Apr 16, 2018

How to Get the Shan Cai's Look in 3 Easy Steps

When the new Meteor Garden comes out, Shen Yue's style is sure to be a hit!

If you love Shan Cai's sweet and simple style from the original Meteor Garden series, then you'll love the more updated style of Shen Yue as the new Shan Cai!

Below, we'll give you three quick tips on how you can achieve the Shan Cai look:

Get the do. Barbie Shu's Shan Cai had long, straight hair but Shen Yue's is shorter and cutesier. And since we wouldn't want you to have a DIY hair mishap, show your hairdresser these photos and he'll know exactly how to tailor-fit it to suit you!

Nail the makeup. Shan Cai's makeup look is super simple and easy to do. Because she plays the cute and simple girl, all you really need is some base makeup to create natural-looking but even skin. We suggest a tinted moisturizer or a light BB cream. And for the lips, go for brownish peaches, nudes, and mauve pinks to achieve a natural looking lip.

Style it up. Because Meteor Garden is about a bunch of students, you'll want a preppy wardrobe to match. Pick out cute button down shirts, cardigans, and black loafers to complete the schoolgirl look.

Get started on your Shan Cai look to really become a trendsetter for the new Meteor Garden 2018!

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