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Jun 9, 2020

How To Choose The Best Makeup Mirror For You

Here are some of the best makeup mirrors you can use for your daily makeup routine.

A mirror can be your best friend too. Let's be honest, you can't go outside without facing a mirror, doing some finishing touches to your look. And just like any other beauty care products you have like your sunscreen, makeup brushes, or blow-dryer, getting yourself a good makeup mirror is essential too. You may be thinking that any mirror is fine when doing your makeup as long as you see your face. That's why many of you are relying on your bathroom mirror or even your closet mirror. The truth is, you are just putting your look in trouble!

Have you ever gone to a washroom and noticed that you are a few shades off? It must be awkward to face your client knowing that your foundation is uneven and patchy. You see, your branded makeup, makeup skills, money, time, and effort, will be put to waste if you are just settling with your bathroom or closet mirrors. All the other beauty tools that you are using are powerless if you are not using an appropriate mirror when applying your makeup.

So, the question is, what's the best makeup mirror? Aside from good lighting, a perfect makeup mirror is one with clarity and magnification. Finding the right mirror is very important as it will help you look your best everyday. And here are some of them.

Vanity Mirror

This type of makeup mirror is common to those professionals. It is designed to be large in size, normally rectangle or square in shape, allowing you to be hands free while applying your makeup. Many makeup enthusiasts love vanity mirrors because of its adjustable and moveable features. The vanity light bulbs and magnifying mirrors are helpful in seeing facial details clearly. However, this type of mirror is not suitable for travels or quick touch-ups since they're usually large in size.

Magnifying Mirror

This type of mirror works best for your detailed makeup, such as applying eyeliner. This is also essential for concealing your fine lines and blemishes. Just a little tip, do not blindly choose a magnifying mirror with the highest level of magnification. Even if it is giving you high magnification, the mirror may not be able to produce a clear reflection of your face. 7x or 10x is the most user-friendly magnifying level which is suitable for your everyday use. This type of mirror is available in big and travel sizes so you can easily re-apply your makeup anytime and anywhere!

LED Lighted Mirror

If you are just starting to love makeup, this is probably the type of mirror you can settle with. Beauty makeup mirrors are usually designed with light bulbs or LED lights, providing you a consistent lighting source that will help you enhance your makeup application. The light can eliminate shadows that may result uneven distribution of products. LED lights allow you to wear makeup at anytime comfortably even in a dark or poorly lit room.

Getting yourself the right makeup mirror for your everyday makeup look is the key to a balanced and flawless appearance. Your chosen makeup mirror can definitely make a big difference between a flawless look and a patchy one.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"