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Jun 8, 2020

5 Common Hair Practices That Can Actually Damage Your Hair

Say goodbye to damaged hair! Stop doing these 5 things that cause damage to your beautiful hair.

Damaged hair can be anyone's nightmare. And while you are busy doing tons of hair styling and hair care, thinking that you are doing things in the right way, little do you know that you are actually damaging your beautiful locks. Just as many hair care you can do to achieve your hair goals, there are also a lot of practices that you probably don't know, that cause your hair to be damaged. Unfortunately, it's your daily hair care routines that often causes the most damage to your precious mane.

But what actually causes your hair to be damaged? You may be hearing different hearsays like not shampooing every day, or shampooing everyday, to not brushing while your hair is wet, or stop brushing when it's dry, and the likes. To find out, we have listed below 5 common hair practices you might be doing everyday that according to experts, can damage your hair.

1. Washing hair too much or not enough

Washing your hair is the easiest of all the hair cares that you're doing. However, not washing your hair enough or washing your hair too much can cause hair damage. Cleansing your hair too much can strip away the natural oils that keep your hair healthy, making it more prone to breaking. On the other hand, not washing your hair enough can cause the pores on your scalp to become congested from excessive oil, attracting more dirt and debris. Your best bet is to reduce the number of times you shampoo to three to four times a week.

2. Not using a conditioner or using it instead of shampoo

These two are totally different but come with the same importance. Simply, shampoos clean while conditioners moisturize. The takeaway here is to use the shampoo first, then conditioner. Don't ever replace a shampoo with a conditioner. By doing this, the conditioner will build up on the hair shaft, and later on will lead to breakage. Make sure to use proper shampoo as well, according to your hair type.

3. Poor blow-drying practice

Using a blow-dryer dries your hair faster and gives your hair more volume. However, doing this too often removes the hair moisture and causes hair breakage, especially if you are doing it wrong. Just like anything else, there is also a proper way of drying your hair. Remember to put at least half an inch between your hair and the heat source. Always leave a breathing space for the hot air to get out and not sizzle your hair.

4. Brushing your hair too often

Overbrushing weakens the roots. You don't have to brush your hair from time to time, if not necessary. If you feel like your hair is not in its proper place, you can also use your fingers and fix it gently. If you really need to brush your hair, do not always start brushing from the roots. Doing this causes similar damage to when you overbrush. Another thing, don't ever brush your hair aggressively!

5. Wet or tight ponytail

Wet hair is more prone to breakage. You might be noticing that when you are brushing your wet hair, it breaks much easier compared to when your hair is dry. The same goes for when you tie your wet hair. So, as much as possible, avoid tying your hair while it's still wet.

Furthermore, do not tie your hair tightly. If you do this often, it may damage your hair because you strongly pull the hair from its roots. You can tie your hair but not too often. Also, avoid hair ties with metal parts.

You can now do your hair care routines in the right way. You can finally say goodbye to hair nightmares and say hello to strong and healthy hair!

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