Jun 11, 2018

Local Lip Tints Battle: Ever Bilena vs. Colourette vs. KJM All-Natural

Which of these three affordable and locally-made lip tints should you buy?

Lip tints have become such a huge trend among Filipina women that local brands have also created their own. But when it comes to choosing the best local lip tint, which of these three contenders are the best? Below, we'll show you the pros and cons of each brand.

Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller PHP 250.00

Pros: Thin, watery, and very comfortable on the skin. No greasy feeling. Comes in very fresh and natural colors. Has no scent.

Cons: The tint is transparent, so don't expect intense color on your lips and cheeks. Doesn't leave a stain, so you need to reapply the product when it fades. Comes in a rollerball packaging, which some people don't like. Comes in only three shades.

Colourette Cosmetics ColourTint Intense Blend Lip And Cheek Oil PHP 249.00

Pros: Incredibly intense and vivid colors – a little goes a long way. Long-lasting. Many shades to choose from. Comes in a nail polish-like bottle with brush applicator.

Cons: Leaves a bit of a greasy feeling on the lips and cheeks. Takes a while to set.

KJM All-Natural Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Tint PHP 259.00

Pros: Intense color yet very lightweight. Comes in 10 shades. Easy to blend and apply – doesn't set too quickly.

Cons: Comes with a rollerball applicator. Only available online.

Based on the pros and cons, which of these lip tints do you want to buy?

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