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Jun 8, 2020

8 Summer 2021 Makeup Trends To Look Forward To

Break out your best makeup and master your skills during this quarantine with this year's cool summer makeup trends!

Who doesn't love summer? It's everyone's favorite time of the year! For many, it's the best time to flaunt their newly-bought swimwear. For some, it's the perfect season to flood their Instagram with wonderful summer selfies. What else did we miss? Oh, yes of course! For many girls like you, summer is a great chance to show off your remarkable summer makeup looks. And while we are still waiting for things to get better, why don't you grab this opportunity to master this year's different summer makeup trends that you'll surely love! So, bring out now your brightest palettes because this year's summer makeup trends are all about color!

1. Prepping Skin with Skin-Perfecting Products

While we all love bold makeup looks, which sometimes requires heavy coverage, sometimes we also want to be subtle. Luckily, this particular summer makeup trend doesn't focus on coverage. The game is all about skin-perfection. So, make sure to bring out whatever skin-perfecting products you currently have and prep your skin before putting on some makeup. Using such products is totally perfect for an au naturel look, though you can apply a few drops of foundation and concealer for a more flawless finish for your summer look.

2. A Delicate Touch of Contour and Highlight

Match your perfected skin natural look with subtle touches of contour and highlight too! Level up your au naturel look with a bit of natural-looking contour and a very subtle touch of highlight to give you a glowing finish. This will definitely give you a simple but notable look during the summer.

3. Dewy Skin

We love a matte finish but we also love a dewy one. This look isn't new but if there's a season to try makeup looks that work with your sweat, summer it is! To achieve this beauty trend, work on with your favorite moisturizers and hydrating products to make you look naturally fresh and hydrated. For oily skin, try a powder highlighter instead of a liquid one. This will keep your dew from settling into your foundation. But if you're achieving a naturally fresh summer look, remember not to overdo things.

4. Draped Shadow-Blush

Shadow and blush are two different games but with this particular summer beauty trend, there isn't a distinction between the two. Doing this fantastic technique will let you play and experiment on your lids down to your cheeks. You can be as natural or as vivid as you want to be.

5. Neon Eyeshadow

Neon colors are making its way back from the 80s! Go all out this summer with different neon colors that will surely give you a remarkable look this summer. You can definitely combine it with other hues or just go with neon. It's a perfect match with your cute neon-colored swimwear you have in your wardrobe.

Check out this "neon sunset" eyeshadow look video tutorial.

6. Black, White, and Colorful Graphic Liners

Your eye makeup won't be complete without the defining eyeliners! But who says you can't wear them alone? You definitely can with this new beauty trend every girl is obsessed with. Graphic liners are all about thin, graphic lines, which make it super wearable even without wearing too much makeup. You are free to throttle this trend with either black, white, or colorful liners. This cool look pairs really well with your lightweight foundation and a nude lip gloss, or even just with your au naturel look for summer. Wing it this summer!

7. Glossy Lips

Glossy lips are a classic, as they made it to this year's list of summer makeup trends. Complement your natural and fresh summer look with a stained and glossy lip.

8. Add some glitter

Adding shimmers and glitters is now a trend that will let you have a more sparkling look this summer! To your lids, cheeks, lips, anyhow you want it is perfectly fine.

Now, you can enjoy the heat of the sun while wearing these cool summer makeup trends!