Dec 7, 2017

The 3 Basic Brushes You Need for a Complete Eyeshadow Look

These three form the trifecta of blended perfection!

When you watch beauty gurus applying eyeshadow, it can be pretty intimidating because of how many brushes they use. But in reality, you only ever need three brushes to create a complete eyeshadow look.

The Flat Eyelid Brush

Flat brushes like these pick up and apply an even coat of color over your eyes. These brushes allow you to deposit color all over the lid. You can even use it to apply a darker shade onto the outer corners of your eyes for added definition or to pick up shimmer shadows.

ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader PHP 486.00

The Blending Crease Brush

These round, tapered brushes are perfect for blending colors. It also fits right into the crease, so you know your transition and contour shades are only deposited onto the crease. When used with rounded strokes, it can also diffuse and blend colors.

ZOEVA 228 Luxe Crease Rose Golden Vol. 2 PHP 553.00

The Pointed Definer Brush

This brush has packed bristles, which allows you to diffuse and smoke out darker shadows and creams onto the lashline or the inner corner of the eye. It can also be used to apply color onto smaller areas like the inner tear duct.

Sigma Beauty E45 Small Tapered Eyeshadow Blending Brush PHP 886.00

If you're just getting started with eyeshadow, start with these three basic brushes!