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Headlight and Tail light Chrome Cover for Honda City 2012

P4,200 12% OFF P4,800 Lazada

OEM 2pcs Car headlight LED C6 COB auto front fog light bulb 7200LM 9V-36V H4 - intl

P742 66% OFF P2,226 Lazada

OEM Car H4 Headlight Bulb Super White

P391 63% OFF P1,058 Lazada

Headlight and Tail Light Cover for Vios 2008-2009 (Chrome)

P4,450 19% OFF P5,500 Lazada

VAKIND 2X T20 W21W 7443 7440 LED 64-SMD 1206 Tail Stop Brake Light Bulb Lamp White

P339 50% OFF P678 Lazada

thinch 2 PCS 35W HID Xenon Car Head Light Headlight Bulbs Auto Vehicle Lamp 9006 HB4 6000K

P566 27% OFF P776 Lazada

Philips H4 Philips Extreme X-Treme Vision Plus 130% Halogen Head Light Bulbs Twin Pack

P2,188 21% OFF P2,800 Lazada

Philips H4 Philips Racing Vision Halogen Head Light Bulbs Twin Pack

P2,288 42% OFF P3,999 Lazada

Philips Philips X-treme Vision Plus (+130%) H7 Headlight Bulb Twin Pack

P2,999 33% OFF P4,500 Lazada

Philips Philips X-treme Vision Plus +130% H4 headlight bulb - PAIR

P2,999 33% OFF P4,500 Lazada

OEM 2 PCS COB H4 C6 7600LM 72W LED Car Headlight Kit Hi/Lo Turbo Light Bulbs 6000K - intl

P957 43% OFF P1,689 Lazada

OEM H3 LED Headlight Bulb White 6500K 200W 20000LM 2PCs Car Lamps Super Bright - intl

P844 72% OFF P3,014 Lazada

Headlight and Tail Light Cover for Suzuki Ciaz (Chrome)

P4,450 19% OFF P5,500 Lazada

Philips Philips Crystal Vision H11 headlight replacement bulbs

P2,999 14% OFF P3,500 Lazada

Philips Philips X-treme Vision H11 headlight replacement bulb PAIR

P2,699.10 10% OFF P3,000 Lazada

Unbranded (set of 2) Car T10 LED 10-SMD Wedge Light Bulb W5W 194 168 For Hyundai Solaris ...

P378 61% OFF P990 Lazada

Philips Philips X-treme Vision Plus (+130%) H1 Headlight Bulb - Pair

P2,499 28% OFF P3,500 Lazada

Philips Philips Diamond Vision 881/H27 Fog light bulb - PAIR

P2,999 14% OFF P3,500 Lazada

OEM Carchet Car Flash Strobe Decorative Light Bulb Lamp Wireless Remote Controller

P541 43% OFF P954 Lazada

OEM LED Twist Socket Blue Instrument Panel Cluster Plug Dash Light Bulb (10 pcs)

P647 47% OFF P1,244 Lazada

OEM TIROL 9004 Car Light Bulb 2 pcs 12V 45/65W Light Bulb 5000K Light Source White Car ...

P387 66% OFF P1,161 Lazada

OEM 2PC Superled 39mm SMD 6 LED Car Festoon Dome Light Bulbs White 12V 3W - intl

P323 66% OFF P969 Lazada

OEM 1 Pair H7 LED Headlight Bulb Retainers Holder Adapter for Hyundai 2017 Mistra New ...

P294 30% OFF P421 Lazada

OEM 1 Pair H7 LED Headlight Bulb Retainers Holder Adapter for Mazda 3/5/6 M3/M5/M6 - intl

P365 31% OFF P534 Lazada

OEM 1 Pair H7 LED Headlight Bulb Retainers Holder Adapter for Land Rover Freelander ...

P294 30% OFF P421 Lazada

OEM 1 pair LED 60W 6000LM Car Auto Bulb Lamp LED Headlight Bulbs Arc-Beam Kit H7 - intl

P937 66% OFF P2,811 Lazada

OEM ANMINGPU 10pcs T5 LED 3 Led Smd 3030 Wedge Light Bulb Lamp Led T5 dash board ...

P927.73 75% OFF P3,710.91 Lazada

OEM ANMINGPU 12000lm Headlight Blubs ZES LED H4 H7 LED H8 H11 HB3/9005 HB4/9006 H1 H3 ...

P2,692.85 75% OFF P10,771.41 Lazada

OEM ANMINGPU 2017 72W 6500K Headlight Bulbs S2 H4 LED Bulb Hilo 12v COB Chips Lampada Led ...

P1,503.64 75% OFF P6,014.55 Lazada

OEM ANMINGPU 12V Car Headlight Bulbs H4 LED H7 H1 H11 HB3 HB4 9005 9006 50W 8000LM Auto ...

P1,509.88 75% OFF P6,039.54 Lazada

OEM Fang Fang 2pcs Red Light 1157 BAY15D 22 SMD LED Light Bulb Tail Break Stop Turn ...

P314 63% OFF P851 Lazada

OEM 1pc 9012 55W 4300K 12V Halogen Light Bulb Clear Car Xenon Head Lamp Bulb - intl

P353 50% OFF P706 Lazada

OEM Fang Fang 2pcs/pack BA9S T11 T4W 3014 LED 24-SMD Car Side Light Bulb Interior Lamp ...

P374 63% OFF P1,014 Lazada

OEM 10pcs LED Car Twist Socket Instrument Panel Dash Light Bulb for T5 PC74 SMD 5050 12V -...

P350 50% OFF P700 Lazada

OEM 2pcs 55W H4 HID Bi-Xenon HI/LOW Headlight Bulbs Conversion KIT 3000-12000K Kit Type:Bu...

P1,453 50% OFF P2,906 Lazada

OEM 2pcs Car headlight LED C6 COB auto front fog light bulb 7200LM 9V-36V H1 - intl

P535 66% OFF P1,605 Lazada

OEM 2pcs Car headlight LED C6 COB auto front fog light bulb 7200LM 9V-36V H7 - intl

P550 66% OFF P1,650 Lazada

OEM 2 Pcs T10 W5W LED Dashboard Side Light Bulbs Lamp Green 12V Internal - intl

P146 66% OFF P438 Lazada

OEM 2 X 1156 BA15S 13 LED 5050 SMD Auto Light Bulb for Rear / Back / Flashing P21W Car ...

P208 66% OFF P624 Lazada

OEM 2 x T10 3528 192 194 168 501 Ultra Red 20 SMD LED Wedge Side Interior Light Bulb - ...

P171 66% OFF P513 Lazada

OEM 10X T10 W5W 158 168 194 501 LED Car Side Wedge Dashboard Light Bulb Lamp Amber - intl

P163 66% OFF P489 Lazada

OEM 2X Yellow 1156 BA15S P21W 22 SMD 1206 LED Tail Turn Signal Car Light Bulb - intl

P168 66% OFF P504 Lazada

OEM 8000K 1set H4 55W For HID Hi/Lo Dual Beam Bi Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit Light ...

P1,600 50% OFF P3,200 Lazada

OEM Night Eye Pair H8/H9/H11 80W LED Fog Tail Light Bulbs Car DRL Headlight Kit 6000K - ...

P790 50% OFF P1,580 Lazada

OEM Night Eye Pair H7 80W LED Fog Tail Light Bulbs Car DRL Headlight Kit 6000K - intl

P784 50% OFF P1,568 Lazada

OEM 10x 31mm White 6SMD Car LED Light Bulbs Interior Festoon Dome Map Lamp - intl

P358 43% OFF P630 Lazada

OEM 10PCS T10 Car White LED 194 168 SMD W5W Wedge Side light Bulb lamp 12V DC - intl

P297 43% OFF P522 Lazada

OEM 48 led SMD COB LED Car Panel light Interior Room Dome Car Light Bulb Lamp - intl

P439 57% OFF P1,025 Lazada

OEM 10PC HID White T10 W5W 5630 6-SMD Car Auto LED Light Bulb Lamp - intl

P546 58% OFF P1,300 Lazada

OEM 2 PCS 36mm 3.0W 180LM White Light 9 LED SMD 2835 CANBUS License Plate Reading Lights ...

P308 30% OFF P442 Lazada

OEM 2pcs H7 40W 6000K 1500lm LED Car Fog Light Bulbs Daytime Driving DRL LED Car ...

P737 50% OFF P1,474 Lazada

OEM OSMAN 2pcs 100W H11 H8 8000K LED Light Bulbs Blue Light Bulbs Car Front Fog Lamps

P639 50% OFF P1,280 Lazada

OEM OSMAN 2pcs 9145 H10 100W 4300K LED Projector Light Bulbs Yellow Car Front Fog Lamps

P639 50% OFF P1,280 Lazada

OEM WARM 2pcs/set 100W 881 862 886 6000K High Power Ultra White LED Fog Light Bulbs - intl

P573 66% OFF P1,719 Lazada

OEM WARM 2pcs H8 H9 H11 H16 6000K 1000lm 100W LED Fog Light Bulbs High Brightness - intl

P602 50% OFF P1,204 Lazada

OEM 10pcs BA15S White 1156 22SMD LED Light Bulb Turn Backup Lamp P21W 382 7506 - intl

P386 50% OFF P772 Lazada

OEM 2pcs/set 55W H11/H8/H9 HID Xenon Headlight Bulbs Conversion KIT 3000-12000K for Car ...

P1,096 50% OFF P2,192 Lazada

OEM 2pcs 55W H4 HID Bi-Xenon HI/LOW Headlight Bulbs Conversion KIT 3000-12000K Kit Type:Bu...

P1,447 50% OFF P2,894 Lazada

OEM 2pcs H1 CREE LED Light Bulbs 200W 26000LM Car Headlight Auto Low Lamp Driving ...

P850 71% OFF P2,999 Lazada

OEM CREE COB H1 LED Car Headlight Auto Head light Lamp 200W 26000lm Fog Light LED ...

P899 77% OFF P3,961 Lazada

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Choosing The Best Car Headlights

The most common headlamp to be found on cars is still the halogen headlight. It is eventually going to become antiquated in favor of newer technologies such as HID and LED. The lights have come a long way since the original tungsten filament light was introduced and was replaced by the Halogen light bulb in the early 1960's. It remained standard only until the early 1990s when the HID headlamp was unveiled by BMW and then 13 years later the LED headlight by Audi. Car headlights are aimed specifically to suit for countries that drive on the right side or the left side. Headlights that are in the left lane traffic countries have low-beam headlamps that dip to the left. The headlight is distributed with a downward or left-hand bias to show the driver the road and signs ahead without blinding any incoming traffic and vice versa. For countries that drive on the right side with most of their light directed downward or right hand. So, you could not buy a car headlight in a different country unless you plan on having the car lights properly calibrated for the change in the road. There are also some cars that have headlights that can be adjusted by themselves, with just a flick of a button it will set it to either RHD or LHD.

The Auto Levelling or Load adjustment is used very effectively in trucks; the load adjustment means that the headlights will adjust themselves and dip the beam downwards to not blind other drivers if the car becomes higher or lower depending on the weight fluctuation or when the car accelerates or decelerates. The reflector is the actual light comes from a bulb in the center of the headlamp housing and reflects off of the sides of the housing. It allows more light being emitted from the small bulb to be spread out on the road in front of the vehicle.

The Projector headlights also do exactly what they sound like-they project the light rather than reflecting it. This kind of housing needs a different type of light bulb to accommodate the housing. It allows more control of the light beams as they are emitted from its housing. The projector headlights are different from the HID headlights. All HID's come in a type of projector housing, not all projector headlight housings use HID bulbs which is the projector headlights that come with H1/7/15 bulbs etc. The Halogen Headlights contains gas, usually a combination of nitrogen and argon, and a tungsten filament, that is encased in a glass tube. The glass is there to resist extremely high temperatures. Once the light bulb receives the electrical current from the car, this heats the tungsten filament creating light.

The HID (High-Intensity Discharge) is sometimes referred to as Xenon made their debut in the early 1990s by BMW for the BMW 7 series. The High-intensity discharge headlights contain a mixture of gases and rare metals that are heated to generate a bright white or bluish glow in which legislators have stipulated all new cars must illuminate. It is roughly two to three times brighter than the standard halogen bulbs about 3000 Lumen compared to 1400 produced from Halogen bulbs and as a result, has led to many complaints about the level of glare it produces. This increases vision then increases reaction time to unforeseen obstacles making driving safer at night. HID lamps require more power to start up but once they are on they operate at a much lower power usage than Halogen.

Giving about 35 watts of power, it is generally good for about 2000 hours of life. This makes HID lights more efficient than halogen. For vehicles with bi-xenon headlights, the HIDs provide both the low and the high beam from the same enclosure of xenon lights via a shutter that moves up and down. When its prompted, meaning since the bulb is already operating there is no delay when turning it on. Bi-Xenon lamp uses two bulbs like normal Xenon lamp uses four which means more cost is attached for replacements in the long run. LED short or also known as the Light Emitting Diodes, is a kind of car lights that have surprisingly been around since 2004 but have only begun to gain popularity recently with more people finding for a better alternative to the standard kind of halogen bulbs. One of its advantages, is that it is by far the most energy efficient option on the market. LED Bulbs produces 15 to 18 watts of power whereas Halogen bulbs draw 55 to 65 watts and HID draws around 42.

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