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Aug 20, 2019

Are You A Morena? Here's How to Choose the Right Hair Color to Look Whiter

Morenas, are you facing a dilemma in choosing the right hair color for you? Check out these hair coloring tips to help you pick the most suitable hue for your complexion.

When choosing what hair color to sport next, you have to be extremely careful. Why? Because your goal to look gorgeous can easily transform into a disastrous situation with just a mistake in your hair color choice. So before you schedule that dye job, you might first want to know which color is best suited for your complexion.

Most Pinays are blessed with naturally-tan skin. If you are among us, you would understand how tricky it is to pick the right hair color. With extra melanin in our skin already, most of us don't want to look even darker. You'll surely find these following hair coloring tips helpful in choosing hues for our tresses that will make us look whiter and radiant.

Tip #1: Choose Darker Shades

It might seem surprising but the general rule of thumb is that lighter hair shades make the skin look tan while darker hair shades create the illusion of a fairer complexion. Going by the rule of light absorbance, darker colors absorb more light than they reflect and vice versa. So if you pick a dark color for your hair, your skin will look whiter.

Here are some dark hair color shades to try.

Jet Black

Winwyn Marquez looks 'very Pinay' with her natural black hair color. Her complexion indeed looks fairer with this dark hair shade.

Chestnut Brown

This shade of brown is perfect for Morissette Amon. Besides being a trendy color, this chocolate shade didn't disappoint her morena skin.

Tip #2: Stay Away From Extreme Yellows and Greens

Any hair color that is too yellow or green is a no-no. These hues will only make you darker, if not pale or diseased. If you really want to have a little bit of a yellowish shade in your hair, try to sport butter highlights or balayage.

Butter Balayage

The buttery-yellow color looks good on a morena as its yellow tone isn't very overpowering but instead, brings out the natural radiance of the skin to make the wearer look whiter.

Tip #3: Experiment With Suitable Non-Natural Colors

If blacks and browns are too boring for you, you can try out some non-natural colors such as rose gold, red, purple, or blue. The colors mentioned will make you look more stylish and whiter than your original complexion.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold hair color combines femininity and sophistication and is fitting for morenas who want to look chic and pretty.

Red Violet

If you like both red and purple, why not mix both to come up with a new daring color? Donning this red violet hair color requires enough boldness and desire to stand out.

Recommended Hair Colors

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Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

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Kao Liese Creamy Bubble Color

Kao Liese Creamy Bubble Color

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Now, you have quite several ideas for your next dye job. Guaranteed, these colors will make your morena skin look prettier.

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