Jun 8, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Kilay Color to Match Your Hair

Matching your brows with your hair color is a skill that all you kilay-lovers need to learn!

Picking out the perfect eyebrow product is one thing, but finding the right shade for you is another. You may think it's all just a matter of choosing the one that matches your brow color, but that's actually not how it's done.

For starters, most Filipinas have black or dark brown eyebrows. Wearing a brow product in that color might just make your brows way too dark! So instead, how about paying extra attention to your hair color?

We all love changing up the colors of our hair to match our styles. That just means our brows should follow suit. So how is it done?

First, take a look at your hair as a whole. Your hair has different shades of color, including highlights and lowlights. For picking your brow color, use your hair as a point of reference – whether it's reddish, greyish, brown, or an ash blonde.

Next, look at your complexion. Do you have light skin or dark skin? If you have light skin, opt for a brow product that's a shade or two darker than your hair color. This helps to give the illusion that your eyebrows are dyed too.

Lastly, check your undertone. If you have warm-toned skin, pick a more warm-toned and brownish brow product. But if your skin is cool-toned, select a brow product with a greyish undertone.

Here are some affordable eyebrow products with multiple shades to match your hair colors.

Peripera Speedy Brow Cara PHP 420.00

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Brow Mascara PHP 355.00


THE FACE SHOP Browlasting Ink Pen PHP 470.00

NYX Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara PHP 460.00

We hope this helps you find the right product that suits your hair color, your skin tone, and your undertone!

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