Feb 13, 2018

How to Use Cold Wax to Achieve Your #kilikiligoals

Georgia Brizuela Relucio shows us how to use cold wax to eliminate unwanted hair.

Cold wax has become a popular alternative to threading and hot wax because of how relatively painless it is. In the video below, beauty vlogger Georgia shows us how she uses cold wax to remove the hair from her armpits.

Cold Wax | Pinakamadaling Paraan

For this, you'll need some cold wax, a bit of powder (for first timers), and some plain paper. She takes a bit of the wax from the jar and warm it up between her fingers by kneading it for a few minutes. This helps soften the wax.

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Next, apply the cold wax onto the hair you wish to remove and spread it out in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure to press it down well so the wax really adheres to the hairs. Then take a piece of paper and press it down onto the wax. This makes it easier for you to pull the wax out and the hair along with it.

And for the moment of truth, pull out the paper in the direction of your hair growth. And voila! #kilikili goals in mere minutes!

It's the cheapest and easiest hair removal method you can imagine!

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