May 20, 2019

6 Essential Tips For Preventing Armpit Odor

Don't let your armpits be your pits of desperation.

To the girls who don't have a single problem with their armpits - you're so lucky, while the rest of us deal with dark underarms that seem to never whiten no matter how much calamansi we've applied or the indescribably bad odor that could be compared to a garbage truck. Yes, we've been there, ladies, tried these or those remedies, and spent our money on a number of deodorants and perfumes but with no effect at all. Sometimes, we can even swear that it gets worse.

That unique and unbelievably pungent odor is also a dealbreaker - in all cases and relationships. Perfumes and colognes are only able to mask the scent for the first few hours - those advertisements about it lasting 48 hours is a lie. So, ladies, how do we solve it?

1. Don't forget the deodorant on your way out.

Some of us probably have the mantra, "You can forget anything, just not the deodorant," and this is 100% true. While we can't just magically wish it away as we've always wanted to do, we can try to control our sweat and underarm scent with a loyal deodorant. We might need to reapply it a few times a day, but as long as everyone around us hasn't caught on to that pungent smell, then we'd do anything to keep that for as long as possible.

The NIVEA Extra Whitening Roll-On or Dove Ultimate Repair Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray are good choices here so you might want to try these if you're still choosing.

2. Don't sweat too much.

Our tropical country blesses us with a bucket of sweat more often than that of rain, and we've seen, or smelled, how bad sweat could be. But, while body sweat isn't too sharp and can be ignored, that body sweat influences your armpit sweat, which physically assaults the nose. We can't stop ourselves from perspiring now, can we? So, we would have to use antiperspirants and long-lasting sprays like this Bench Aqua Deo Body Spray that could hide the smell for a long time.

3. Wear looser clothes.

Have you seen those pools of sweat from the armpit area of the shirts? Everybody experiences that, and it's especially worse when someone's seen you experiencing that. Beauty doesn't essentially mean showing off your figure and in cases of armpit sweat, it's definitely better to wear looser clothes that can allow your underarms to breathe. Soft materials like silk and cotton are very stylish, but also good fabrics that can help you with that tiny problem.

4. Shave your underarms to give it more room to breathe.

Sweat really is the number one enemy for those armpit-odor fighters. And if you're one, another option would be to shave your underarms and make sure those hairs don't grow too long or in a bunch. Armpit hair traps sweat and moisture, places that bacteria (which causes odor) would adore.

5. Include antiperspirants in your nighttime routine.

C'mon, people rarely sweat at night, so why would we have to use antiperspirants? As much as we'd like to save money and use those products later instead, antiperspirants actually have a few ingredients that can be absorbed by your armpits during your sleep, which would be beneficial long-term. You can give this Human Nature Deodorant Roll-On a shot tonight.

6. Avoid spicy foods.

Bicol express and spicy sisig, what type of spicy-lover would say no to that? Unfortunately, ladies who love spicy foods would need to control themselves for a little bit. It's hard, especially when the food just seems to call out your name, but beauty is pain and the eradication of armpit odor is much more painful. Spicy foods make your sweat a lot smellier, so it's better to just avoid it all-in-all.

Having armpit odor is probably thanks to the genes in your body and we technically can't blame our ancestors for this. We can only rely on ourselves - and a little extra cash so we can buy those antiperspirants and deodorants that we need. The journey to caring for your underarms is a tough one really, so good luck!