Mar 10, 2015

Panasonic New NX with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Light

Panasonic has announced a new NX series of room air conditioner model. Both "CS-NX285C" and "CS-NX405C2" will release on April 21.

Panasonic New NX

This is the model that has airflow control function, which called "Big Flap". It newly made the noise reduction by devising of blast control. And the body has both Bluetooth and LED light so that they possibly provide a space for relaxation before you sleep by the air conditioning, music and LED's borrowed light.
Moreover, by using the "Goodnight navi" which is for smartphone app, it can support the air conditioning while you sleeping, or play the music you saved in the smartphone from the speaker that is mounted in the air-conditioning to better your sleeping environment.
This app will be updated in June. Some control modes will added in the end of June such as, four temperature control pattern that can be set the temperature while sleeping, customize the temperature freely and control the temperature automatically while you sleeping.
Single phase:100V/2.8kW/CS-NX285C(model), Cooling capacity:2.8kW, Air heating capacity:3.6kW, Year wattage:790kWh, APF:6.8
Single phase:200V/4.0kW/CS-NX405C2(model) Cooling capacity:4.0kW, Air heating capacity:5.0kW, Year wattage:1146kWh, APF:6.7

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