way to go. Universal covers normally are affordable and would cost less because they don't have to undergo precise measuring and cutting by the manufacturer. And, just because universal covers are cheaper, doesn't necessarily mean you are settling for something less. Custom car covers are tailored to your vehicle's specific lines and therefore can be more of a financial investment.

Price will depend on material, indoor or outdoor usage and brand name – so custom coverage can still be had at a bargain especially when you consider the cost to repair potential dings or dents without a cover. When you purchase a universal car cover, it can be shipped off the shelf in a normal shipping time. Custom car covers require on-demand manufacturing to create your exact fit, it can take a few weeks for your cover to ship. But, we think the wait is worth its weight – pun intended. No matter if you choose a universal or custom cover, you're adding a layer of protection to your vehicle. The level and investment of protection depending on your parking situation, budget, and preferences.

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