Nov 14, 2019

Oily Skin Type: Here Are 7 Useful Beauty Hacks on How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Don't forego makeup just because you have oily skin!

Have you ever felt embarrassed because your skin looks like you could fry food on it due to excessive sebum production at midday? Don't worry, you're not alone. All our oily-skinned friends could relate to your dilemma. However, this should not prevent you from wearing makeup. You can still apply makeup to your oily skin and make it last all day. And no, we're not giving you false hope. Still don't believe us? Check out these 7 beauty hacks on how to make your makeup last longer on your oily complexion.

Beauty Hack 1: Make Use of Oily Skin Treatments

Preparing your skin for makeup application must be done at least a week before. To keep your skin smooth and free of dead skin, you should do skin exfoliation weekly using a mask or a peel. Once or twice a week, use a treatment mask that is made of kaolin or bentonite clay because they naturally absorb oil and other skin impurities while caring for your skin.

Beauty Hack 2: Always Apply a Primer To Your Skin

You might be used to applying foundation directly into the face but you should stop this habit immediately, especially if you have oily skin. Before applying foundation, prime your skin using an oil-free, anti-shine primer. This will make your makeup long-lasting and keep your skin looking matte all day. You should make sure to prime the oiliest areas of the face such as the forehead, nose, and chin. To avoid eye makeup creasing, you should use an eyelid primer instead of a concealer to create a perfect base for the eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Beauty Hack 3: Don't Apply Too Much Powder or Foundation

Sorry to burst your bubble, but applying too much powder or foundation doesn't do any good in keeping your face oil-free. Instead, slapping on heavy layers of powder could backfire and make your pores produce more oil. If you want your makeup to last longer, you should work in light layers and just add more powder to areas that need more coverage. Use products that provide a matte finish because they can keep your face from looking shiny.

Beauty Hack 4: Choose Long-wearing Makeup Products

If you are aiming to keep your makeup in place for long, you should pick long-wearing makeup products. They must be water-resistant and not contain any oil-based ingredients as you have enough oil on your skin already. Watch out for specific ingredients on these products that are designed for the oily skin type.

Beauty Hack 5: Use a Lip Liner For Your Kissers

Lip liners could be among the most overlooked makeup products. Without most people realizing it, lip liners help in preserving your lipstick for hours. Lining the lips creates a barrier for the lip product to avoid lipstick bleeding and it also slows down the fading of the pigment.

Beauty Hack 6: Set Your Makeup

Setting your makeup is not only done after you finish the makeup application; you can also set your face with either powder or spray even before applying foundation. After applying the primer, spritz your face with a setting spray and wait until it dries. Then, apply the foundation. This procedure gives your makeup something to stick to, thus keeping the skin matte for longer. Spray your face again after you finish your makeup and if you'll be outdoors for several hours, make sure to spritz frequently throughout the day.

Beauty Hack 7: Bring Blotting Papers With You

If your skin still becomes shiny during the day, blot out the oily areas with blotting papers. The blotting papers will help remove the shine without removing the makeup on your face. Always remember to only pat your face, not wipe because wiping can leave streaks on the surface.

If you are extremely oily, you must not expect to become shine-free in an instant. However, following the tips listed above will surely make a significant change to your makeup game. You'll notice that your makeup will stay in place for longer periods than it does now.

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