May 28, 2020

Spend Less when Buying Cosmetics Online with these 5 Money-Saving Hacks Every Makeup Addict Needs to Know

Thinking about buying new makeup online? These tips are for you!

For many girls like you, scoring a cheap but good quality cosmetic product that is purchased online is like a match made in heaven! Let's be honest, your makeup is not just made to transform beauty but also made to hurt your pockets. And no, this quarantine thing can't stop you from buying new makeup. Luckily, almost everything is now available online too! Although you may think that buying things online will just cost you additional charges, and you absolutely don't want that!

Girl, fret not! We've listed down below 5 money-saving hacks that will definitely save you from spending too much when buying makeup online.

Sign up with your own account

It's the first must-do hack if you want promotions and discounts to come in your way. Signing up to websites or applications often give you rewards and great deals that only members can avail. Don't forget to set up your account first and enjoy the rewards and discounts for your next online shopping spree.

Leave items in your shopping cart overnight

When the website checks that you've left items in your cart without checking it out, they often send out an email reminder which usually includes a promotion or a freebie added on to convince you to click that checkout button. Pretty wise, huh! Try doing this and get those discount emails right away on your phone.

Shop during flash sales

Keep an eye out for the different flash sales online! This will give you good deals that you can't have during ordinary days. No matter how big or small the discount is, it's still a discount. Grab the chance to stock up on some new makeup on the next flash sale you see.

Block or clear cookies to avoid markups

Allowing cookies to your devices means allowing them to follow you around. Cookies remember your activities online such as your site preferences and will give you relevant content whether you want it or not. For instance, you just checked some new makeup on a specific website. By accepting cookies, the website will notify you from time to time about their products. Notification means temptation! Doing this smart hack will surely block those temptations around.

Try travel-size products first

This hack is really helpful especially if you are curious and you want to try a certain makeup product. You can't try on sample products to test the quality and how a product works, like when you're in a physical store. Buying the travel-size or small version of the product you want to try is a smart hack that will definitely save you from spending too much on a product that doesn't suit or impress you.

Every now and then, you deserve to treat yourself a little with some new makeup. You don't really need to give up makeup when you are tightening your monthly budget. You just have to be wise and practice these money-saving hacks we listed for you. Happy online shopping!

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