Jun 26, 2018

How to Recreate Elisse Joson's Aegyo-sal Korean Makeup Look

No Korean makeup look is complete without the aegyo-sal effect!

What is aegyo sal? Simply put, it's eyebags! If you see many Korean women's makeup looks, you'll notice that they just love to emphasize the fatty part of their eye bags. They believe it adds a childish and innocent vibe to their looks.

No surgery is needed to achieve that look, because it's super easy to achieve! Just take a look at how Elisse Joson was able to pull off that look to give her a sweet and childlike look.

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The aegyo-sal look is all about simplicity. To achieve this, put on your best no-makeup makeup look and keep everything as simple as possible, no bright or dark colors! You want your look to be as low-key as possible to help highlight the aegyo-sal look.

Next, take your usual contour shade or a medium brown eyeshadow onto a small blending brush, and apply it about a centimeter below your lower lash line. Create the illusion of a shadow by blending in the powder from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner of your eyes. And to further enhance the fatty part of the eyebags, apply a tiny bit of light-colored eyeshadow to the area right below your lash line.

And lastly, use a nude sheen lipstick to get that "it's-your-lips-just-better" finish.

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And voila! You've completed your instant aegyo-sal look!