Oct 30, 2019

10 Shadow Root Hair Ideas That Will Solve Your Overgrown Roots Dilemma

Overgrown hair roots? No problem! Check out these 10 shadow root hair ideas!

Are you one of those women who are fed up with regular hair appointments? Or do you want to change your looks but don't want to do it dramatically? If you responded yes to either of these questions, you should consider having shadow root hair highlights. By the way, what is shadow root hair? Shadow root hair is the newest hair trend that is beginning to overshadow the popular ombre trend. Similar to ombre hair, the shadow root hair involves having dark roots and lighter ends. However, the transition between the colors is gradual, creating a shadow effect. Also, the hair roots remain untouched so that the natural hair can grow out without damaging the whole ombre-ish hair look. Here are some shadow root hair ideas that you'll surely love to try.

Brown to Soft Blonde Shadow Root

If you have naturally-brown hair and of course, brown roots, try to incorporate subtle blonde hues towards the ends. The transition between the dark brown roots to the soft blonde ends is a pretty sight to see.

Dark Brunette Shadow Root

Brunettes can add a twist to their usual dark brown hair by incorporating light brown highlights. Considering that both shades are in the same family, the transition between them will not look too sharp and will just seem to blend in seamlessly.

Chocolate Brown Shadow Root

The subtlest shadow root style for brown-haired women is the chocolate brown shadow root! Sporting this shadow root hair won't change your look much but at the very least, it can be your stepping stone for bolder colors the next time you get a dye job.

Black to Red Shadow Root

Did going fiery red in hair color ever pop up in your mind? If you still have doubts, you might want to do a black to red shadow root first. You can retain your black roots while the rest will make your red hair dreams come true.

Copper Shadow Root

Although we are experiencing rain here in the Philippines, it's autumn season in the non-tropical countries. And when we talk about autumn, we are pertaining to copper-colored leaves falling from trees. So why don't you incorporate the seasonal copper hue to your shadow root hair?

Pastel Pink Shadow Root

For that innocent and chic hair look, the pastel pink shadow root is the go-to color. Perfect for teenagers as well as those older women who are young at heart, this shadow root color will make you look like you're from a fantasy land filled with unicorns!

Rose Gold Shadow Root

Your natural dark roots plus rose gold highlights will perfectly match. Rose gold has been a popular color for hair trends like ombre and balayage and the shadow root hair trend is getting it as well. You'll be looking pretty plus it matches with your rose gold iPhone.

Silver Shadow Root

If you seek to become a member of the Marvel superhero squad, you should at least get your hair dyed in a silver color. The prettiest way to do it is by donning silver highlights layered from your natural black hair. Note, though, you still wouldn't be able to control the weather like Storm!

Ash Blonde Shadow Root

The closest we can ever get to winter is the cold Ber-months weather. You should try combos of dark and light undertones by having an ash blonde shadow root. Your cool-toned hair can surely keep up with the freezing climate.

Multi-Colored Shadow Root

Do you ever get confused about what color you want your hair to be? Worry no more, as you can now tell the hair colorist to put them all in your hair to achieve a multi-colored shadow root! PS: There will be no color left behind!

Your problem with overgrown hair roots will now become a thing of the past with the shadow root hair trend!