May 11, 2020

Learn the Basics on How To Shave Your Legs The Right Way

Leave your skin silky smooth and stubble free by following these steps on how to shave your legs the right way.

Do you still remember the first time you shaved your legs? Was it a struggle? Pretty sure that many girls like you were worried, especially during your first time, that you might hurt or damage your own skin while and after shaving. You might also have experienced aggressively digging the blade into your skin because you thought you had to remove the hair that way, but you immediately found out that the blade can do all the work for you. All you need to do is to hold it really gently and glide it across your skin to remove all the hair. Since you were not taught properly on how to do it, the struggle is indeed real.

Fret no more! We are now giving you the basics on how to shave your legs perfectly and get rid of that stubble and ingrown hair.

1. Soak your legs in water

Do you know that you should actually soak your skin for about three minutes before shaving? Yes, you may want to shave as soon as you can but this step is really a must. This is because hydrating the hair makes them soft and easier to cut. To save time, you can shave your legs during or before taking a shower so it will be easier for you to wet it. Take note, dry shaving is a no-no. You can miss spots or get nicks when your legs are not thoroughly soaked with water and you don't want that.

2. Prep your skin with a scrub

Exfoliating your skin beforehand allows you to create a clean and smooth canvas as you remove hair. This process removes dead skin and makes your skin even softer. Dead skin cells can clog hair follicles which causes the growth of ingrown hair on your legs. It can also clog up the razor blade and causes razor burn. To prevent this, prep your skin using your favorite exfoliating scrub before shaving. If you don't have any available scrubs at home, you can always improvise using olive oil, sugar, and lemon. Just mix olive oil and sugar and apply it gently to your legs. After that, scrub the area using a half-sliced lemon.

3. Lubricate your legs with a shaving cream

You may be thinking that shaving cream only costs you an extra amount for the shaving game but this is actually very important. The internet might have taught you different alternatives to shaving cream like body wash, bar soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Opting to these may cause you skin irritation especially to those who have sensitive skin. This time, do not think of considering alternatives. It is important that you lubricate your legs using a shaving cream before shaving so that you don't cut yourself. This will also make your skin super smooth and stubble free. Using a men's shaving cream is a great option if you have a sensitive skin since it's also made for the face.

4. Use a clean and sharp razor

Using a clean, rust-free, and sharp razor will surely give you a clean shave. This is where the work comes from. Dull and blunt blades cause nicks and cuts so avoid using it in any way. Do not be afraid to let go of your month-old razor blade just because you want to save a penny buying a new one, because you are actually closer in damaging your own skin which can cost you even more. Experts advise changing your blade after 5 to 10 shaves. Most of the razors today are packed with moisture indicator strips that will indicate if it is time for you to change your blades.

5. Always shave against the direction of hair growth

Shaving your legs against the direction of hair growth is the science in shaving. An upward leg shave gives you a closer shave and ensures that you won't get nicks or miss any spots on your legs. Begin shaving at your ankle, and gently shave upward. Remember, do not be aggressive in gliding the razor blade on your legs like what you've been doing before, because doing so can cause dimples or divots on your skin.

6. Rinse your razor blade

After shaving your legs a couple of times, your razor blade will be filled with shaving cream and stubble hair. It happens. You just have to rinse your blade every couple of strokes to prevent nicks and missed spots while shaving. Use clean, warm water and continue shaving. When hair gets stuck, hold your razor directly under the faucet or shower head to let the water pressure push them out of the blade. You can also try patting it gently on a cloth or toilet paper to dry the blade and pull the hair out. Note, don't ever use your bare fingers to clean the blade - you may cut yourself.

7. Rinse your legs

When you think you have already shaved all the hair on your legs, rinse it off with clean and warm water and run your clean hands over them to check if there's any missed spots. If you see remaining hair, reapply shaving cream to the area with stubble. Shave it off and rinse again.

8. Keep your razor in a clean and dry place

I bet many girls like you store your razor in the bathroom since it is the most convenient place to keep it. Well, in fact, it is actually the worst spot to keep a razor. The bathroom is a moist environment and it will only rust your blades, increasing your risk to have a bacterial or fungal infection. After each shave, rinse and air-dry your razor. You may also want to try using baby oil to make your razor last longer. Just let the razor blade soak in the oil for about 20 minutes and then rinse and dry it. Baby oil can make your razors last longer. It is important that you store it in a clean and dry place and make sure to put the blade cover back before storing it. Remember also to change your razor blades regularly.

9. Dry off and moisturize your legs after shaving

Do not forget the aftercare. After rinsing and drying off, apply lotion or oil to hydrate your legs using your favorite body oils or lotions. Doing this will help prevent little red bumps after shaving. Plus, it will give you the final smooth and soft touch to your legs. Experts also recommend leaving the skin to rest for at least 30 minutes before applying lotions or moisturizers to avoid irritation and inflammation.

10. Apply a post shave balm

Another aftercare is applying a post shave balm. Applying some on legs will reduce the risk of irritation and inflammation after shaving. Post shave balms are designed to calm, balance, and soothe your skin after you shave. If you don't have it, you can try using natural aloe vera or cucumber extract to calm and soothe your legs after shaving.

Now that you already know the basics in the shaving game, it is now time for you to do it the right way. Shave those legs and show the world the smoothest and softest legs you have!

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