May 19, 2020

Feed Your Eyes and Tummies by Following These Cooking Instagram Accounts

Satisfy your cravings during quarantine by following these cooking Instagram accounts!

It's undeniable that Filipinos are certified food lovers. Food has been a huge part of Filipino culture. Celebrating or not, we Filipinos love to cook and prepare a variety of foods because we believe that it is one way of binding us together. Family bonding, barkada night outs, parties, or even company meetings, Filipinos would surely gather around if there is delicious food served on the table.

You are always looking for some new, good food to try. And aside from trying the best restaurants around town, you may also want to try preparing it yourself for your relatives, friends, or even just to satisfy your own cravings. Luckily, it's now easy to find food recipes all over the net. And of all the social networking platforms available, Instagram is a particular favorite, making you hungry even by just looking at the different foodie pictures. It is specifically designed for sharing photos at ease and this is why many food websites and bloggers are shifting to it.

With that, we are giving to you this list of recommended cooking Instagram accounts that you should follow if you want to feed your eyes and tummy with the different delicious food that you are craving.

Yummy PH is an online magazine featuring different cuisines that are easy to follow yet mouthwatering. Aside from sharing enticing foodfies, also gives different tips and hacks about buying and preparing all kinds of dishes.


YouTube Channel: Yummy PH YouTube Channel

The Fat Kid Inside

Another Instagram account that will definitely fill your eyes is The Fat Kid Inside's Erwan Heussaff's Instagram. If you are looking for healthy and nutritious food recipes inspired from the different cuisines around the world, this Instagram account is a must-follow.

Website: The Fat Kid Inside

YouTube Channel: Erwan Heussaff

The Peach Kitchen

If you are a cooking mommy looking for healthy and delicious food to serve to your family, follow Peachy Adarne's The Peach Kitchen. It will surely give you a foodie mommy perspective when preparing meals, picking recipes, and even choosing new restaurants.

Website: The Peach Kitchen

YouTube Channel: Peachy Adarne

Fully Freely Lesley

If you are an aspiring food entrepreneur, looking for easy, practical, and reliable food recipes, Fully Freely Lesley will definitely help you with that! You can also check their Facebook and YouTube account for more easy, practical, and reliable recipes that you can cook in your own kitchen.

Website: Fully Freely Lesley

YouTube Channel: Fully Freely Lesley: Recipes

There you have it! Don't forget to hit the follow button for you to become updated with their latest food recipes and discoveries. Cravings satisfied!

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