Camera Bags prices online in the Philippines December 2018

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Lowepro Lowepro aw digital camera bag

P5,540 39% OFF P9,125 Lazada

Case Logic SLRC-201A SLR Zoom Holster (Black)

P2,350 Lazada

OEM Sony a72/a7s2/a7r2/m2/a7ii/a7sii camera bag bags silicone case

P376 Lazada

SOBUY DSLR SLR Camera Bag,Grey Digital Video Recorder Photography Canvas Sling Backpack ...

P1,462 74% OFF P5,779 Lazada

ERA Waterproof Shockproof Digital SLR DSLR Camera Bag Soft Padded Backpack - intl

P1,829 50% OFF P3,660 Lazada

Lowepro Lowepro 140 Format Bag

P1,415.50 5% OFF P1,490 Lazada

GoPro Gopro Generics Maxgear Small Protective Shockproof Mini Camera Bagfor GoPro,Sjcam,...

P520 41% OFF P890 Lazada

TIGERNU Tigernu Multifunctional 15.6\Camera BackpackT-X6008(black grey)"

P2,699 50% OFF P5,500 Lazada

Bagcloth Storage bag bags Cleaning Cloth iPhone Mobile Phone iPad Computer Screen Wipe ...

P323 32% OFF P476 Lazada

Nylon Functional Lens Bags DSLR Camera Lenses Pouch Bag High Quality Lens Case Waterproof ...

P622 12% OFF P707 Lazada

Nylon Functional Lens Bags DSLR Camera Lenses Pouch Bag High Quality Lens Case Waterproof ...

P605 12% OFF P690 Lazada

Cinebags AC Pouch CB03 - intl

P6,716.16 Lazada

Canon 1300d600d750d700d800d77d80d200d cute SLR portable camera bag bags

P814 Lazada

Hot Digital Camera Waterproof Bags Video Waterproof Cases Underwater Diving Floating ...

P166.79 55% OFF P370.64 Lazada

OTHER Fuji XE2/E1 XT1 X-A1 X-A2 Sleeve 16-50 18-55mm Bags Protective Case Mirror

P281 Lazada

OTHER Canon 1300d/1300d shock-resistant drop-resistant camera bag bags silicone case

P639 6% OFF P684 Lazada

OEM Canon m3/M5/M6/M10/M100 bags ruan tao silicone case

P349 35% OFF P544 Lazada

OEM Canon 80d/6d/5dsr/800d/5div bags protective case

P569 50% OFF P1,153 Lazada

OEM Canon 80d/6d/5dsr/800d/5div bags protective case

P603 47% OFF P1,153 Lazada

OEM Canon M10/M10/Eosm10 Suitable Protective Case Bags

P217 Lazada

OEM Canon m3/eosm3/eosm3 suitable camera bag bags silicone case

P366 Lazada

OEM Canon M10/M10/Eosm10 Suitable Protective Case Bags

P359 5% OFF P379 Lazada

OEM For Hero7 Camera Sports Accessories Handbag Storgage bag bags

P656 13% OFF P758 Lazada

OEM For Hero7 Camera Sports Accessories Handbag Storgage bag bags

P509 17% OFF P618 Lazada

OEM For Hero7 Camera Sports Accessories Handbag Storgage bag bags

P309 18% OFF P379 Lazada

OEM Sony a72/a7s2/a7r2/m2/a7ii/a7sii camera bag bags silicone case

P485 Lazada

OEM Canon M10/M10/Eosm10 Suitable Protective Case Bags & Cases

P413 Lazada

OEM Canon M10/M10/Eosm10 Suitable Protective Case Bags & Cases

P389 5% OFF P413 Lazada

OEM Sony a6300/A6000/a5000/a5100 camera bag bags silicone case

P375 48% OFF P730 Lazada

OEM Nikon P7700 Leather Case Bags Nikon P7800 Only Package Photography Bag

P522 Lazada

OEM Clear Transparent Case Protective Bags For FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

P288 33% OFF P432 Lazada

Manfrotto Manfrotto DSLR Camera Bags

P6,099 33% OFF P9,228 Lazada

Fujifilm Fujifilm xa10 sets protective case camera bag bags

P309 6% OFF P332 Lazada

YICOE Diving Waterproof Case Charger Shell With USB Cable for SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi ...

P640 49% OFF P1,279 Lazada

GP102 Large Travel Outdoor Case /Pouch / Bag for GoPro Hero, SJCAM SJ4000 SJ5000 M20 SJ7 ...

P379 49% OFF P750 Lazada

GP83 Small Travel Case/Pouch/Bag for GoPro Hero, SJCAM, Xiaomi Yi, Supremo and other ...

P279 68% OFF P890 Lazada

Soft Cover + Storage Case Bag For Bose-Soundlink Mini I II 2 Speaker BK - intl

P439 64% OFF P1,229 Lazada

OEM 2018 New Outdoor Travel SLR DSLR Camera Backpack Durable Digital Waterproof Camera ...

P799 65% OFF P2,302 Lazada

Telesin TELESIN Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 4

P599 50% OFF P1,200 Lazada

Telesin Telesin Brand Dive Case for Gopro hero 4

P590 52% OFF P1,240 Lazada

Waterproof Case with Diving Housing Case Filter for GoPro Hero 5 Camera Case - intl

P612 70% OFF P2,040 Lazada

Telesin Telesin High-Quality 30M Waterproof Case Housing for GoPro Hero 3/3+ GoPro Hero 4 ...

P578 46% OFF P1,075 Lazada

Standard Waterproof Housing/Case for GoPro Hero 4/Hero 3+/Hero 3

P750 59% OFF P1,850 Lazada

GOFT Waterproof Protective Floating Case Soft Diving Cover (Orange)

P393 30% OFF P562 Lazada

Telesin Telesin High-Quality Camouflage Protective Frame Mount Housing for GoPro Hero 5 / ...

P398 46% OFF P750 Lazada

Telesin Telesin High-Quality Camouflage Protective Frame Mount Housing for GoPro Hero 5 / ...

P398 46% OFF P750 Lazada

GearBear Waterproof Black Housing Case 60M Hard Backdoor + 30M Touchscreen (No Need To ...

P1,036 39% OFF P1,726 Lazada

CarterstoryMobile Phone Waterproof Bag Outdoor Swimming Hot Spring Waterproof Bag Tpu ...

P924 67% OFF P2,817 Lazada


P999.90 50% OFF P1,999.90 Lazada

GoCase medium Portable Travel Storage Case for GoPro Hero Camera with (GoPro logo)

P499 66% OFF P1,500 Lazada

OEM Backpacker portable memory card storage box

P138 Lazada

OEM High Quality Camera Bag NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC NG W5070 Camera Backpack Genuine Outdoor ...

P2,394 66% OFF P7,182 Lazada

OEM Jayoyi Men's School Bag Laptop Waterproof Bag Vintage Canvas Shoulder Camera Bag

P2,360 3% OFF P2,439 Lazada

OEM PULUZ Smartphone Video Rig + LED Studio Light + Video Shotgun Microphone Kits with ...

P2,014 30% OFF P2,877 Lazada

OEM Tteoobl GQ-518M Waterproof Underwater Diving Camera HousingCasePouch Dry Bag for ...

P1,399 46% OFF P2,599 Lazada

OEM Camera Protective Bag Cover Case Universal Photo Backpack Padded liner Insert - intl

P1,324 70% OFF P4,413 Lazada

OEM Multi-compartment Waterproof 15.6 inch laptop and Camera Package Backpack Bag for ...

P1,299 45% OFF P2,400 Lazada

SJCAM SJCAM Waterproof Action Camera Case with USB Charger for SJ6 Legend

P899 50% OFF P1,799 Lazada

OEM DSLR Camera Bag For Nikon D5600 D5500 D3200 D3100 D5100 D7200 D7100 D5200 - intl

P880 29% OFF P1,246 Lazada

Kingma KingMa Polaroid Shockproof Case for Polaroid CUBE CUBE+ CUBE Series - intl

P853 19% OFF P1,066 Lazada

About Camera Bags

Camera bags are a great tool for protecting your gear. Just like a women's bag, it's an accessory to their bodies but if you aren't a professional photographer spending on a dedicated bag can be excessive. What others do is using the right accessories, any bag can function as your camera bag as well. What you need from a camera bag can vary depending on what kind of kit you carry. It will make life easier with the right camera bag, it would be easier to carry things around and you will not even worry about it getting broken. Having a camera bag is something to help you be more organized and can help you work more efficiently.

Types of camera bag

  • The Waist Pack- This allows you to have quick access to your gear. Basically it acts like a belt bag. Waist packs are usually small so it would be convenient for the photographer to move around. Most of these bags are padded to make sure that the equipment inside is protected in case of a bump or might accidentally drop it hard. Try to keep it evenly packed in the center of your body to avoid back problems. Waist belts may not look the coolest but are very functional.
  • Shoulder Bag or Messenger Bag- The most popular of camera bags are shoulder bags or messenger bags. While many have a great deal of capacity, be careful not to overload a shoulder bag. Carrying a lot of weight using a shoulder can really damage one's shoulder, so take it easy on what you put inside. Just make sure that you have space for the SLR and a couple of lenses, as well as chunky accessories such as a flashgun and smaller stuff like cards, chargers, and batteries.
  • Holster Pack- These bags allow you to get access to your camera with a lens attached to it. Holster packs are small and don't allow a lot to be packed into them. But, they're great for situations where all you need is the camera and zoom lens. These packs have soft pads so you can feel comfortable knowing that your expensive gear is protected.
  • Sling Packs- These bags are bigger than the waist and holster packs, allowing you to carry more gear. This type of bag has a strap that allows you to carry it while having quick access to your gear. A good sling pack is padded so the equipment is protected. While it may look bulkier than a non-padded bag, it's better than having a lens crack.
  • Satchels-These would likely look the same as sling packs especially when you look inside the bag. The external features are designed to look like a briefcase that a businessman would use. Satchels are usually not padded because they're more concerned with style. Equipment in a satchel that falls can easily become a victim of gravity.
  • Backpacks-These camera bags are the most convenient bags to use but they would just look different on the inside Some backpacks have individual padded compartments, this gives added protection for all the things inside your bag, especially when you pack your camera and lenses. The padded inside offers some protection against impact. Backpacks allow you to carry a heavier load and carry it comfortably. Some backpacks can have wheels added to it so you can roll it easily especially if you have a heavy load inside and instead of carrying it you can just wheel it over.

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Alfred  Jandog

camera bag na mura

Saan makaka bili ng camera bags na hindi ganun ka laki kindly suggest naman saan online shop lang sana gusto ko maka bili.

  • Last updated : Nov 28, 2018
  • Posted by Alfred Jandog
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Jace cee

camera bags

gusto ko sana yung bag sa nikon na matibay kahit mahal bibilhin ko saan man legit na online seller dito?

  • Last updated : Mar 29, 2018
  • Posted by Jace cee
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mas magandang bags

Hello bago ko lang nabili yung pangtatlong lense ko. Hihingi ko lang ng tulong anong brand po yung mas maganda na camera bags lalo na sa travel?

  • Last updated : Mar 27, 2018
  • Posted by R.rubello
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