Body Scrub & Exfoliator Price List in the Philippines December 2019

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  • Closes skin pores and removes surface dirt and other skin impurities making your skin soft and smooth.

  • A beauty soap with ΒΌ moisturizing cream and mild cleansers to help your skin retain its moisture leaving it softer and smoother.

  • A back acne solution infused with Hydroxy Acids that target unsightly back acne and helps lessen acne caused by blockage of pores due to dirt and impurities.

  • Bench Papaya & Seaweed Organics Body Scrub is a whitening and moisturizing body scrub infused with milk extract for a milky soft skin.

  • Extra gentle, micro-exfoliating body scrub infused with fruit acids (AHA) to delicately refine your skin's surface.

  • A body exfoliant that helps lift away old, dull skin cells to keep your skin soft. plump and hydrated.

  • A scented body scrub that exfoliates and gently removes impurities for irresistible, satin-smooth skin.

  • An exfoliating body scrub that contains natural ingredients, refines your skin's texture and leaves skin velvety soft.

  • A body scrub that cleanses and moisturizes your skin with essential oils, leaving your body bright without causing it to dry.

  • A body scrub made of natural exfoliant coconut and rosehip oil to help you maintain healthier and smoother skin.

  • Removes your dead skin cells leaving it soft and smooth.

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8 Body Scrubs to Reveal Smoother, Clearer Skin

One of the things I look forward to the most when taking a shower is using a body scrub. There's just something so cleansing about feeling those microbeads rub against your skin. It's like a soothing little ritual that leaves your skin feeling, smooth, soft, and supple.

There are so many body scrubs out there that it can be pretty intimidating to start choosing one. So we've picked out some body scrub options that you can choose from, arranged based on their price point.

Nuxe Body Scrub

This luxurious body scrub contains orange blossom and almond blossom petals to give you a refreshing floral scent. It's one body scrub that effectively refines the skin's texture, leaving it feeling velvety soft!

Wild Products Sugar Body Scrub

If you're looking for a body scrub that will also help hydrate your skin, this is the one for you. This indulgent body scrub combines organic jojoba oil, shea butter, and cane sugar to create a body scrub that gently exfoliates grime and dead skin to pave the way for smoother, softer skin.

Sephora Collection Gentle Melting Body Scrub

This super gentle micro-exfoliating body scrub has a dual-action formula that's filled with AHAs to refine the skin's surface. It also contains cranberry extract to infuse the skin with antioxidants. And lastly, it has superfine bamboo powder to give you that satisfying scrub. The gentle melting scrub has a milky texture that's easy to use and even easier to rinse off.

Milk Body Scrub

For a body scrub that makes you feel like you're at the beach, try out this body scrub by Milk. It contains natural coconut shells, rosehip oil, rice bran, and cinnamon powder. These ingredients work together to exfoliate the skin, lighten dark spots, and moisturize the skin to give your skin a glowing appearance.

Giga Body Scrub Exfoliate and Rejuvenate

Giga's Nature's Spa line has so many body care products that you'll want them all in your daily routine. This gentle exfoliating scrub sloughs off dead skin cells from the skin's surface to reveal a layer of younger, healthier skin. At the same time, it also infuses the skin with lots of hydration to prevent dryness from using a physical scrub.

Sephora Collection Smoothing Body Scrub

For a luxurious spa-like feeling every time you exfoliate, turn to Sephora's smoothing body scrub. It has tiny microbeads that help scrub off dead skin cells. It's also gentle enough to be used every day. And the best part is that these scrubs come in 5 different variants to suit your mood: The Lagoon body scrub has a refreshing scent that will stay on your skin for hours. The Chocolate body scrub is a super luxurious scrub that you'll want to save for special days. The Mango body scrub will get you feeling like you're on a tropical island. The Monoi body scrub will make you think of vacationing in Tahiti. And the Vanilla body scrub will leave you feeling sweet and succulent.

Organic Alley Skin Brightening Body Scrub

The Organic Alley Skin Brightening Body Scrub exfoliates and brightens the skin. It contains papain, kojic acid, and vitamin C to help lighten and brighten the skin. Its microbeads are also made from finely ground apricot seeds, which means it won't be leaving non-biodegradable waste products behind!

Zenutrients Goat's Milk and Oatmeal Luxurious Body Scrub

This super affordable body scrub will leave you feeling luxurious with each use. With oatmeal to help soothe inflamed skin and goat's milk to promote skin lightening, you'll never want to use another body scrub again!

Body scrubs come in all types. These are just some of the body scrubs we have in our shop, so check out our shop today and pick the perfect body scrub for you!

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    • Lianna Rose Perez
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  • Loretta Lynn

    good products

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    • Ulysis Sy
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    other kind of oils?

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    first to make one?

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