May 22, 2020

12 Celebrity-Inspired Long Hairstyles To Wear In The Summer Season

These celebrity-inspired hairstyles for long hair will help you stay cool and relaxed during the hot months!

Around March, April, and May, the heat intensifies in tropical countries including the Philippines. Because of that, a lot of women tend to cut their tresses short so as to stay cool. However, there are still ladies who invested in growing their hair for the summer. If that is true in your case, you are surely looking for summer hairstyles for long hair that would make you feel lighter and more relaxed despite the intense heat. Don't worry, as we are here to help you out with these 12 easy and cute celebrity-inspired summer hairstyles that you can recreate yourself!

Low Ponytail

Wearing your hair in a ponytail is a no-brainer look in the summer. It is the ultimate go-to hairstyle for girls as it keeps your strands away from your face. This versatile hairstyle will look good on everyone, regardless of their hair type. For a more elegant approach, you can choose to keep your ponytail low. The young actress Elisse Joson looks chic yet formal in her low ponytail hairstyle with a center part and wavy ends.

Sleek High Ponytail

If you want to take your ponytail hair game to the next level, you should try the bold and sleek high ponytail. Of course, you would remember that this was Ariana Grande's hairstyle of choice for the longest time. The high ponytail exudes a glamorous appeal and gives an instant facelift. The Killer Bride actress Maja Salvador surely looks fierce in her sky-high ponytail. You can copy her glam look, too!

Bubble Ponytail

Another type of ponytail is the bubble ponytail. This hairstyle is best when you want to add a creative twist to your regular ponytail. While this hairstyle appears very stylish and chic, it is super simple to recreate. We can't deny that the PBB Alumni Karina Bautista looks pretty and gorgeous in her bubble ponytail hairstyle.

Top Knot Bun

A quick and easy hairstyle you can do for the summer is the top knot bun. It might look very simple but it goes a long way. This hairstyle is best to do whenever you are feeling lazy or in a rush. Putting your tresses all the way up into a high ponytail and coiling your hair into a bun is surely the fastest way to get ready. A sleek top knot bun like the one sported by Julia Baretto is best suited for summer events that are not overly casual.

Messy Bun

If you're aiming for an effortlessly chic look, choose to wear your hair in a messy bun that's perfectly undone. Ironically, though, to look effortless in a messy bun, you should exert quite an effort to achieve it. In fact, it may take you a few tries to finally get the perfect balance between messy and pretty! The Miss Grand International 2016 First Runner-up Nicole Cordoves looks effortlessly beautiful in her variation of the messy bun.

Half-Up, Half-Down

If you are a bit divided on whether you want an updo or you just want to let your hair loose, maybe you would like to meet in the middle and sport a half-up, half-down hairstyle. This hairstyle involves tying half of your hair and let the rest of your tresses down. A stylish yet easy hairstyle, the half-up, half-down look keeps your hair from looking boring. Kim Chiu, with her wavy half-up, half-down hairstyle, looks very feminine and pretty.

Beach Waves

Surely, nothing says, "Long hair, don't care," as much as beachy waves! If you are a babe with long luscious locks, then beach waves are the perfect undone summer hairstyle for you. Beach waves are beautifully disheveled but don't look so prim and proper, perfectly exuding the carefree and laidback vibes when you go to the beach. The newly-wed Mica Javier's beach waves definitely scream effortless and chic at the same time.

Side Dutch Braid

The side Dutch braid is a sweat-free hairstyle you can try to do for summer. Keeping the plait on just one side exposes the nape, which allows ventilation and prevents the area from being sticky and sweaty. Moreover, the Dutch braid adds more volume to your look. However, you should do the Dutch braid with one-length hair so avoid hair strands from sticking out from the braid. Alex Gonzaga looks cool and edgy in her side Dutch braid hairstyle.

Double Dutch Braid

Braids are a summer classic. If you are trying to get the Kim Kardashian look this summer, you should sport the double Dutch braid hairstyle. This look is best paired with sporty outfits and worn to the gym. When paired with your favorite summer dresses, the double Dutch braid will make you look girly and elegant. The young actress and PBB alumni Ylona Garcia certainly looks very stylish in her long braids.

Loose Braid

The loose braid is a boho-inspired hairstyle that you can quickly and easily recreate at home. This is the best way to switch up your braid game and make it more fun and stylish, perfect for the vibrant summer season. Our very own Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is very creative and that shows on her choice of hairstyle. Her loose braids and colorful eyelids complement each other and made her more beautiful than ever.

High-Half Ponytail

The high-half ponytail is the perfect cross of the high ponytail and half-up, half-down hairstyles. What's interesting about this hairstyle is that it can work with all hair textures and you can style it in any way you want. Just like the high ponytail, it can also give you an instant facelift. However, it is more relaxed since half of your locks are let down. We love how this hairstyle makes the vlogger and singer-rapper Donnalyn Bartolome look innocent and cute.

Milkmaid Braid

If you want to keep your hair away from your face but think that ponytails are just too basic, then you should try the milkmaid braid. This hairstyle requires you to tie your tresses into pigtails and braid each one. Then, let the two plaited sections meet on the top of your head like a headband. Conceal the ends underneath the crown, securing them with hairpins. It's undeniable that the Creative Director of Sunnies Studios Martine Ho looks ethereal in her milkmaid braids.

What is your go-to summer hairstyle? If you don't have one, this is the perfect opportunity to try some new hairstyles for the hot summer weather. You would be slaying them all in no time!

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