Apr 3, 2018

Did You Know that Eyebrows Are the Most Important Facial Feature? 3 Points on How to Draw Natural Eyebrows

With the eyebrow craze in full swing, it's time for you to learn how to fill in your eyebrows in a flattering way.

Did you know that you can create different expressions on your face when you change the way your brows look? Fill them in too darkly and you'll look like you're angry all the time. Make them too light and you'll look like you have no brows. It certainly makes a world of difference.

Below, we'll give you a guide on how you can ensure that your eyebrows always look pretty and flattering.

One: Decide on your shape

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The shape, thickness, and length of your brows make a world of difference. Angular shapes with a high arch are flattering on ladies who have a round face. If you have a long face, thin face, the Korean style of straight brows would be flattering on you. And you have a more angular face, opt for a softly arched brow that softens your features and makes you look more youthful.

Two: Decide on the Color

As a general rule, the color of your brows should be a shade or two darker than your hair color. Filipinas generally have dark brown or black hair, so a medium to dark brown eyebrow product would be suitable. If you have dyed hair, a generally flattering color is taupe or greyish brown.

Three: Filling In Your Brows

Now here's the tricky part. For filling in your brows, there's a general rule: fill only where you need to. So if you already have naturally full brows, opt for a brow gel instead. And if you have sparse brows, make sure the darkest part of your brows is at the arch and the tail, and ensure that you only lightly fill in the start of your brow.

Brows that look natural and flattering will never go out of style!