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Meike MK-320 TTL LCD Mini Hot Shoe Flash Speedlight - intl

P3,488 23% OFF P4,552 Lazada

Camera Tripod Collar Mount Ring for Canon EF 70-200mm f4 IS XXB Lens (Light Grey)

P378 50% OFF P756 Lazada

Moonar 16GB Compact Flash CF Memory Card for DSLR HD Camera DES3

P618 50% OFF P1,236 Lazada

OEM Lens Ring LED Flash Light for GoPro Camera

P448 30% OFF P640 Lazada

Momax MOMAX Elite MFI Certified Keyring Card Reader with Lightning 8pin & USB 3.0 - Rose ...

P2,319 30% OFF P3,313 Lazada

OEM Photo Flash Video Camera Grip Handle L Handle With 2 Standard Side Hot shoe Mount the ...

P268 66% OFF P804 Lazada

OEM Photo Flash Video Camera Grip Handle L Handle With 2 Standard Side Hot shoe Mount the ...

P264 66% OFF P792 Lazada

Godox Godox TT685N Thinklite TTL Flash for Nikon Cameras

P5,800 3% OFF P6,000 Lazada

Godox Godox Xpro-F TTL Wireless Flash Trigger 1/8000s HSS TTL-Convert-Manual Function ...

P3,999 32% OFF P5,899 Lazada

Godox Godox TT350S 2.4GHz Universal Speedlight Flash for Sony Mirrorless DSRL Camera

P4,140.10 23% OFF P5,447 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN-500Ex YN500Ex High-speed sync HSS Flash Speedlite/Speedlight - intl

P4,199 21% OFF P5,377 Lazada

Not Specified Viltrox JY680A On-camera Speedlite Light Flash GN33 for Canon Nikon Sony ...

P2,296 35% OFF P3,583 Lazada

Godox Godox TT350S Mini Thinklite TTL Flash for Sony Cameras

P4,700 6% OFF P5,000 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN-560IV Wireless Flash Speedlite Master + Slave Flash + Built-in Trigger ...

P3,723.84 23% OFF P4,840.99 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN560-TX II Flash Wireless Trigger For Camera Canon YN560IV YN660 968N

P2,300.67 50% OFF P4,601.34 Lazada

Generic Godox TT520 ii Thinklite Camera Flash with built in wireless signal

P3,800 15% OFF P4,500 Lazada

Meike Meike MK-320 TTL Manul Flash HSS Master Small Spry Speedlite for Canon Camera

P3,150 21% OFF P4,000 Lazada

Viltrox Viltrox JY680A On-camera Speedlite Light Flash GN33 for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax

P2,363 37% OFF P3,800 Lazada

Godox Godox X1T - N Professional TTL Multi-channel Triggering 2.4GHz Wireless ...

P1,811 48% OFF P3,532 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN300 AIR Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light Flash

P2,900 17% OFF P3,500 Lazada

Godox Godox X1T - S TTL 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission Multi-channel Triggering Flash ...

P1,931.35 23% OFF P2,541 Lazada

Yongnuo (IMPORT) YONGNUO RF605C RF 605C RF605 C Wireless Flash Trigger for Canon upgrade ...

P1,685 33% OFF P2,528 Lazada

Viltrox VILTROX JY - 610 Universal Mini Flash Speedlite Light for Any Digital Camera with ...

P1,362.50 46% OFF P2,525 Lazada

Godox Godox X1T - C TTL 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission Multi-channel Triggering Flash ...

P1,834.93 24% OFF P2,414.38 Lazada

Not Specified Mini Digital Slave Flash Light Auto Pre-Flash Sensor for Digital Camera (Int...

P964 50% OFF P1,930 Lazada

Unbranded MX-303 3-in-1 Multi LED Beauty Lens Selfie Flashlight (Black)

P199 66% OFF P599 Lazada

OEM Replacement Flash Tube for Nikon SB-800 / SB-600 Speedlite

P462 20% OFF P578 Lazada

Canon Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Camera Flash Light Compatible with E-TTL / E-TTL II - ...

P13,701 20% OFF P17,126 Lazada

OEM Yongnuo YN685 TTL HSS 1/8000 Flash Speedlite + YN622C TX FlashTrigger For Canon - intl

P8,465 33% OFF P12,698 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN-560 IV Flash Speedlite Master + Yongnuo YN560-TX Wireless Flash ...

P5,413 53% OFF P11,516 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo Speedlite Flash YN600EX YN600 EX RT II for Canon Cameras

P6,900 27% OFF P9,500 Lazada

Godox Godox Thinklite TT685F TTL Camera Flash Speedlite GN60 2.4G Wireless Transmission ...

P5,768 38% OFF P9,418 Lazada

Godox Godox TT685 TT685C 2.4G HSS 1/8000s E-TTL GN60 TTL Wireless Flash Speedlite ...

P4,423.19 52% OFF P9,216.60 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN685 TTL HSS 1/8000 Flash Speedlite + YN622C TX Flash Trigger For Canon

P7,133.33 20% OFF P8,999.99 Lazada

Godox Godox TT520II Thinklite Flash Speedlite GN33 433MHz For Nikon Canon Sony (Black)

P2,999 65% OFF P8,750 Lazada

Yongnuo YONGNUO YN685 YN-685 Wireless HSS TTL Speedlite Flash Build in Receiver Worked ...

P5,266.66 39% OFF P8,666.66 Lazada

Not Specified TRIOPO TR-960 II Speed Light Manual Zoom for Nikon Canon Pentax DSLR Camera ...

P2,430 39% OFF P3,998 Lazada

Not Specified 48 LED Macro Ring Flash Light Speedlite For Nikon Canon Panasonic DSLR ...

P1,485 55% OFF P3,300 Lazada

Godox Godox X1R-N TTL 2.4G Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver for Nikon DSLR Camera for X1N ...

P2,113 24% OFF P2,789 Lazada

Viltrox VILTROX JY - 610NII TTL LCD Flash Speedlite Light for Nikon D700 D800 D810 D3100 ...

P1,622 19% OFF P2,026 Lazada

Yongnuo YONGNUO YN685 i-TTL HSS 1/8000s GN60 2.4G Wireless Flash Speedlite Speedlight for ...

P6,243 37% OFF P9,954 Lazada

Yongnuo Yongnuo YN128 Ring Light 12 Inch Bi Color 3200k - 5500k Dimmable for Smartphone ...

P2,680 55% OFF P6,000 Lazada

Yongnuo YONGNUO Flash Speedlight YN-565EX III(YN-565EX II update) E-TTL Flash for Canon ...

P4,188 33% OFF P6,288 Lazada

Yongnuo Dream Yongnuo Professional Flash Speedlight Flashlight Yongnuo YN 560 III for ...

P3,318 44% OFF P6,001 Lazada

Viltrox VILTROX JY-610C TTL LCD Flashlight Speedlite For Canon 750D / 760D / 5DR / 5DRS / ...

P1,763 39% OFF P2,938 Lazada

VAKIND 20pcs Flash Speedlite Color Gels Filters for Canon Yongnuo DSLR Camera - intl

P269.99 55% OFF P600 Lazada

OEM Nvshen Speedlight Flash Honeycomb Grid & 7 Color Gels Set For DSLR - intl

P1,234.05 51% OFF P2,530.20 Lazada

OEM Universal Flash Speedlite On-camera Flash GN50 w/ Adjustable LED Fill Light for Canon ...

P2,116 40% OFF P3,541 Lazada

Not Specified Yongnuo YN560-TX Wireless Flash Controller and Commander for YN-560III YN-56...

P2,676 34% OFF P4,100 Lazada

Meike Meike MEIKE MK-SD8A-S Flash Battery Box for Flash Speedlight and Ring Flash for ...

P2,600 48% OFF P5,000 Lazada

Meike Meike MEIKE MK-SD8A-N Flash Battery Box for Flash Speedlight and Ring Flash for ...

P2,600 48% OFF P5,000 Lazada

Meike Meike MK-SD8A-C Flash Battery Box for Flash Speedlight and Ring Flash for Canon ...

P2,600 48% OFF P5,000 Lazada

Kingston SD Class 10 UHS-I 16GB Card SDHC Flash Memory Card for Camera/DSLR

P278 79% OFF P1,350 Lazada

Kingston SD Class 10 UHS-I 32GB Card SDHC Flash Memory Card for Camera/DSLR

P528 71% OFF P1,830 Lazada

Kingston SD Class 10 UHS-I 64GB Card SDXC Flash Memory Card for Camera/DSLR

P908 68% OFF P2,850 Lazada

Viltrox VILTROX JY - 610NII TTL LCD Flash Speedlite Light for Nikon D700 D800 D810 D3100 ...

P1,638 19% OFF P2,046 Lazada

Not Specified Viltrox JY-610 On-camera Mini Flash Speedlite for Canon EOS M M2 650D 600D ...

P1,585 38% OFF P2,588 Lazada

Viltrox VILTROX JY - 610NII Mini TTL LCD Flash Speedlite Light for Nikon D700 D800 D810 ...

P1,776 40% OFF P2,960 Lazada

Yongnuo YONGNUO YN308 Wireless LED Ringlight Video Light 3200-5500K - intl

P5,573.74 60% OFF P13,934.36 Lazada

Unbranded 9.0ft. Spring Cushioned Light Stand (Black)

P1,299 18% OFF P1,600 Lazada

About Camera Flashes

One Simple Device

It is an added or built-in device use in photography. Its purpose is to emit a short burst of bright light when you release the shutter. It will illuminate the room at some portion which will help you get a better shot of an image. Lighting is also an important part of photography. Most DSLR comes with a built-in flash. These built-in flash devices can produce surprisingly good photos which are actually its main purpose considering that is the one to help produce great photos. There are several types of flash units that you can use to get the best pictures possible in practically any lighting situation.

The Right Kind of Flash

Built-In & Pop-Up Flashes- It is constructed within the main camera body. They are on-axis with the lens. This is usually a problem in using this kind of flash, the on-axis light causes too much contrast and shadows. It also causes the background to be unreasonably dark. To avoid this poor effect, you can balance the flash with the ambient light in the scene. Through the metering, the scene, turn the flash on and take your photo.

Dedicated Flash- This is the unit that fits into your camera's hot shoe. This is the slot on the top of the camera body. It is a great piece of gear that communicates with the camera. Most of the photographers choose the dedicated flash. It is a better choice than the Built-in/Pop-up flash for many reasons, it can avoid red-eye by angling the flash and bouncing the light onto your chosen subject. It many dedicated flashes pre-flash to get your subject's pupils to constrict and avoid red-eye. This is better than the built-in flash because of the versatility. Since it comes with a cable which allows the user to detach the flash unit and position it at any angle for the best possible photo.

Ringlight Flash- This fit on the barrel of the lens by screwing onto the attachment threads. It gives a soft and diffused light source that makes it ideal for Macro Photography. This flash enables you to get as close as possible to your close-focus subject and flash it with a light source that will not give you hard contrast or shadows. You will notice a softer and even illuminated image that bring out the details of the image.

Hammerhead Flash- This is a flash unit that is separate from the camera and is not attached to the hot shoe; it screws into your camera's tripod bushing. You will see it on the side of the camera and it off-axis just enough to limit red-eye in your subjects. This is mostly used by wedding photographers because it has a high light output and it provides a better angle and grip than other types of flashes.

Fill-in flash-This isn't a separate flash unit, but rather a technique used when the background is much brighter than your subject, or the lighting is such that you have a high level of contrast on your subject. This is used to add and fill light to the subject so it registers a more pleasing exposure. It is useful when the ambient light is too much and shows more silhouette. Images will be more balanced and pleasing.

Bounce flash- This is also a technique, not a flash unit. This will give you greater image once the flash bounces off of a surface to illuminate your subject instead directly, on-axis illumination that you get from most flashes. This is needed to help bounce the flash off the ceiling or a nearby wall. This allows to open up a whole new world of great photography, particularly if the dedicated flash is tethered to your camera with a cable.

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