Jan 4, 2017

Anar Agakishiev Gives People Extreme Transformations!

The great thing about makeup is that they make a world of difference when applied by a professional. Just check out this makeup artist's insane skills!

A lot of people are skeptical about how makeup can transform a person. Many of them comment on how people "look better without makeup" but a hint of concealer, some mascara, and a dap of blush can make a world of difference.

Makeup artist Anar Agakishiev takes this to a whole new level! He takes regular people of different ages and puts his skills to work. You can instantly see a huge difference when he applies foundation, dabs on some concealer, contours, and applies fake lashes or mascara. It's transformations like these that can show people just how great they can look with well-applied makeup, especially if they're for a party or an event.

And while anti-makeup enthusiasts might say that putting on this much makeup is "deceiving" or "hiding a person's natural beauty," you also can't deny that makeup can boost someone's confidence and make them feel youthful and wonderful about the way they look, even if it's just for one occasion. Check out more of Anar Agakishiev's work on his Instagram or on his website at anaragakishiev.com.

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