Jun 26, 2018

The Aloe Gel Battle: Nature Republic vs. The Face Shop vs. Luxe Organix vs. Bench

Which of these aloe vera gels is really the best one for you?

We all know how aloe vera is good for your skin, nails, and hair. And because of this, so many brands have come out with their own take on the famed aloe gel. But with so many choices comes the dilemma, which one should you get?

Below, we've made a comparison for picking out the best brand for you.

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel PHP 180.00

Pros: The cheapest of the bunch at PHP 180. You can find it in most malls. One of the first brands to come out with this product.

Cons: Contains only 92% aloe vera, the lowest concentration of the bunch.

THE FACE SHOP Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel PHP 299.00

Pros: High concentration of aloe at 99%. An established brand is known for high-quality products, hence the price!

Cons: The most expensive on the list : PHP 299!

Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Soothing Gel PHP 189.00

Pros: Relatively cheap at PHP 189. Has the highest concentration of aloe vera at 99.85%.

Cons: According to some reviews, this gel can break you out.

Bench Organics Aloe Soothing Gel PHP 189.00

Pros: Can be found and tested in malls. Also quite cheap at PHP 189.

Cons: Relatively low concentration of aloe vera at 94%.

With these pros and cons in mind, which aloe vera gel do you want to purchase?