Oct 10, 2018

Shawill or Shawon't: 500-peso Makeup Challenge

Shawill is known for its affordable makeup but does it deliver great quality?

It's not a brand that you will immediately notice. The makeup brand Shawill could be compared to that person in your class that's always just there, someone who's always around the corner, but you never approach because you have so many other friends, friends that you've known for a long time like Maybelline, Ever Bilena and Loreal.

Now, it's time to break out of your usual circle and try out a different makeup brand: Shawill. They have a variety of products and mostly just the basic ones like every makeup brand that exists. From primer to lipstick, eyebrow gels, and pencils, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, you name it. And their unique selling proposition is their affordability. And yes we know, your question now might be how good of a quality do they offer?

That's what we tried to find out as we conducted a 500-peso makeup challenge using all Shawill products only.

Here's what I got.

Pretty in 4 PHP 249

This Pretty in 4 is a pretty sweet deal. It includes one compact powder, eyeliner, eyebrow powder and one shade of lipstick. When I bought it, all four of these products are contained in a small clear plastic.

Whitening Control Cream with SPF 20 PA++ for PHP 99

This CC Cream is packaged like any other makeup product and it's light and very easy to open.

Stay Flawless Primer 15-Hour Primer PHP 99

The box of this product looks a little worn out but when I put it out of its box, the actual container of the product is pretty neat. It's small and cute and it has polka dots that vaguely resembles primers from Benefit cosmetics. It also has a protective cover over the stick and the product is pushed out by twisting the bottom like a bullet lipstick.

Style Thin and Perfect Cover PHP 78

This container box is really not the best and it looks like it's seen better days while the container of the product is a tube still in perfect condition.

All these products totaled to exactly PHP 525.

The first product I tried is the Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer. It's a stick base that's different from other primers since it's tinted. This product promises to improve clarity, lessen visible pores, lessen and control the greasy shine, reduce redness and absorb excess sebum for a clearer, healthy-looking skin.

When I applied it all over my face, it looked like I already had a foundation on my face. It blends nicely into your skin but since it's stick base, it doesn't give you a second-skin feel like other silicon or gel-based primers. It feels slightly heavier on your skin and dries quickly so you have to immediately blend it all over your face upon application.

Make sure your face is well-moisturized before applying this since it can get a little drying and it will take a little patience in blending it.

The next one is Shawill's eyebrow powder and eyeliner which is part of the Pretty in 4 package. The eyebrow powder comes with a small angled brush for application while the eyeliner is just very small.

This product is very pigmented. One dip into the powder using the angled brush can really go a long way. It swipes and blends into your brows smoothly. The Shawill eyeliner, on the other hand, isn't one of the best I've tried but it's reasonable for its price.

A little tip to really make your eyebrows stand out and get a very defined shape is to trace your brows with a concealer which is the next one I tried.

Style Thin and Perfect Cover is a skin clarifying stick with mineral clay. It promises to effectively lighten skin pores. Seeing its price, there's really not much to expect from this product but I was proved wrong. It doesn't have a very strong smell like concealers do.

It's not too white on the skin despite how white it looks. It blends easily into your skin. It also has really great coverage because my blemishes were barely visible when I applied it. I also used it as highlighter on the bridge of my nose.

The only possible downside of this product is that it has very limited shades and mostly caters to people with fair skin.

Then we have our Whitening Color Correcting Cream which has dual effects of skin care and makeup. It has a really smooth texture and it's also very light on the skin. When I applied it, it's very light on the skin and very easily blended over the Stay Flawless 15-Hours primer and Style Thin and Perfect Cover concealer. It has a slightly sweet smell.

This product left my skin fresh with a soft pinkish glow. Bonus points because it has SPF20 PA++ that's perfect for going out into the sun.

The next product I applied is the Natural Matte Compact Powder which is part of the Pretty in 4 pack. It's small and light which is perfect for ladies who are always on the go. The only problem is that it doesn't come with a cushion or anything to help you apply it.

When I tried it on, it has a very smooth texture and it blends into your skin perfectly. It doesn't feel like you added another layer of makeup product at all but you can definitely tell the difference because it mattifies your face perfectly.

Lastly, I used Shawill's Matte Lipstick which is also part of the Pretty in 4 deal. This product has a strong candy smell and you'll need more than one swipe to fully cover your entire lips but it doesn't feel heavy on your lips, in fact, it almost feels like you're not wearing any lip product at all which is what will really makes you love it.

Since I wasn't able to buy a blush, I also used this matte lipstick to put color on my face and it didn't turn out to be so bad. You just have to blend it in circular motions towards the top of your ears. You can even put some on your nose for that infamous drunk blush effect.

Using all of the products I bought for only PHP 525, the final look wasn't really all that bad. In the photo I took, the color of my neck is slightly different because of the lighting but their makeup is definitely perfect for an everyday look.

Shawill Cosmetics could really improve by producing more shades in their products but overall, it's a really great makeup brand and it deserves more attention than it is currently getting. I suggest you finally try and approach that one makeup brand that's always just there.