May 1, 2020

Look Your Best While Wearing A Mask! Here Are Tips On How To Wear Makeup With A Face Mask

Who says you can't wear makeup while wearing face masks? You absolutely can and here's a simple guide on how to do it.

In this pandemic, face masks are worn to reduce your risk of being infected or potentially infecting others. It is a necessity nowadays. With that, you may ask yourself, what's the point of wearing makeup when it will be all covered up behind your mask? You may think that there is no point at all but think twice. There is no rule saying that you can't wear makeup while wearing a face mask. Remember, your face is not fully covered with it. If you want, you can still look good while wearing a face mask and observing social distancing during this enhanced community quarantine. And now that you have all the time to do this during this quarantine, why not right? Before you go out and do some groceries, put some makeup on but don't forget to wear your face masks too.

We know you are worried that you may ruin your makeup due to moisture and friction while wearing a mask. Well, here are some important points you need to remember while doing your face mask makeup look for the day.

1. Have a thin base

To prevent makeup collapse, make your base thin. Color unevenness may happen when you have a thick base as it will only be rubbed to your face mask. By doing so, you can avoid the "feeling of makeup" and it can prevent you from looking tired when you remove your mask.

Skin hidden by the face mask should be thinly finished and remember to cover the skin around your eyes brightly and firmly. After applying foundation to tone up your skin, you can also apply concealer to dull areas like around the nose and corners of the mouth to smooth the color. Remember, be gentle in applying it. You don't want to rub all those products into your face mask.

2. Use light-weight makeup products

Use products that are gentle on your skin, those formulated with mild ingredients, especially if your eyes and skin are sensitive. It is recommended that you use only eye shadows, not eye liners and mascaras. If you do use these, make sure to use waterproof ones. Using contour or blush on is optional but you can still rock your face mask makeup look without wearing any.

3. Choose soft colors

Since your mouth will be covered, it will make it hard to read your facial expressions thus making your face look scary. So, try to be kind in the visible parts. For instance, if you are wearing a white mask, using dark colors for your eye makeup will contrast it too strong. Choose soft colors such as light brown, pinks, or neutral shades. Natural makeup is highly suggested.

You can also watch this video tutorial featuring a simple makeup look that is perfect for when wearing a face mask.

After you put on some makeup, finalize your look with a spray mist to keep your foundation makeup in place. This is recommended to prevent makeup fall offs on your face mask. And you are done! You have now achieved your face mask makeup look for the day.

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