Jan 10, 2019

Teviant: Celebrity Makeup Artist Albert Kurniawan's New Makeup Brand

Another day, another makeup line launch!

The cosmetics industry really is a growing business. Celebrities, makeup gurus and even some beauty vloggers, (you name it) they all have released their very own makeup lines or brands. It's really no surprise that a long-time celebrity makeup artist finally joined the list.

In celebration of his 10th anniversary in the beauty industry, Albert Kurniawan launched his very own makeup brand called Teviant.

For the first set of collection, Albert partnered with Heart Evangelista, his longtime friend and muse. They launched Teviant x Love Marie line which gives us four 12-pan eyeshadow palettes called Amore, Mademoiselle, Señorita and Queen, all designed to match different personalities.

Amore palette mostly has neutral colors with warm brown nudes while Mademoiselle palette has earth-y shades. Señorita on the other hand has a wider variety of colors and the same goes for Queen palette. All four of these, offer both matte and shimmery colors.

Heart has previously teased about this collaboration on her Instagram page which inevitably got everyone hyped up.

When Albert was asked why he chose to release eyeshadows before anything else, he said that he wanted to emphasize his strength more than anything because people believed in his ability to choose the right shades for his clients.

For the launch, they released a video promo on the official Instagram page of the brand, featuring Heart Evangelista wearing a gorgeous combination of each eye shadow palette.

Along with the eyeshadow palettes, Albert also released a couple of other makeup products used for the eyes like glitter liners, eyebrow products, mascaras, and even eyelash curlers.

Albert visualized a brand that embraces and celebrates the amazing women that he works with and viola, Teviant was born. He named the brand after his mom Tevianty, who according to him, first sparked his love for beauty.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beauty expert or just someone who's interested in makeup because Teviant is a product for everybody.

For more information, visit their site at teviant.com.

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