Aug 13, 2019

These Celebrities Know How to Rock Neon-Colored Eyeshadow - And You Can Too!

Don't miss out on the latest neon makeup trend!

When it comes to applying makeup, we usually go with neutrals. Playing safe much, huh? If you are used to this makeup style, the latest makeup trend may freak you out. What is it, you say? Bright-colored eyeshadows! Our adventurous folks have upped their makeup game with these neon eye looks and they are all over Instagram. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time makeup enthusiast, you may want to check out this neon eyeshadow trend as donned by your favorite celebrities.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre, a well-known fashionista, will never fail to try out the latest makeup trends. She bravely used a red tint as her eyeshadow instead of the usual brownish shades. A bold and fashionable woman indeed!

Kyline Alcantara

The emerging teen star Kyline Alcantara sports a feminine but rebellious aura when it comes to fashion and makeup styles. We have seen her craving for more color which was shown in her outfit and makeup choices. Showing her femme side, she used a pink shadow on her eyes.

Vivoree Esclito

Another rising teen actress, Vivoree Esclito has pursued her dream in the showbiz industry and has starred on different magazine covers. Just by looking at her pretty face, we know why Mega Mag chose her. She totally rocked that orange-colored eye shadow!

Sofia Andres

One of the prettiest faces in showbiz, Sofia Andres must be very proud of her genes. In this Instagram post, Preview wants us to focus on her hair accessories but we can't take our eyes off her doll-ish face and yellow-colored crease and eyelids.

KZ Tandingan

KZ Tandingan can blow us away with her unbeatable vocals but she impresses us more with her rebellious fashion statement. Wearing a combination of blue and pink as her hair color, she completed her look with vibrant blue eye shadow with a gold glitter lining.

Janine Gutierrez

Coming from a huge family of celebrities, Janine Gutierrez makes sure that she always looks her best. A beautiful face like Janine's surely won't have problems with styling, and with that gorgeous purple eye shadow, she's never letting her family down.

Jessy Mendiola

Started out innocent, Jessy Mendiola became a brave woman with a sense of style we are dying to imitate. She took the neon-colored eye shadow trend to the next level by using not one, but two contrasting colors on her eyes, namely blue and orange. And oh, we should say that she looks pretty with that blonde bob cut.

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Break the eye makeup norm by sporting these neon-colored eye looks like these famous celebs and beauty enthusiasts!