Oct 15, 2019

Blush Guide 101: How To Wear Blush Depending on the Occasion, Your Face Shape, and Your Skin Type

Let this blush guide teach you the basics!

Blush might be the most underrated part of our makeup routine. You may not realize it but cheek blushes can easily change our makeup look, just as much as switching eyeshadows and lipsticks can. Also, having a youthful flush on the cheeks can freshen up your complexion and keep you looking radiant. If that's enough to convince you to start wearing a blush, a question might pop up in your head, "How should I wear blush?" Well, there's no general rule in blush-wearing, but there are tips and helpful techniques that will guide you in doing so. And for your information, THERE ARE a lot of ways in applying blush. It all depends on your face shape as well as the occasion. We will be discussing all of that in this article.

How To Apply Blush Depending On The Face Shape

If you are quite familiar with face shapes, it will be easier for you to recognize what your face shape is. Your knowledge in this matter is very important because it will be the basis of how you should apply blush. Let's say, you already know your face shape. Continue reading below.

Oval Shape

For an oval face shape, you should thoroughly saturate a synthetic brush with color, tap off the excess, and sweep the blush over the cheekbones to raise its height. Using soft strokes, apply the blush towards the earlobe and blend up towards the temple. You can also add a bit of color just above the temple area.

Round Shape

The round shape is distinguished as having the cheeks as the fullest part of the face. These people usually have a curved jawline. To avoid the cheekbones appearing more round, you should use a matte blusher and sweep the color from the apples of your cheeks outward toward your ears. Add a little touch of blush to the chin area to make the face look longer.

Square Shape

A distinct feature of the square-shaped face is that the cheekbones are of the same width as the chin. To help define the cheeks, apply the blusher slightly below the cheekbone. With long yet very light strokes, sweep the blush across the cheekbone upwards. You can also blend some blush from the eyebrow area down to the nose.

Oblong Shape

If your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width, then you have an oblong face shape. To highlight your cheeks, you should apply blush on the apple of the cheek, blend it towards the nose, and bring it up towards the temple. Try putting some blush on the forehead and the sides of the brows to shorten your features.

Heart Shape

People with a heart-shaped face have a pointy chin so they need to soften the edges to make it look prettier. To do it, you have to apply blush in the outer corner of the cheekbone, creating a C-shape from the top of the temple down to the cheeks. You can also add a touch of blush on the center of the forehead to help balance the width of the forehead with the chin.

How To Wear Blush Depending On The Occasion

Aside from considering your face shape, you should also choose the suitable blush technique for different occasions. You won't be wearing the same blush you normally use on a normal day to a beach vacation, right? We have listed below 5 common occasions that you may wear blush and how to do them differently each time.

Normal Day

For this daily look, you don't need to have a whole glam team or any professional skills. In fact, this technique is meant for beginners! Just get your blusher and apply some color on the apples of your cheeks to create the illusion of plumper cheeks and you're done! You will now be looking fresh and youthful in an instant!

Work Day

Do you want to look like a sophisticated woman at work? You may have worn all your best work clothes and started applying your makeup. Before you forget, you should make sure you have applied blush on the sides of your cheeks towards the part just below your temples. This blush technique will put emphasis on your cheekbones and gives a slimming effect, too!

Dinner Date

So, this guy you have a crush on is asking you out on a date. You want to look your best and impress this person by dressing well and having the perfect makeup on and yeah, perfect flush. To look like you are blushing all the time, apply the blush on your entire cheekbones, sweeping outward to the earlobes. Don't forget to blend it well so you won't look like a clown and turn off your date!

Date With Friends

Your best friends have heard about the date and want to have a simple meal with you, well, of course, to ask how it all went. You don't have to put on a strong blush for this occasion so just apply blush on the highest part of the cheekbones near the eye area. Remember to do soft and lightweight strokes on this technique. Once finished, you will be looking youthful plus your face will look smaller.

Beach Vacation

If you want a sun-kissed look while on a beach vacation but don't want to spend a lot of time under the sun (which sounds quite ironic), you can just recreate the look using the right blusher. Apply blush above your cheekbones across the nose to achieve that sun-kissed/drunk look. Your friends will assume that you had a good time at the beach and had been basking in the sun all day.

What Type Of Blushers Should You Use?

Now that you know how to apply blush for different circumstances, you should know what type of blusher is suitable for your skin. Check them below:

Normal Skin: Anything

If you have a normal skin type, you are very lucky. You can choose any blusher depending on your taste because you don't have the same skin concerns people with oily or dry skin types are facing. Just make sure to match the blush color to your foundation!

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Oily and Combination Skin: Powder Blush or Gel Blush

The oily skin type is common in the Philippines considering the humid weather all year long. Most of us are battling against mid-day shine and find it hard to choose the right blusher. You can opt for a powder blusher which ensures that you'll be shine-free or a gel blush that only provides a sheer flush.

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Dry Skin: Liquid or Cream Blush

For dry skin, it is recommended to use a liquid or cream blush which absorbs easily into the skin and provides added moisture. Also, just a small amount of a liquid or cream blush goes a long way.

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We hope that this blush guide was able to help you. Be creative and keep experimenting with different blush techniques and you'll be an expert in no time!