Nov 15, 2019

Acne Problem? Take A Sip Of These 5 Anti-Blemish Beverages!

Drink your way to a smoother and acne-free complexion!

Are you one of those who would take more of a holistic approach when it comes to treating acne rather than use factory-made pimple potions? You might have been traumatized with the not-so-appealing side effects of these spot treatments and seeks to go natural. What if we tell you that you can sip your way to a clearer complexion? Just so you know, there are drinks that can help clear acne and promote smoother skin while quenching your thirst! Check them all out below.


The key to a healthier complexion is staying hydrated. Considering that our body is composed of 60% water, we must drink enough water to optimize its physical processes. No doubt, water is the best cure for any kind of skin problem, including acne. However, you shouldn't just grab a glass of cold water in hopes that it will work wonders for your skin. The temperature plays a vital role in this matter. If you want a blemish-free skin, drink a glass of warm water since it helps detoxify the body and regulate digestion.

Green Tea

Filled with the most powerful antioxidants such as catechins that combat free radicals, green tea makes the skin clear and acne proof. If you drink a cup of green tea in the evening, it can help in lowering your stress level and rejuvenating your mind, which means zero pimples.

Matcha Tea

For your information, matcha means "powdered tea", and this matcha tea is made from specially-grown green tea leaves that are finely powdered. Containing 137 times more antioxidants compared to the traditional green tea, the matcha tea offers incredible health benefits and helps counteract the sebum oxidation that occurs prior to acne formation thanks to the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) resting in its heart. It also aids in reducing signs of inflammation from within.

Turmeric Tea

Curcumin, a chemical compound found in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties. That being said, turmeric tea is surely a good acne-fighting drink. It can also be used in various medicinal purposes to treat many diseases.

Aloe Vera Juice

If you're not fond of teas, you can try an aloe vera juice instead. According to research, the aloe vera juice is the best juice to drink if you're suffering from recurring pimples. Aside from making a juice out of the aloe vera plant, you can also cut a leaf and apply the fluid on your face, concentrating more on the pimple-prone areas.

The beverages listed above will help you achieve a smooth, blemish-free skin. What better way can you get rid of pimples rather than going natural?