Jun 4, 2018

You Too Might Be Doing the Same! Common Beauty Mistakes That Will Turn Him Off

You may not wear makeup to look good for guys, but these are just some of makeup mistakes that will turn even your friends off.

We know that makeup shouldn't have any rules, but there are a few common mistakes some ladies keep on making when wearing makeup. Below are some of those universally unflattering makeup mistakes that you might be making.

Caked-On Foundation

Coverage is great and all, but it's like you're wearing a mask if your foundation is caked on. Instead of layering it on, invest in a full-coverage foundation that you can apply in thin, well-blended layers.

What to do?

Moisturize before putting on your makeup, blot after a few hours, and of course, the best solution at all is: do not use foundation.

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Too Much Perfume

You want your scent to gently linger in his nostrils, not attacking his nose hairs until he can't smell anything else for hours after!

What to do?

Use mild fragrance or body lotion to keep yourself smell clean and fresh.

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Lipstick on Your Teeth

Not only does it look sloppy, but it will also leave a weird taste in your mouth after you've eaten dinner. To avoid this mess, blot off your lipstick by pressing a paper towel between your lips several times.

What to do?

Especially when you're on a date, why not use a lip top coat? You will get that next-level lipstick look plus you can eat and kiss all you want without worrying about your smudged lip color!

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Heavy Contour

Contouring is a great way to add dimension to your face, but when overdone you might look like a cast member of The Lion King. Instead, opt for a light shade when contouring and apply in natural lighting to gauge if you've done enough.

What to do?

Choose a blendable bronzer depending on your skin tone and use it to look healthier, not tanner.

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Gloopy Gloss

You may want your lips to look plump, but piling on the gloss is just a recipe for disaster. Instead, try applying a thin layer of the gloss and spread it all over your lips. The thin layer of the gloss still has that plumping effect without the gloopy mess.

What to do?

Try a tinted lip balm to keep your lips moisturized but not sticky.

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Makeup is a matter of wearing blended layers to flatter your natural beauty. So the next time you apply your makeup, avoid these common mistakes!

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