May 11, 2020

Achieve a Cute Eye Makeup Look Using These 5 Palettes Under PHP 500

Why spend too much on makeup when you can actually have a cute makeup look with these 5 affordable and lovely eyeshadow palettes?

There are so many ways to play your makeup if you want to achieve a specific look. From a natural look up to a glam look and everything in between, the possibilities are endless if you let your makeup kit do its magic. And nowadays, a cute makeup look is trendy and maybe you're one of those who are trying to explore how they can actually achieve this without spending too much from their piggy banks.

Speaking of not spending too much, here, we're sharing 5 eyeshadow palettes under 500 pesos that you might want to try to achieve this trendy look.

Ever Bilena EB Pro Play Palette Eyeshadow

First on the list is one of the cheapest but a bestseller eyeshadow palette from Ever Bilena, the EB Pro Play Eyeshadow Palette. It is packed with 16 colors of pigmented mattes and shimmers. What people love about this product aside from being very cheap and handy is that it has a smooth and easy-to-blend texture. And if you are into playing with dark colors or smokey eyeshadow, this palette is the one for you.

To know further about this palette, you can watch this product review by Kenny Manalad.

Vice Cosmetics BT21 Eyeshadow Palette

Second on the list is an eyeshadow palette from the BT21 Collab Collection of Vice Cosmetics. This popular eyeshadow palette includes 12 soft and pigmented shades of both matte and shimmer. It has a sturdy and cute packaging and people are fascinated about the names of the shades. The shades in this palette are all wearable and are actually perfect for a cute and natural makeup look.

Here's a sample of a cute eye makeup tutorial using this palette.

Beauty Glazed Gorgeous Me Eye Shadow

If you are into playing with colors, this palette is the perfect one for you. With 63 available colorful shades, from the neutral ones up to the dark ones, from mattes to shimmers, it will definitely help you create a variety of different cute styles of eye makeup. This palette is waterproof and sweat-proof, very pigmented and easy to color, and all of these for only less than 500 pesos. It is perfect for your natural eye makeup, colorful eye makeup, and even smokey eye makeup, that's why this palette is really an all-in-one grab.

Head over to this video by Tammi Clarke for a cute rainbow eyeshadow using this palette.

MAANGE Beauty Glitter Palette

Who doesn't like shimmers? It's now time for you to showcase your cute, shimmery, and glittery eyeshadow makeup using this 12 Color Eyeshadow Shimmer Glitter Palette from MAANGE, a brand known to be one of the cheapest yet commendable because of its amazing products. This palette is perfect for achieving a shimmery eye makeup look, perfect for parties, events, or even if you just want to look cute in your Instagram selfies.

Here's a short swatch video by BeForeverGlammed for you to see how stunning and shimmery the product is.

MAANGE Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Last on the list is also a product from MAANGE, the Mini Four Color Eyeshadow Palette. It is really cute and handy, and perfect for your everyday cute eye makeup look. This collection has 4 different palettes, and each palette is packed with 4 warm shades, combination of mattes and shimmers. If you are into everyday natural and metallic eye makeup looks, this one is for you.

What are you waiting for? Try on these affordable palettes and achieve an everyday cute makeup look. Note that the prices and availability of the products may change over time.

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