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May 14, 2020

7 Fun Nail Art Designs To Flaunt This Summer Season

Try these summer-inspired nail art designs at home for the much-awaited summer of 2020!

Are you among those gals who loves changing their nail styles from time to time? This is mostly done when your previous polish has started peeling off or cracking up. The normal wear and tear process of your nail polish signifies that you need to have a manicure touch-up. Another reason to change your nail polish is when you want to match your nails with your fashion pieces as well as the current season. This summer, you surely want to look beach-ready.

Unfortunately, our current situation does not allow us to go to the beach or travel to your dream summer destination (for now). Nonetheless, you should still get a summer-inspired manicure as it could be the closest thing to an actual summer vacation. Plus, this community quarantine gives us enough time to master new nail ideas! So now, we are sharing 7 nail art designs that are fun to wear this summer and are very easy to cop.

Ice Cream Galore

What beats the summer heat more than your favorite ice cream? Nothing! Opt to incorporate your favorite cold dessert on your nails. While your ice cream-inspired nails look yummy, resist the urge to eat your nails!

Ombre Nails

Ombre nails look pretty with its two-toned complementing hues. For a more summer-inspired look, play with sunset hues and apply them in a way that you can achieve the desired level of gradience. Then, you can sit back and watch a gorgeous sunset in your hands!

Trip To Hawaii

All of us are probably itching to pack our bags and take the plane to any summer destination. Although you can't do so right now, you can still take your nails on a well-deserved vacation to Hawaii with this bright pink and pineapple design.

Water Nails

Imagining yourself swimming in clear water? Sorry to say, you still have to cancel your swimming plans until all of this is over. But, don't cancel that manicure session and go get those turquoise nails with leaf accents for that breezy and fresh look!

Butterfly Nails

We all admire butterflies because of their beautiful and colorful wings. Why not incorporate butterfly designs on your nails this summer? You can choose to show off your nail art skills or opt to buy some butterfly nail stickers!

Wild One

Are you planning to go wild this summer? The best way to do it is to have some animal prints on your outfit and even your nails. Recreate this cheetah pattern on your nails and unleash your inner ferocity and bravery!

Juicy Lemon

Have you ever heard the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?" Another version of it has emerged that goes like this, "When life gives you lemons, turn them into a fun, pastel-colored manicure."

Here are some nail polishes you can try.

Doing your own nails takes a lot of time and effort, as well as concentration. With something like this to do at home, at least it'll keep your mind off of worries and all the chaos going on outside. Which design would you like to try first?

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