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Mar 26, 2020

Here's What You Should Know About the 7 Basic Nail Shapes

Which shape will look best for your nails? Read this article to find out!

In the past, we head to the nail salon and immediately tell the manicurist the nail shape we want: Round. However, with the emergence of new shaping options, we may find it quite overwhelming to choose. Do you want to go with almond? Or maybe stiletto? Should you do squoval? These may be new to you so we're here to discuss each of the 7 basic nail shapes. Knowing these things will help you achieve the perfect manicure!


We will start with the most basic nail shape: Round. This shape is perfect for short nails and for nail-biters as it only extends slightly past the nail bed and maintains the nail's natural shape. Moreover, round nails are also best for those with short or fat fingers as it creates the illusion of thinner and rounder fingers. Any shade of polish will do for this nail shape.


Do you want to add a twist to your natural rounded nails? Then you should consider the square nail shape. Just like the round shape, the square shape doesn't take a ton of effort to maintain and is great for shorter nails. With its flat tip and sharp angles, it looks stylish. Perfect for those with long fingers and nail beds. This nail shape is best with bold polish colors.


If you have shorter fingers with wide nail beds and you want a sleek and more feminine look, try the oval shape. Oval nails can make your hands look longer and slimmer as it creates an illusion of length. Moreover, the oval nail shape is similar to the shape of the cuticle so it will look suitable for everyone. It will look best when incorporated with nail art.


Do you have naturally long, sturdy nails? Try the ballerina nail shape. Also known as the coffin nail shape, the ballerina shape is a long, tapered nail with a flat tip that looks chic and pretty. For perfect and long-lasting results, you should use nail extensions and opt for pale polish colors. What might be off with this nail shape is that it is very high-maintenance.


While it seems quite impractical, the stiletto nail shape looks cool and unique. As what its name suggests, the stiletto nail shape resembles stiletto shoes, having a long body and a very pointed tip. Stiletto nails are obviously high-maintenance but if you want to appear extra, this is the nail shape to go with. Feel free to incorporate elaborate designs on stiletto nails!


As you might have guessed, the squoval form is the combination of square and oval nail shapes. It has the length of oval nails and contouring of square nails. This nail shape is best for those with nail beds that are wide and long and it looks good on both short and long fingers. Compared to ballerina and stiletto, the squoval is relatively easier to maintain. Try having geometric nail art on squoval nails for a classic and sleek look!


Want to take oval nails a step further? Opt for almond nails! The almond nail shape has a narrow body and a rounded, tapered tip, just like the shape of almonds. This shape elongates the hands and makes them look more slender. Almond nails are best with shiny and metallic polish colors.

With many options on your plate, you don't have to choose the same boring nail shape over and over again!

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